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Senator Ted Cruz’s Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses

Senator Ted Cruz's Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses

By Corinne Lane     September 11, 2015     4 Comments

These are Ted Cruz’s astrological strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the US Presidential Election. These are based solely on Ted Cruz’s birth chart. I’ll discuss things in his birth chart that help him during the election season, and also factors that may work against him.

Ted Cruz is a 2016 US Presidential Candidate who is seeking the Republican Party nomination.

This is an incomplete astrological assessment of his birth chart because we don’t have Ted Cruz’s time of birth. So, we disregard anything requiring the exact birth time, such as the Moon, Part of Fortune, Ascendant, Midheaven, and Houses. We’ll focus on what we do know for Ted Cruz’s day of birth.

We know that Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970.

Strengths in Ted Cruz’s Birth Chart

Ted Cruz has Sun in Capricorn. This is, basically, the perfect sun sign for a President and can be considered a strength.

Ted also has Mercury in Capricorn in a harmonious trine aspect to Saturn. This makes him a solid communicator. He can speak with a sense of purpose and authority. However, the following aspect will affect Ted’s communication style.

Ted Cruz has Mercury in a tight square aspect to Uranus. Mercury/Uranus aspects give a genius mind. Ted Cruz has a brilliant mind and is an innovative thinker. People with this aspect think differently than the rest of us. Mercury/Uranus gives a unique intelligence. This aspect is the closest aspect in Ted’s chart, so it will play a prominent part in his life.

With Mercury square Uranus, Ted’s mind is lightning fast. However, since Ted Cruz has these planets in a disharmonious square, he’s prone to communicating his genius ideas in unsettling ways. He can be ridiculed for having ideas that seem to be ahead of their time. People with this aspect have minds that are future-oriented, and they need freedom to speak their mind.

If Ted can control this energy, it could serve him well. But, this is an unpredictable energy. Trying to contain it could very well backfire, with the effect of making Ted blurt out inappropriate things during the election season. His words can shock people. Although, Ted’s Mercury also has the trine from Saturn which perfectly balances this energy. Saturn contains things, so, Ted Cruz may just be able to get away with his “rebellious mind” while appearing complaisant.

Ted Cruz has Pluto in the 29th degree of Virgo. The 29th degree gives Ted the potential for something great. His Pluto has a sextile aspect from Jupiter. This Jupiter/Pluto aspect gives good luck (it’s known to give wealth), and this is definitely a strength for Ted.

Weaknesses and/or Neutral Things in Ted Cruz’s Birth

Ted Cruz has Venus in detriment (Scorpio). This can make it difficult for him to attract what he wants. Venus is in opposition to Saturn. Other people (or some person) may stand in the way of what he wants. This poses real obstacles and makes it difficult for Ted to achieve what he wants, but it doesn’t make it impossible.

To help neutralize the above aspect, Venus is in conjunction with a positively dignified Mars in Scorpio, and also with “good luck” Jupiter. You could say that Mars and Jupiter “have Venus’ back.” Dignified Mars gives Ted Cruz the ability to get what he wants, and Jupiter basically guarantees it. Venus conjunct Jupiter makes one very lucky.

So, Ted has this small stellium in Scorpio, against Saturn. And this is the main focus of his birth chart. Like a game of tug-of-war, this could go either way. It could very well play out with both sides taking turns. For example, periods of extremely lucky breaks and positive feedback, followed by periods in which people are against Ted. In any case, this opposition from Saturn gives Ted Cruz serious determination, drive, and a “never give up” attitude. This is not someone who breaks easily.

There is one last point that may be a weakness for Ted Cruz’s communication style. Ted has Mercury retrograde in his birth chart. This may be a weakness because only two Presidents in US history have had Mercury retrograde: Benjamin Harrison and Harry S. Truman. Harrison’s Mercury was dignified in the sign that it rules, Virgo, and it had a beneficial trine from Jupiter which would mitigate any negative effects. However, Truman’s Mercury was not so lucky, and coincidentally, Truman is noted as the most unpopular President in US history. Hillary Clinton also has Mercury Retrograde, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Other Factors Influencing Ted Cruz’s Outcome in The Presidential Election

Ted Cruz is currently undergoing a Pluto transit conjunction to his Mercury. This adds power and intensity to Ted’s communication style. While this transit is in effect, Ted has the power to sway people with his speech. It’s common to uncover secrets during this transit. Ted Cruz will experience intensity in his thoughts, as well as in his encounters.

This influence was in effect for Ted Cruz throughout most of 2014. This transit was exact on December 24, 2014. The influence was paused in January of 2015 when the transit went out of orb (1 degree).

This influence began again in July of 2015 and will remain in effect until the end of November 2015. Ted Cruz can make a powerful impact while this influence lasts.


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  1. Thanks for your helpful article on Cruz. Your interpretation of the Scorpio stellium opposing his Saturn is a relevant insight. Just one thing: in this sentence,
    “This influence was in effect for Ted Cruz throughout most of 2014. This transit was exact on December 24, 2015.”, did you mean ‘2014’ since the following sentences say the influence “pauses” in January 2015 and ends in November. Also, now that it is late 2015, we’ll note that transiting Jupiter in Virgo will benefit Cruz as it positively aspects his late Scorpio Jupiter and conjuncts the powerful Pluto in Virgo later on in 2016.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Yes, thank you for the correction. The transit was exact in 2014. I corrected it above. Also, yes! Those Jupiter transits in 2016 should be beneficial. Thank you for the insight.

  2. iris thirtle on said:

    I would love to know Ted Cruz’s ascendant? Can’t one go backwards in his life to the important points, exp. his fathers death, his marriage, birth of his children, when entered service, university, etc.? I forget the term. Looks physically like a Cancer crab but too aggressive and mouthy. Defensive (crablike) but definitely an in-your-face fighter (non-crab).

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