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Dr. Ben Carson’s Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses

Dr. Ben Carson's Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses
Dr. Ben Carson as a 2016 US Presidential Candidate. Image source: The home page of his official website at

By Corinne Lane     September 14, 2015     2 Comments

Here are Dr. Ben Carson’s astrological strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the US Presidential Election. These are things in Dr. Carson’s astrological birth chart that would help him during the election season, and also factors that may work against him.

Dr. Ben Carson is a 2016 US Presidential Candidate who is seeking the Republican Party nomination.

This is an incomplete interpretation of Dr. Ben Carson’s birth chart because we don’t know his time of birth. So, we disregard components of his birth chart that require a birth time, such as the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Part of Fortune, and Houses.

Ben Carson was born on September 18, 1951.[1]

Strengths in Dr. Ben Carson’s Birth Chart

Dr. Ben Carson has a very strong Mercury, dignified and exalted in Virgo. His Mercury is conjunct to his South Node. Great communication is second nature for Dr. Carson. He is naturally rational, analytical, logical, curious and versatile. He has great verbal skills and speaks with clarity.

Dr. Ben Carson has Mars sextile Neptune. This makes him a compassionate and gifted healer, but that’s not a big shocker. This also makes him a “practical idealist” whose dreams are backed by action. However, it should be noted that in this position, Neptune can either give a magical ability to achieve his goals, or else dissipate all his energy and dissolve all of his existing goals. Neptune is like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and we can’t be sure of what it will do.

Dr. Ben Carson has Uranus almost exactly conjunct to the fixed star, Sirius. This is a beneficial influence, but even more so because it’s positioned at the apex of Dr. Carson’s T-square (details about the T-square are below). This promises “gain and prominence” if Dr. Carson chooses to express his Uranian qualities.[2] This promises to help him when he goes against traditional convention. He has the potential to be a true revolutionary champion for the underdogs of society.

The fixed star, Sirius, in this position also promises help from influential friends.[2]

Dr. Ben Carson has Sun in quintile aspect to Uranus. This is a rare aspect, and it gives a special talent for innovation. This reiterates the fact that he has the potential to be a real innovator. He has an ingenuous, creative mind.

Weaknesses and/or Neutral Things in Dr. Ben Carson’s Birth Chart

One thing that can affect Dr. Carson’s communication skill is that his Mercury is in conjunction with Venus. Normally, this adds positive style and grace to the communication style, but in Dr. Carson’s case, his Venus is in “Fall” in Virgo. This can, at times, make Dr. Carson a bit overly critical. However, his Mercury is strong and exalted which can neutralize any negative effects of the fallen Venus. In English, this means he’s a really smart guy who knows when to stop criticizing. So, this is a minor influence.

Dr. Ben Carson has a T-square in his birth chart. This presents real obstacles for most people, however, T-squares can also be seen as “drivers.” This gives Dr. Carson a powerful drive and determination. Still, the T-square indicates that he’ll be met with many obstacles throughout his life.

The T-square is composed of Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. This indicates that Dr. Carson has conflicting ideals. He may feel that his healing service (Neptune) has stood in the way of his growth and expansion (Jupiter). This also indicates that Dr. Carson deals with inner conflicts between being “good and spiritual” (Jupiter, Neptune), and being an innovative, free-thinking, revolutionary, rebellious, champion of the underdogs (Uranus).

Being that Uranus is the focal planet of the T-square, Dr. Ben Carson would benefit by expressing his Uranian qualities. If he can overcome this struggle and learn to be “Uranian,” this would be a strength for Dr. Ben Carson. As explained above, he has the fixed star, Sirius, helping him at the apex of this T-square. Dr. Carson really can’t go wrong with expressing his “Uranian” side.

Dr. Carson has Mars conjunct Pluto. This gives extraordinary, even obsessive, willpower. When people with this aspect do not direct the energy, they can hurt others because they don’t know their own strength. Normally this aspect can be dangerous unless the energy is directed in a positive manner. As a surgeon, Dr. Carson used this energy, literally, in the best possible way. He has Neptune making a sextile aspect to this conjunction, which adds a healing, compassionate touch. (Hillary Clinton also has this configuration, although worse because she has a detrimental Saturn with it. It’s doubly worse because she has not directed it into a physical outlet involving sharp objects, tools, etc. Unless she directs it, it’s bound to cause pain.)

