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U.S. Presidents Table of Zodiac Signs

U.S. Presidents Table of Zodiac Signs


This table shows the zodiac signs of all the U.S. Presidents. For each President, it includes the sign of their Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, and Mercury sign.

Please note that the Ascendant and Midheaven signs are shown before the Sun sign.

See notes below.

OP = Order of Presidency

1 George Washington Taurus Capricorn Pisces Capricorn Aquarius
2 John Adams Virgo Gemini Scorpio Aries Scorpio
3 Thomas Jefferson     Aries Sagittarius Pisces
4 James Madison Sagittarius Virgo Pisces Scorpio Aquarius
5 James Monroe Aquarius Sagittarius Taurus Capricorn Taurus
6 John Quincy Adams Libra Cancer Cancer Capricorn Leo
7 Andrew Jackson Aries Capricorn Pisces Virgo or Libra Aries
8 Martin Van Buren     Sagittarius Sagittarius or Capricorn Scorpio
9 William Henry Harrison Taurus Capricorn Aquarius Virgo Capricorn
10 John Tyler Aries Capricorn Aries Virgo or Libra Pisces
11 James K. Polk Capricorn Scorpio Scorpio Cancer Sagittarius
12 Zachary Taylor Capricorn Scorpio Sagittarius Taurus Capricorn
13 Millard Fillmore Sagittarius Libra Capricorn Gemini Sagittarius
14 Franklin Pierce     Sagittarius Leo or Virgo Scorpio or Sagittarius
15 James Buchanan     Taurus Capricorn Taurus
16 Abraham Lincoln Aquarius Sagittarius Aquarius Capricorn Pisces
17 Andrew Johnson Libra Cancer Capricorn Taurus Sagittarius
18 Ulysses S. Grant Taurus Capricorn Taurus Cancer Aries
19 Rutherford B. Hayes Gemini Pisces Libra Gemini Scorpio
20 James A. Garfield Virgo Gemini Scorpio Taurus Scorpio
21 Chester A. Arthur Libra Cancer Libra Capricorn Scorpio
22 Grover Cleveland Cancer Pisces Pisces Leo Pisces
23 Benjamin Harrison Leo Aries Leo Scorpio Virgo
24 Grover Cleveland          
25 William McKinley Libra Leo Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius
26 Theodore Roosevelt Gemini Pisces Scorpio Cancer Scorpio
27 William Howard Taft Taurus Capricorn Virgo Leo Libra
28 Woodrow Wilson Libra Cancer Capricorn Capricorn or Aquarius Capricorn
29 Warren G. Harding Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus Scorpio
30 Calvin Coolidge Virgo Gemini Cancer Gemini Cancer
31 Herbert Hoover Taurus Aquarius Leo Leo Leo
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt Virgo Gemini Aquarius Cancer Aquarius
33 Harry S. Truman Libra Cancer Taurus Scorpio Gemini
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Virgo Gemini Libra Libra or Scorpio Libra
35 John F. Kennedy Libra Cancer Gemini Virgo Taurus
36 Lyndon B. Johnson Leo Taurus Virgo Virgo Virgo
37 Richard Nixon Virgo Gemini Capricorn Aquarius Capricorn
38 Gerald Ford Taurus Capricorn Cancer Sagittarius Leo
39 Jimmy Carter Libra Cancer Libra Scorpio Virgo
40 Ronald Reagan Sagittarius Libra Aquarius Taurus Capricorn
41 George H. W. Bush Sagittarius Taurus Gemini Libra Taurus
42 Bill Clinton Libra Cancer Leo Taurus Leo
43 George W. Bush Leo Aries Cancer Libra Leo
44 Barack Obama Aquarius Scorpio Leo Gemini Leo
45 Donald J. Trump Leo Taurus Gemini Sagittarius Cancer
46 Joseph R. Biden Sagittarius Virgo Scorpio Taurus Scorpio


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  1. Barbara on said:

    Awesome chart. Good work. Great read

  2. This was great work. thank you for all your effort.

  3. Cristina Loayza on said:

    Please update to include Mr. Trump, so that we can get an idea of the person

  4. Annonomus on said:

    Appreciate this list. Interesting that our only Gemini prez’s have been Bush1, Kennedy, and now celebrity apprentice.

  5. thank you soooo much for your hard work on this! This is impressive. I sensed LEO energy was a presidential trait, as well as AQUAURIAN intellect. Epiphany to see Cancer Bush Jr (“huh?”) with LEO rising (“gotcha”). Same with Gemini/Sag/LEO Trump.

    ive noticed strong placements in recent wives (Scorpio and Capricorn). Would love other insights in this, particularly when presidents’ placenents were more airy or ego-y.(made that word up -HAHA)

  6. Scorpio for John Adams in in blue. There is no explanation on the notes for this color. I am aware that the date was changed in his time from October 19th to October 30th. I don’t know if this changes the sign in the traditional respect or only empirically.

    • I’m sorry, I had the cursor selected over the Sun sign. It’s supposed to say “is in” blue anyway.

      • Astrology Library on said:

        John Adams’ planets are not meant to be a different color. I’m not sure why Scorpio appears blue to you. May I ask what device (or browser) you’re using to see if I can figure out why it looks blue.

  7. Hello, first let me Thank you I’ve been wanting to know what SIGN mainly RULED OVER the Presidential charts. READ ONLINE AQUARIUS was the main president SUN sign BUT, NOT true. Overall I felt that all signs were in mix BUT, to me SAGITTARIUS -LIBRA- SCORPIO were repeated most in the entire chart not just SU-RI-MO. AGAIN THAT’S just me. Now I have a Q. for you… 22nd and 24th “Grover” came out twice but the second time being (#24th) was all highlighted yellow and some presidents charts were salmon pink and mint green highlighted (didn’t know I had those colors as highlights:-P) I don’t have it in highlighted mode though??? Hmmm? I’m CURIOUS to WHY you choose to ONLY put the “MIDHEAVEN & MERCURY” placements vs NOT MARS, JUPITER, N. NODE and/or S. NODE? JUST wondering I’m new to this that’s all:-)


    This is awesome work. Thank you so much. Monday I m doing a segment on presidents and AStrology. Wow Thanks

  9. Thoughts: Not a single Pisces Moon president. That makes sense to me– too floaty to make it through the stress. And only one Aries Moon president — maybe too impulsive to gain favor while on the campaign trail. Sooooo many Taurus and Cap Moon presidents. Not including the unconfirmed birth times, there are only two Libra moon presidents, both Bush men. As a Libra moon this makes sense to me, I get very flustered when I perceive that I’m being attacked. I love this list! Thank you.

  10. Woodrow Wilson’s moon sign is capricorn, not aquarius. It’s either a mistake or typo. Wilson is born on 1856/12/28 at 12:45 AM.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      This page uses 29 December for Wilson’s birth date because his historian said it was more likely that Wilson was born on the 29th, just after midnight after the 28th.

      Thank you for noting that this conflicting date was overlooked. I will update this page immediately to show the conflict of both possible moon signs.

      Here is a quote from the Source Notes of Woodrow Wilson’s birth date:

      Arthur Link, Editor-in-Chief of Wilson’s papers published by Princeton, corrects his own December 28 citation with the comment, ‘It has been discovered that Wilson almost certainly was born at 00:45 AM on December 29, 1856.'”

  11. Taylor and Jackson are my ancestors says ansestry , but just not enough Cancers like me in there is the problem with the world !

  12. Dick R. Thurmond on said:

    A most excellent view, and views.

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