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Senator Marco Rubio’s Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses

Marco Rubio's Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses

By Corinne Lane     September 13, 2015     1 Comment

Here are Senator Marco Rubio’s astrological strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the US Presidential Election. These are things in Marco’s astrological birth chart that would help him during the election season, and also factors that may work against him.

Marco Rubio is a 2016 US Presidential Candidate who is seeking the Republican Party nomination.

This is an incomplete interpretation of Marco Rubio’s birth chart because we don’t know his time of birth. So, we disregard components of his birth chart that require a birth time, such as the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Part of Fortune, and Houses.

Marco Rubio was born on May 28, 1971.[1]

Strengths in Marco Rubio’s Birth Chart

Marco Rubio has a Grand Trine in the air signs. This gives significant communication skills and intellectual capability. This lets Marco speak clearly and with ease. He can, basically, talk his way out of anything. These abilities are doubled because Marco’s Sun is in Gemini.

Marco’s Grand Trine is formed by his Sun, Mars, and Uranus. This gives Marco the ability to harness the innovative and unpredictable energy of Uranus and Mars, and use them in a positive way to achieve his life’s purpose.

Because Uranus is involved, Marco’s life’s goals will focus on helping the underdogs of society in revolutionary ways. And, because his Sun and Mars are involved, he’ll be able to create change and make it look easy, without breaking a sweat. This is a definitely a strength for Marco Rubio: he can not only do great things, but also make it look easy.

His Grand Trine is a very big strength for Marco Rubio. The only possible danger with this gift would be perhaps a tendency to overly rely on the ability to talk his way out of anything.

Marco Rubio has three dignified planets (Moon, Venus, and Jupiter), and none in detriment. This is a strength for Marco as it certainly adds a general ease to his life.

Marco has Mercury in bi-quintile aspect to Uranus. This is a unique aspect. It gives Marco an ingenuous, unusually creative, and sometimes quirky (but charming) mind. It also makes Marco very open to new ideas. Mercury-Uranus aspects are known as the Genius aspects. They make brilliant minds and innovative thinkers.

Marco Rubio’s Mercury is conjunct to his positively dignified Venus in Taurus. This adds style and grace to Marco’s communication style. He can be a very suave speaker, and this is definitely a strength for Marco.

Marco Rubio has Mars in quintile aspect to his dignified Jupiter. This makes Marco a gifted problem solver, and a creative one at that. He has a special talent for coming up with innovative solutions. With this aspect, Marco was born with a knack for foreign policy.

Marco has Saturn trine Pluto. This is the tightest aspect in his chart, and it’s sure to play a prominent part in his life. It endows Marco with above par executive, leadership, and management skills. With this aspect, Marco has great organizing ability. He has tremendous willpower and is relentless when working towards a goal. He is able to use concentrated will-power to make the maximum use of his talents and resources. This aspect also makes one able to objectively discern their own shortcomings, a much needed skill in Washington, DC.

Weaknesses and/or Neutral Things in Marco Rubio’s Birth Chart

Marco Rubio has a dignified Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune in Sagittarius opposing his Sun. This makes Marco sympathetic and idealistic to the point that he would be willing to sacrifice himself to fight injustice. Compassion for the underdogs of society is now a recurring theme in Marco Rubio’s chart.

Although this is a real character strength in the “regular world,” it has proven to be a weakness for Presidential candidates. It’s my observation that the candidates that do well are those that act tough and don’t exhibit too much compassion.

Marco’s dignified Jupiter will perfectly enhance the “Neptunian” qualities of compassion, service, sacrifice, love for mankind, and gentleness. People with those qualities cannot make it very far in US Politics. This aspect could make Marco appear too “soft.” However, it could go either way, so I would consider this a neutral aspect for Marco during the election season.

Marco Rubio has Mercury square his Mars. Mars here can make Marco quick to react, but Marco’s positively dignified Venus is in conjunction with Mercury which neutralizes any negative influence from Mars. As stated above, Venus adds style and grace to Marco’s communication style. So, the square to Mars ends up being a neutral influence. It could, at times, even be a strength by adding just enough fire to Marco’s words to avoid his being perceived as too soft.

Other Factors Influencing Marco Rubio’s Outcome in The Presidential Election

Marco Rubio has been under the influence of a Pluto transit trine to his Mercury. This transit enhances mental energy and gives great concentration powers. Under this influence, Marco has exceptional research ability. He can easily uncover secret information about anything he chooses.

This transit also adds positive depth and power to the communication style. Under this transit, Marco Rubio has the ability to convince people with his words and to debate persuasively.

No doubt that Marco has benefited from this influence.

This influence was in effect for Marco throughout most of 2014, and became exact on January 24, 2015, and again on July 18, 2015. (The influence was gone from March 2015 until late June 2015.)

This influence is currently strong for Marco and will become exact again on November 29, 2015. The influence will remain in effect until December 31, 2015.

It will be interesting to watch for this influence during the next debate on September 16, 2015.



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1 comment

  1. CartoonPerson on said:

    Floridian here in 2021. When this was written, the world beyond Florida just barely got to know his existence. And only because of the Presidential election.

    I must say this is freakishly accurate. Especially that unique trait that you note in such detail: that he may come ALMOST too ‘soft’, but still has enough bite to not look weak. He can also talk himself out of almost anything because of that exact trait.

    I’m impressed!

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