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Bernie Sanders’s Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses

Bernie Sanders Astrology Strength and Weaknesses

By Corinne Lane     September 16, 2015     5 Comments

Here are Bernie Sanders’s astrological strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the US Presidential Election. These are things in Bernie Sanders’s astrological birth chart that would help him during the election season, and also factors that may work against him.

Bernie Sanders is a 2016 US Presidential Candidate who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination.

This is an incomplete interpretation of Bernie Sanders’s birth chart because we’re not sure of his time of birth. A birth time of “00:00 A./P.M” is given on the blog, but no source is given and we have no way to tell if it’s accurate.[1] So, here I disregard anything that requires an exact birth time, such as the Moon, Part of Fortune, Ascendant, Midheaven, and Houses. I’ll focus on what we do know about the day Bernie was born.

Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941.[2]

Strengths in Bernie Sanders’s Birth Chart

The strongest factor in Bernie’s chart is that his Mercury is free of any bad aspects. This means that Bernie Sanders has outstanding communication skills. This is a big deal since none of the other front-running candidates have a Mercury free of bad aspects.

With Mercury trine Uranus, Bernie Sanders is a genius and a forward-thinking innovator. Since he has these planets in a harmonious trine, he can present off-beat ideas in a calm, acceptable manner.

Bernie Sanders also has Mercury sextile Pluto. This indicates that Bernie has strong persuasive powers and can uncover secrets.

Bernie has a dignified Venus in Libra. This increases his attraction factor. This makes Bernie gracious, charming, and generally likable.

Bernie’s Venus makes a trine to Jupiter. This enhances Bernie’s likability. With this aspect, Bernie may always have a positive attitude. Jupiter trine Venus is also known as the “good luck” aspect. It makes it easy to attract things, such as love and wealth. However, Bernie’s Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini. Jupiter in detriment is stingy with its blessings. This can mean that Bernie attracts friends that he doesn’t particularly want, or that he attracts too many friends. On the positive side, Bernie Sanders can easily form relationships with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and belief systems.

Bernie Sanders has Mars in sextile aspect to Jupiter. This indicates that Bernie can use his considerable mental resources to gain his objectives. His mind works well under pressure and this is a strength during debates. He can present convincing and well-documented information during a debate. This aspect also indicates that Bernie Sanders enjoys a competition and may even compete with himself to see how far he can go. This is a good driver for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has Saturn trine Neptune. This is a great aspect for social work. It combines idealism and compassion with a serious awareness of social responsibility. This also provides the ability to turn dreams into reality. People with this aspect have the drive to put in the necessary hard work to fulfill their ideals.

Weaknesses and/or Neutral Things in Bernie Sanders’s Birth Chart

Bernie Sanders has Mars in opposition to his dignified Venus. I call this the “Hater Aspect.” People with this aspect can attract “haters.” While Bernie’s dignified Venus gives him charm and grace, he can be a target for bullies because he’s so gracious. Although, this is not a big danger since Bernie’s Mars is also dignified (in Aries). In this case, the Mars opposition can simply provide strong passion.

Other Factors Influencing Bernie Sanders’s Outcome in The Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders has four important transits occurring during the general Presidential Election on November 8, 2016.

  1. On November 8, 2016, Bernie will have a Pluto transit trine to his Sun. This indicates a time of transformation for Bernie. Under this influence, Bernie will find it easy to let go of things or beliefs that he previously held dear. During this transit, Bernie will have more confidence and less fear.
  2. On November 8, 2016, Bernie will have transiting Uranus in opposition to his Venus. This is a time filled with unexpected events and encounters.
  3. On November 8, 2016, Bernie will have a Saturn transit square to his Sun. This is an indicator of a challenging time. Growth can happen during this time, but not without challenges and pressure.
  4. Mars trine Saturn will be in effect during the election. This indicates that it will be a productive time for Bernie. This can also indicate “taking on more responsibilities.”

Bernie is actually having more transits on that day than any of the other presidential candidates that I’ve profiled, as of yet. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.



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  1. I notice also that transiting Uranus hits natal Chiron in the US chart. The last time it did this, another revolutionary man of the people became President — Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Bernie reminds me a lot of that man of destiny.

  2. sonja foxe on said:

    very nice … also his progressed sun p’s into Sagittarius just about November 2016, and using as is my wont the 7GE35 ASC for the US chart, the US p-moon in passes over Bernie’s p-sun (it was at 19 Scorpio conjunct the 19 scorpio 06 new moon this week) I’m doing an “astroSocialists 4 Bernie 2016” promoting my astrologically based (graphic) compatibility device which I believe will be a great tool in registering kids on campuses … since that seems to be Bernie’s strategy …

  3. Brenda on said:

    Reading this April 5, 2016. Prophetic. So far, this is spot on. We will see how it turns out. Enjoyed this article very much. P.S. Am a Sagittarius and Bernie supporter.

  4. Too bad now he isn’t elected as one of the Presidential Candidates.

  5. He plans on running again for Presidency. An update would be lovely!

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