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Leo Compatibility

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Updated July 14, 2020
Originally posted July 12, 2020
By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Leo Compatibility

This is how Leo gets along with others, based only on their Sun signs. These are compatibility interpretations for all 12 possible combinations with Leo.

Yes, this is a limited and incomplete way to determine compatibility. But, Sun-sign compatibility is still the base for overall harmony in a relationship. We explained this in one of our synastry lessons where we said that it’s best to start with compatible Sun-sign elements.

The rule of thumb is this: yin and yang do not see eye to eye. Yin goes with yin, and yang goes with yang. While relationships between yin and yang can succeed, they require more work. The earth and water zodiac signs are yin. The fire and air zodiac signs are yang.

If you want to determine more in-depth compatibility, try the free Compatibility Report or the synastry interpretations.

Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries is fire against fire, but that does not mean this relationship is impossible. There will be moments of great explosion, since both Aries and Leo have a strong character. Leo must give up a little control of the relationship. In exchange for giving up some control, Leo can enjoy all the things that Aries does to offer love. Aries does not have problems as long as it reinforces Leo’s self-esteem. Aries enjoys the independence that Leo offers, which increases the more Aries reinforces Leo’s self-esteem.

Leo and Taurus

A relationship between Leo and Taurus will be difficult to carry out. Their natures are opposed to each other. However, they can come to complement each other by giving the relationship time and room to grow. They will have difficulty understanding each other. For example, Leo has social needs, Taurus has a need for introspection. Leo is opinionated and commanding, Taurus is accommodating.

Leo and Gemini

A relationship between Leo and Gemini is one in which there can be great understanding, after smoothing out their fundamental rough spots. Gemini is a born seducer. Leo, who is also a seducer, will not support that its partner puts their energy into conquering others. This will bring problems and Gemini can feel suffocated by the total exclusivity that Leo demands.

Leo and Cancer

The forecast is bad for a relationship between Leo and Cancer. Cancer is too big a weight for Leo. At first, Leo will be happy to have a partner who demands love and protection. But as soon as Cancer begins to shut Leo up and criticize Leo for not being home anymore, Leo will want to end the relationship as quickly as possible.

Leo and Leo

The only way that two Leos can build a solid and stable relationship is if one of them is a little less Leo than the other. If one is willing to give up first place in the relationship, then they will understand each other, marvelously. If neither is willing to give up first place, they will constantly clash and try to one-up each other instead of completing each other in love.

Leo and Virgo

A relationship between Leo and Virgo will involve a huge amount work. Virgo is excessively perfectionist and critical, and Leo will not be very willing to let their partner point out the mistakes they have made. On the other hand, Leo needs constant flattery, and giving such flattery is not a quality found in Virgo’s sphere. Leo and Virgo must get to know each other deeply, and give a few inches, if they want this relationship to be successful.

Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra will have a very good relationship, since they both provide what the other needs to find balance in the union. Leo will be constantly flattered by Libra, who is a master in the art of seduction. Libra will have in Leo a reliable reference to help Libra achieve certainty in decision-making. Don’t take this relationship for granted.

Leo and Scorpio

It is very, very difficult for Leo and Scorpio to stay together in a love relationship. Maybe, they are okay for an occasional hookup, but they are not so successful in longterm stability. For Leo to complement Scorpio, Leo must leave aside its most pronounced features: authoritative voice, decisiveness, independence, and control. Scorpio will never allow those qualities in its companion.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius will get along very well in everything related to fun and social interactions. The problem may arise when Leo accuses Sagittarius of instability of life, of their constant changes in different directions and without planning, and of their demand for endless adventures. Sagittarius tends to flee in front of these claims. The solution would be to sit down and talk it out so as not to waste an opportunity for a good relationship.

Leo and Capricorn

The selfishness of each one will be revealed in a relationship between Leo and Capricorn. They each want to have total control of everything that surrounds them. They each want to be the first in the relationship. They each think they know the best ways to address various issues. In the end, Leo and Capricorn will just compete and argue over who has the upper hand in the relationship.

Leo and Aquarius

A relationship between Leo and Aquarius can be difficult to get off the ground if Aquarius does not learn, from the start, how to handle Leo with flattery. Aquarius is not prone to this type of strategy. Aquarius is interested in creating and inventing, instead of wasting time assuring their Leo partner that they are the best in the universe. Leo will hardly accept the emotional indifference of Aquarius.

Leo and Pisces

Leo and Pisces can make an excellent relationship that should not be taken for granted. This is a yin-yang relationship, and they will have to work on the points that appear conflicting (such as that Leo focuses on the self while Pisces focuses on others). But, they have everything necessary for both of them to have their needs met. Leo has overwhelming strength and will give Pisces the security and protection it needs. Pisces will shower Leo with compliments, praise, affection, and gratitude.

Leo in Love and Passion

Leos have an irresistible attraction and often stand out. In love they like to take the lead and the initiative. Given the vehemence with which they show their interest in someone, it is difficult not to fall into their net.

Charming and charismatic, they know how to make someone feel special. They have great sexual magnetism. Making love is the most natural way for them to express their intense emotions.

Their company is a booster of morale and optimism, as they only seem to see the best in everyone. They are loyal, faithful and honest, ethically opposed to cheating on their partner.

They like to keep busy and expect the person they love to share their many interests. Leos need to be the center of attention, so they’re very prone to fits of jealousy. Their partner will often have to settle for a supporting role and let the Leo take the lead.

Leo in Marriage

Leos need to control their life and do things their own way. For some, they are the ideal partner. For others, they are too independent and authoritarian, a constant source of conflict.

Paradoxically, many Leos want their partner to live up to them in every way. In any case, life is never boring next to a Leo, who will do whatever is necessary so that the passion does not disappear from the marriage.

Leo women need to be adored and react very badly when they are ignored. They put their spouse on a pedestal, and give them the support they need to achieve success and professional recognition. They are proud and devoted wives and mothers. They do not usually give up their careers to start a family.

Some Leo men are somewhat macho, preferring docile, traditional women who are willing to stay at home and find it difficult to live with a dominant person. In general, Leo men are very affectionate and treat their wife like a queen.

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