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John Partridge on Wealth, Riches, and the 2nd House, Part 2

John Partridge on Money, Wealth, Riches

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Shall the Native be Rich or Poor?

It matters not whether the Significators of Riches are Fortunes or Infortunes; for Saturn or Jupiter in the second House, strong, and fortunate, that is, in good Aspect and Reception with the Luminaries, or the Lord of the Ascendant or second House, will give Riches with more Power and Continuance, than Jupiter or Venus Combust in the second.

Therefore if the aforesaid Significators, or the major part of them are strong and fortunate, the Native shall be indued with more than a middle fortune— To which add these general certain Rules:—

Jupiter Essentially strong in the Ascendant or second House, in sextile or trine of Moon, or Lord of the Ascendant or second.

The Luminaries in sextile or trine from good Houses, give Riches and Honours.

The Significators with Regal Fixed Stars in good Houses, give a considerable fortune.

Jupiter Lord of the second, or Dispositor of the Part of Fortune gives the same, saith Argol.P.—P.

The same Author saith, that the two Infortunes in Angles, and Fortunes in Succedant Houses, makes the Native poor in the beginning of his life, but Rich afterward.

The Dragons Head with the Part of Fortune, gives Riches.—Argol.

But if in a Nativity you find things contrary to these, or that Saturn or Mars are in the second House Peregrine, the Lord of the second Combust in square or opposition to the Infortunes, the Dragons tail in the second, or the Moon afflicted of Saturn, especially in an Angle, you may without danger give your Judgment, that the Native will both live and dye very Poor.


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