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John Partridge on Wealth, Riches, and the 2nd House, Part 3

John Partridge on Money, Wealth, Riches

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By what means shall the Native be Rich or Poor?

Having discovered by the Precedent Rules, whether the Native will be Rich or Poor; the next thing is, by what means shall he advance, or suffer, in his Estate.

In this Question the Significators before–mentioned must be observed, by what Planets they are afflicted; or whether they are weak Essentially, by what Stars they are fortunated, or whether Essentially strong or not,—and then you must observe what House the promising or afflicting Planet is in, or is Lord of; and also what Things and Persons those Planets signifie,—Of which the Table follows.

Of the Nature of each Planet, being Significator of Riches, divided into Things and Persons.

Saturn Signifier of:
Things: Husbandry, Fruits of the Earth, Mines, Metals, Treasures, Buildings, Misers, Inheritances of the Dead, Prisons, Debt, and all unclean Labour.
Persons: Old men, Husbandmen, Diggers of Metals, Masons, Tanners, Jews, Jesuites, Moors; Careless, Envious, Solitary, deceitful Persons.
Jupiter Signifier of:
Things: Ecclesiastical Dignities, Religion, Rule and Authority in the Church, Honesty and Vertue.
Persons: Prelates, Bishops, Lawyers, Judges, Advocates, Noble and Rich men, Senators or Parliament men, and all Civilians in general.
Mars Signifier of:
Things: Contention, Discord, War, Victory, Valiant acts, Smiths, Chymistry, and all works belonging to the Fire; Tyranny, and all manner of violence.
Persons: Treacherous, Seditious, Cruel, Confident, Quarrellers, also Chirurgeons, Captains and great Commanders of Armies, all that work in the Fire, Gunners, Cutlers, &c.
Sun Signifier of:
Things: Kingdomes, Commonwealths, Nobility, Dignity, Renown, Rule, Honour, and all illustrious Actions.
Persons: Kings, Princes, Dukes, Nobles, Famous, Circumspect, Lovers and Desirers of Honours, &c. Ambitious.
Venus Signifier of:
Things: Love, Pity, Fellowship, Beauty, Gifts of Friends and Women, Marriage, Dowry in Marriage; all fine Ornaments for the Body, Sensuality, excess in carnal Pleasures.
Persons: Gentile, Trim in Apparel, Dancers, Woers, Lovers of Women, Desirers of Delights and Banquets, Musicians, Poets, Painters, &c.
Mercury Signifies:
Things: Bargains, Business, Arts, Exercise of the Wit, Study, Inventors of new Arts and Fancies, Searchers after Curiosities.—
Persons: Professors of Philosophy, Mathematicians,Arithmeticians, Accomptants, Notaries,—Merchants, Ingravers, Ingenious Artificers of all sorts, Crafty and Unstable.
Moon Signifies:
Things: All things that abound in moisture, the Sea, Rivers, Study of Histories, Embassies, Navigations, Pereginations, &c.
Persons: Queens, Widows, common People, Mariners, Lacquies, Ambassadors, Messengers, Fishermen,—Vagabonds, &c.

What is the Signification of the twelve Houses, I have already shewed you at large in the eighth Chapter of the first Part; and therefore I shall forbear all further mention of them here, and refer you to its proper place.

Now to return to our last Question proposed, i.e., By what means, &c. and so improve this Doctrine last mentioned.—

Therefore if you would Judge by what means Gain, or Loss of Estate shall happen to the Native,—Behold the Significators as you were directed in the first Proposition, and see if they be fortunate or unfortunate; if all the Significators are fortunate (which is very rare) then Judge the Estate or Riches shall come by such Persons and Things which those Planets signifie, and the House they are in; also the Planets that behold them with good Rays, and what House or Houses those Planets are Lords of.—So on the contrary, if the Significators are unfortunate, Judge of the loss of Estate, or that the Native shall be kept Poor by such Persons and Things which those Planets and Houses have Signification of.—

For Example.

Suppose Mars be Lord of the second, strong in the second, in trine or sextile with Reception of Jupiter or Venus in the eleventh House, the Native shall have very Honourable Friends, and such as shall vigorously endeavor to advance his Interest, and that the Native shall be imployed as a Steward or Treasurer to some Prince or Nobleman; or in a more Inferior Birth, a Pay–Master or Receiver in some Office, &c. but if the Pars fortunae shall be in conjunction with Mars, and both in square to their Dispositor, and she Venus, in the fifth House; then the Estate is consumed by Drinking and Whoring, and such like; but if with Saturn, and he in the sixth House, then by Melancholick Diseases, ill Servants; loss by small Cattle, if a Countrey–man; and so of the rest of the Significators; If you find them fortunate, Judge Wealth and Riches; if unfortunate Poverty: But the time when these things shall happen must be known by the good or bad Directions of the five Hylegicals to their several Promittors, especially of the Part of Fortune, and take good notice of that directional Body or Aspect which falls in the second House; for whether the Significator be the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Part of Fortune, it shall have great Signification in the Estate of the Native, according to the Quality of it, whether good or bad.

Sometimes also it happens that the Significators are equally balanced in the terms of good and bad; in such a Case the Native shall live struggling with his fortune all his days, sometimes under a good Direction, he shall get something, and by and by, under a bad one, he shall lose all again.



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