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John Partridge on Wealth, Riches, and the 2nd House, Part 5

John Partridge on Money, Wealth, Riches

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Shall the Riches of the Native continue and be dureable or not?

In this case you must observe—

First, The Planet or Planets posited in the second House, whether fortunate or unfortunate, Benevolents or Malevolents; if there happen to be a fortune in the second, in House or Exaltation, or in Reception by the same Dignities, it promises a peaceable and quite enjoyment of their Estates all their days, but if he be weak and unfortunate, it brings many Troubles and Perplexities.

If it be an Infortune in the second, yet if he be fortunate and strong there (the Dragon’s tail excepted) it preserves the Natives Riches by a kind of imperious violence; especially if he be in a Regal Sign; but if he be weak and unfortunate, it dissipates the Natives Estate strangely, according to the nature of the afflicting Planet; as if Saturn, by Diseases and common Crosses in the world; if Mars, by Quarrels and Contentions, perhaps Whoring; if the Dragons Tail, by slanderous Reports, from whence come Quarrels and Law Suits, et sic de ceteris.[2]

But if many Planets are in the second House, then you must seriously examine who be Fortunes and Fortunate, and who Infortunes and Unfortunate; and also the strength and position of the Lord of the second House; for I know a Person now living, who from nothing got some Hundreds, and yet had Saturn and the Dragons Tail in Domo secunda [3], and Saturn Peregrine there also.—

Secondly, if you find no Planet in the second House, see to the Lord of the second House, and the Dispositor of the Part of Fortune; for if they shall be strong and fortunate, in good places of the Figure, and in good Aspect with Jupiter or Venus, and they strong, it sheweth the continuance of Riches to the lifes end; on the contrary, if they are in ill Aspects of the Infortunes from obscure places of the Figure, shews the Native shall never be able to get an Estate, nor yet to keep what is given him.

Sometimes it happens that some of the Significators are strong, and yet that may be over-balanced by some evil position that may obscure their Energy, and from thence will be produced a continual influx and deflux in the Natives Estate, what is gotten under a good Direction, is lost under an evil one, and his labour is only continued to his lives end with hopes.

But to know in particular when these things shall happen, you must observe the Directions; for they are the only digiti to point out the quando,[4] when; yet for those who require a more general way to know in what part of the Natives life the Estate shall approach or decline, let it be observed in what quarter of Heaven the Significators are placed; for if they are between the first and tenth Houses, it shews the Native to get an Estate in his Minority, perhaps by gifts; if between the tenth and the seventh, at Man’s estate, or full grown years; if between the seventh and fourth in his declining years; but if between the fourth House and Ascendant, in the last part of his life, not long before Death. Likewise the Significator Oriental direct, swift in course, and in the Oriental Quadrants shews Riches to come in younger years; but if Retrograde, slow in motion, and Occidental, in the elder years, or old Age.—


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