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Part of Fortune in Aquarius

Part of Fortune in Aquarius coin

If you have Part of Fortune in Aquarius in your birth chart, you feel happy noticing the things that surround you, being receptive to all knowledge. You want to know everything about humanity and the Universe, without societal limitations or restrictions. You understand the union of so many different things, knowing that none is worse or better because of their difference.

You are fair. You do not like to make judgments, because that would undermine your own sense of freedom. You remain aloof and impartial with respect to others. This allows you the freedom to explore your own inner awakening.

You never have to follow the paths of others. So, you look for solitude, where you find new ideas. You use the great inventiveness that cosmic forces bestow upon you.

You like to live without any planning. You like to be original. It makes you happy to know you can help another person to feel free.

Leo is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Aquarius. Through Leo, you observe how others try to direct others and try in vain to have control over circumstances, as well as to maintain those principles that give them self-respect. You know that these things, and power, have been abused in today’s world.

It is the love for truth without limiting the spontaneous flow of life, which gives you your greatest satisfaction and joy. You do not like to force any circumstance, or any person. You flow easily through difficult situations because you have the great ability to understand how circumstances have become what they are. Nothing exists in this world that can surprise you.

You like to live as a true free spirit, even trying anything new or futuristic.

You know there is a better future for society, but you should not worry about how it will be achieved. Simply trust that things will be resolved in the best way possible and at the right time.

You must pay more attention to how you express yourself. Do not show off your ego in your knowledge about the Universe. Focus your struggle in search of inner power, over yourself, in addition to outward self-control.

When you accept yourself as a different, unique, and even prophetic being, your soul will begin to unfold in the direction you so desired. You will know that your mind is free to explore all knowledge of the Universe and its human aspects. You will understand that this free acceptance of uniqueness will finally liberate Humanity from the deterioration from its own egocentricity. For that, you can be an example and helper for those who need it.

Your fulfillment and final happiness are not only for you, but for everyone you know and who shares your humanitarian ideals. Sharing common ideals with other people that want to help evolve humanity, makes you maintain a faith in the future.

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