Other Factors Influencing Dr. Ben Carson’s Outcome in The Presidential Election

Dr. Ben Carson has been under the influence of a Neptune transit opposition to his Mercury since 2014. Unfortunately, this influence will be strong during the next Presidential debate. This can really impact him negatively. This transit makes clear and objective communication difficult. The words just don’t come out clearly, or they may sound impractical or overly emotional. This also impacts the memory, making it difficult to remember things.

On the positive side, this transit can make one highly imaginative, creative, and inspired. But, under this influence, Dr. Ben’s Carson’s message gets distorted. This is a time of misunderstandings. This is obviously a very bad influence to have during a Presidential Debate. Hope remains: Dr. Carson also has a Jupiter transit to his Mercury which may offer temporary help (see below).

The above influence was exact in May of 2014, and again on February 28, 2015. The influence was gone (out of orb) from April 2015 through August 2015. This transit is once again in effect, since September 5, 2015. This influence will be exact on October 14, 2015 and again on December 21, 2015. It will be gone by January 29, 2016.

Dr. Ben Carson is currently undergoing a short burst of good luck from a Jupiter transit conjunction to his Mercury. During this transit, Dr. Ben Carson can be an able communicator. This influence will be exact on September 14, 2015, and it will be gone by September 19, 2015. There is a slight possibility that the waning influence from this transit will help him during the Presidential Debate on September 16.

Dr. Ben Carson has also been under the influence of a Neptune transit conjunction to his North Node. This is a big deal since not everyone will experience this transit in their lifetime. The North Node represents one’s destiny in this lifetime, and having it activated with a transit is generally a good thing.

Being in Pisces, Dr. Carson’s North Node indicates that his destiny is related to healing, sacrificing, and serving mankind. He has done that as a doctor, and this transit may simply indicate that he’s finished doing that since he’s now retired (Neptune can indicate loss).

However, Neptune transiting his North Node may also indicate that he has an even greater destiny. Neptune can be magical. This can be a magical time in which his dreams come true, or it can be a time filled with illusion and disappointment. Neptune can also be an illusion. This can indicate that Dr. Carson is chasing down a fantasy. But, the potential for an extraordinary destiny is there.

The transit above began for Dr. Ben Carson in April of 2015. It was exact from June 1–4, 2015 and again from June 20–23, 2015. This influence left on August 19, 2015 and will not return until February 10, 2016. The influence will be exact on March 8, 2016. It will leave again by the first week of April 2016.

This influence returns for third and final time in September 2016. It will be exact on October 4–5, 2016 and still be in strong effect during the Presidential Election. The influence will remain in effect until the end of January 2017.

Possibly a spoiler alert:

On November 8, 2016, the day of the general election, Ben Carson will have transiting Jupiter entering into a square with his Uranus. This is a sign of a big change, and usually a positive one.



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  1. Roderick on said:

    However, Neptune transiting his North Node may also indicate that he has an even greater destiny. Neptune can be magical. This can be a magical time in which his dreams come true, or it can be a time filled with illusion and disappointment. Neptune can also be an illusion. This can indicate that Dr. Carson is chasing down a fantasy. But, the potential for an extraordinary destiny is there.

    I think this may be referring to the statement that Carson made before he officially entered the presidential race in May when he stated all he wanted was a show on Fox which makes sense since Neptune rules television (images).

  2. It would seem that the Sun/Saturn conjunction is not being given a 10 degree arc. This is, to me, significant, in the psychological sense that a Sun/Saturn conjunction is someone who is driven to be a success or to be a failure in life. Having had a brother with the conjunction, and seeing him as what some would term a “loser,” and knowing that he was a depressive sort of personality (although not with the ascendant he had), Dr. Carson would be classified, psychologically as a “Type A” personality.
    Also, a Mars/Pluto conjunction is that of a warrior, which, as noted, is great – if they have a purpose, which he did. However, it can also be a major control freak aspect.
    It would be nice to know his time of birth to place the houses of influence.

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