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John Partridge on Wealth, Riches, and the 2nd House, Part 4

John Partridge on Money, Wealth, Riches

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Shall the Native gain Riches by Just or Unjust means?

The Judgment of this Particular also, is taken from the Position and Quality of the Significators, whether good or evil, and that Significator is called good or benevolent, which is placed in the Dignities of a Benefick Star, although of his own Nature he is evil—when the benevolent Planets are Significators, and not afflicted with the Malignant Rays of Saturn or Mars, nor in conjunction with any violent fixed Stars, it shews the Native shall gain Riches by lawful means;—but if a Malevolent Star shall be Significator, and not indued with benevolent Rays, it shews the contrary; especially if it be one of the Superior Stars, and either Retrograde or Combust.

If a fortunate Planet is Significator, and yet placed in the Dignities of an evil one; it sheweth the Native to get Riches both by lawful and unlawful means; if Retrograde or Combust, the same; Likewise if a Malevolent be Significator, and yet placed in the Dignities of a good Planet, it signifies the same:—thus far Leovitius,—the truth of all is indeed, if the two Infortunes Saturn and Mars, or either of them happen to be Significator of substance, and strong; and there be other Arguments of greatness in the Nativity, and the two Infortunes are the most potent Stars among them, afflicting the fortunes Jupiter or Venus from fiery Signs; the Native so born shall be Prodigious in his fortune, laying about him on every side, and asking no Questions for Conscience sake; but, per fas aut nefas,[2] it it pleaseth his humour it is his own; sometimes it is a point of Equity, othertimes it is for Necessity, Religion, Security of his own, &c. on the contrary, if Jupiter or Venus are Significators of Riches, and free from the ill Rays of Saturn and Mars, and in their Essential Dignities, or the Sun well placed and fortunate in conjunction or good Aspect of the Lord of the Ascendant; the Native is just, merciful, and a hater of all base unjust actions.

Many more Rules are delivered by the Ancients in the Judgment of this House, which because I judge them rather burthensom than useful, I do here omitt, and think this here delivered to be sufficient, if carefully considered.—


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