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Vote Funny Zodiac Signs for President

Vote astrology signs for President - Zodiac Presidents

Updated April 9, 2020
Originally posted September 10, 2011
By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Vote Funny Zodiac Signs for President

Forget Republicans and Democrats. The Zodiac Party is the greatest political party on earth. Read on to see how each zodiac sign would perform as president. Enjoy a laugh with some real-life examples of notable people.

TIP: Don’t judge by the Sun Sign. A public career, like a job as President, would be indicated by the sign on the Midheaven (M.C.) (Find your midheaven)


Get ready for WWIII. President Aries will fight like Braveheart to protect our country, whether we like it or not.

Aries Midheaven:

President George W. Bush


For President Taurus, only the best will do for our beloved country. This stubborn guy won’t budge on the budget, unless it’s for the best and the finest. He’s building an empire, and we’ll have beautiful highways to show for it.

Taurus Midheaven:

President Donald J. Trump
President George H. W. Bush
President Lyndon B. Johnson


President Gemini is a bit unstable—in a good way! He’s somewhat of a genius, but the thought of four years in one job makes him shiver. He won’t stay unless he gets to shake everything up.

Gemini Midheaven:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Richard Nixon
President James Garfield
Governor Bobby Jindal
Winston Churchill


President Cancer wishes he were still being breastfed – those were the good old days. He’ll settle for cuddling up in the Oval Office all day long.

Cancer Midheaven:

President John F. Kennedy
President Bill Clinton
Monica Lewinsky (I couldn’t make this stuff up.)


All for slavery, vote “aye” on President Leo. Leo is king, not president. He wants loyal subjects, not citizens. He may be a little bent on world domination. He does a great press conference. Boy, can he put on a show!

Leo Midheaven:

President William McKinley
Adolf Hitler
Napoléon I


President Virgo is always right. That’s all there is to it.

Virgo Midheaven:

President James Madison
Vice Presdient Joe Biden
Margaret Thatcher
Benito Mussolini


Libra was made for this job. He’s diplomatic, peace-loving, never gives a straight answer, nor makes any decisions. But no one minds, because he looks so good. He’s neither for, nor against, any party, so nothing is ever his fault. It’s a win-win deal for Libra. You’ll see people throwing rose petals across his path when he campaigns in your town.

Libra Midheaven:

Diana, Princess of Wales


Vote for President Scorpio if you like to watch your back and sleep with one eye open. Get ready for despotism at its finest, with all the allure of a sexy vampire complete with good looks, heavenly scent, charm, and wit. But make no mistake, he’ll have your blood in the end.

Scorpio Midheaven:

President Barack Obama
President James K. Polk
Napoleon III
Elizabeth II, Queen of England


President Sagittarius ushers in a blissful time for international relations, and not only because he legalizes marijuana. Christians, Muslims, Jews, straight and LGBTQ alike from Hollywood to the mountains of West Virginia will all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

Sagittarius Midheaven:

President Abraham Lincoln
President Warren G. Harding


The good thing about President Capricorn is that he gives Scorpio a run for his money. The bad thing is that he gives Scorpio a run for his money.

President Capricorn is like a big, old steam roller moving slowly towards us. He seems harmless, like an old man. But he continues steadily on his boring course, and before we know it, he’s controlling our every move with the fear of being crushed hanging over our heads.

He means business, and he’s unstoppable.

Capricorn Midheaven:

President George Washington
President Ulysses S. Grant
President Gerald Ford
President William Howard Taft


President Aquarius comes and goes like a lightning bolt, leaving an aftermath of revolutionary change we never thought possible. What else should we expect from the anti-establishment rebel leader of “The Resistance?”

Aquarius Midheaven:

President Herbert Hoover


Pisces was meant to live a sacrificial life of service to mankind; he belongs nowhere near the Oval Office! Apart from his excellent acting skills and his ability to keep secrets, he has nothing to offer as President. Pisces is too charitable for the presidency. Sacrificing yourself is one thing, but sacrificing our country is quite another. It would be best for all of us if Pisces returns to Never-Never Land where he’ll be safer.

Pisces Midheaven:

President Rutherford Hayes
14th Dalai Lama


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