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Mercury Signs of U.S. Presidents

Mercury, messenger of the gods

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Updated to include President Joe Biden.


Here is a list of the Mercury signs of all US Presidents. The bar chart shows the most prevalent Mercury sign among US Presidents.

The winner is Scorpio.

U.S. Presidents Mercury signs chart
Mercury Signs of U.S. Presidents


The Mercury sign tells us about the way a person’s mind works. Mercury reflects the way a person sees, hears, understands, and assimilates information. It shows the way we process information, and how we communicate.

It’s not surprising that, with the exception of Capricorn, all of the most prevalent signs are “fixed” signs. Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius are the fixed signs of the zodiac.

These are minds which can be stubborn, but reassuringly methodical and steady. Capricorn is not a fixed sign, yet it shares those qualities. It makes sense that these qualities are commonly represented among the presidents.

Only 17 US Presidents in history have not had Mercury in one of the fixed signs or Capricorn.

At the other end of the spectrum, Gemini is the least represented among Mercury signs of U.S. Presidents. Only one president in U.S. history had Mercury in Gemini: Harry S. Truman. Gemini is the changeable sign. Gemini in Mercury is a changeable mind, and while inventive and even genius, it lacks the reassuring steadiness that voters seek.

Another interesting thing to note is that only two U.S. Presidents in history had Mercury retrograde: Benjamin Harrison and Harry S. Truman. Although, Harrison’s Mercury was dignified in the sign that it rules, Virgo, and it had a harmonious trine from Jupiter which would mitigate any negative effects. Truman’s Mercury was not so lucky, and coincidentally, he is noted as the most unpopular President in US history.

List of each U.S. President’s Mercury sign:

  1. George Washington:   Aquarius
  2. John Adams:   Scorpio
  3. Thomas Jefferson:   Pisces
  4. James Madison:   Aquarius
  5. James Monroe:   Taurus
  6. John Quincy Adams:   Leo
  7. Andrew Jackson:   Aries
  8. Martin Van Buren:   Scorpio
  9. William Henry Harrison:   Capricorn
  10. John Tyler:   Pisces
  11. James K. Polk:   Sagittarius
  12. Zachary Taylor:   Capricorn
  13. Millard Fillmore:   Sagittarius
  14. Franklin Pierce:   Scorpio or Sagittarius
  15. James Buchanan:   Taurus
  16. Abraham Lincoln:   Pisces
  17. Andrew Johnson:   Sagittarius
  18. Ulysses S. Grant:   Aries
  19. Rutherford B. Hayes:   Scorpio
  20. James A. Garfield:   Scorpio
  21. Chester A. Arthur:   Scorpio
  22. Grover Cleveland:   Pisces
  23. Benjamin Harrison:   Virgo
  24. William McKinley:   Aquarius
  25. Theodore Roosevelt:   Scorpio
  26. William Howard Taft:   Libra
  27. Woodrow Wilson:   Capricorn
  28. Warren G. Harding:   Scorpio
  29. Calvin Coolidge:   Cancer
  30. Herbert Hoover:   Leo
  31. Franklin D. Roosevelt:   Aquarius
  32. Harry S. Truman:   Gemini
  33. Dwight D. Eisenhower:   Libra
  34. John F. Kennedy:   Taurus
  35. Lyndon B. Johnson:   Virgo
  36. Richard Nixon:   Capricorn
  37. Gerald Ford:   Leo
  38. Jimmy Carter:   Virgo
  39. Ronald Reagan:   Capricorn
  40. George H. W. Bush:   Taurus
  41. Bill Clinton:   Leo
  42. George W. Bush:   Leo
  43. Barack Obama:   Leo
  44. Donald J. Trump:   Cancer
  45. Joseph Biden:   Scorpio

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