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Cancer on House Cusps

Cancer on House Cusps - Interpretations

These are interpretations for Cancer on the cusp of each birth chart house.


This is the house where you are most sentimental. The house cusp with Cancer on it is where we need to feel emotionally secure.

Cancer has the cardinal quality of initiative. It gives us the drive to get up and do something toward establishing and maintaining that emotional safety.

Most of the time, we get too attached to the things in this house. In this house, you need to learn and train to get better. The lessons may hurt, but you need to follow them if you are to fully realize your potential regarding the things of this house.

In your personal birth chart, the house with Cancer on the cusp is ruled by the Moon. So look to the position and sign of the Moon for more clues regarding the sphere of life with Cancer on the cusp.

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Cancer on 1st House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 1st house cusp (Cancer Rising), you tend to be emotionally volatile. You expend a great deal of energy through your feelings and are romantic and dramatic in your emotional expressions. However, your emotions are supported by your will. You identify strongly with your family and family-related concerns. Read more about Cancer Rising

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Cancer on 2nd House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 2nd house cusp, you acquire money through your adaptability and receptiveness to the people around you. You instinctively know what others need for growth and nourishment, and by responding to these needs you are often able to make money. Thus, your emotional and financial affairs are interrelated. Generally, you have something tucked away as a nest egg. You are emotionally tied to this and protect it at all costs.

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Cancer on 3rd House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 3rd house cusp, a maternal/paternal attitude prevails toward brothers, sisters, and neighbors. You tend to travel in connections with business and financial affairs.

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Cancer on 4th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 4th house cusp, you gain deep emotional satisfaction from home life. You’re dedicated to your family, which is the base of your operations.

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Cancer on 5th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 5th house cusp, you’re highly emotional and sentimental about your loves, enshrining them like rare paintings. You enjoy rich foods and tend to be overweight. You derive pleasure from familial contacts and are maternal toward your children. Men with this placement attract women who remind them of their mothers.

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Cancer on 6th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 6th house cusp, you tend to word where there are people and constant activity; your work often involves civic and community life. Your health greatly depends upon your emotional state. When you’re emotionally upset, you may experience “butterflies in the stomach,” although this is rarely outwardly apparent.

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Cancer on 7th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 7th house cusp, you’re strongly attached emotionally to your spouse or partner. However, the fact that your partner can also be emotionally dependent on you presents problems at times. You are also emotional about your relations with the public and with close friends. You regard close friends as members of your family.

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Cancer on 8th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 8th house cusp, you are intensely emotional regarding your own death. It’s imperative for you to be remembered fondly after you die. You must make certain that your affairs are in order and that those you leave behind have been provided for. In joint finances, your partner generally earns money which provides for your own betterment.

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Cancer on 9th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 9th house cusp, you’re emotional and tenacious in the areas of religion and philosophy. You have foresight, and are psychically perceptive, yet you cling to family religion. If you do travel, you prefer to do so by water.

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Cancer on 10th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 10th house cusp, you’re acutely sensitive to your reputation and standing in the world. It’s important for you to be considered responsible and respectable. In many ways there is a close tie between professional activity and the home life. People with this placement often have partners in their profession or business.

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Cancer on 11th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 11th house cusp, you develop unusually strong emotional attachments to friends, as well as to the groups and organizations to which they belong. Your home can be a place of group activity for your friends.

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Cancer on 12th House Cusp

If Cancer is on the 12th house cusp, you seek seclusion and privacy in your domestic environment. You use your home for contemplation and spiritual searching. You appear strong and unaffected by criticism, but actually are surprisingly moody and emotionally vulnerable. You rarely show how deeply hurt you are by rejection and rebuff.

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