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Uranus in the Signs – Interpretations

Uranus in Signs and Houses - Interpretations

Uranus spends about seven years in each sign as it moves around the zodiac, so it’s in that sign for everyone born during that period. All planets are important in the birth chart, but a sign influence that is identical for so many people does not indicate personal characteristics that will dominate an individual unless, of course, Uranus is a personal planet. Instead, the Uranus sign is known as a ‘generational’ influence. The House placement of Uranus is more personally significant. See Uranus in the Houses.

Below are the interpretations of Uranus in the zodiac signs. To read what Uranus represents in astrology, go to Lesson 5: The Planets.

Uranus in Aries

(1843/44 – 1850/51, 1927/28 – 1934/35, 2010/11 – 2018/19)

Here the energy and assertiveness of Aries complements the forthright, nervous energy of Uranus. Unless negatively aspected, Uranus here should endow plenty of originality and the motivation to use it in positive ways. There will be erratic tendencies, however, and patience is not enhanced. This placing highlights the search for what is new, out-of-the-ordinary and different. Self-confidence and leadership power is reinforced. However, possible foolhardiness must be checked, since it can surface in an extremely eccentric way with the individual becoming involved in silly and daredevil feats. Caution must be developed. Read more about Uranus in Aries.

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Uranus in Taurus

(1850/51 – 1858/59, 1934/35 – 1941/42, 2018/19 – 2025/26)

Taurus highlights the stubborn quality of Uranus. If other fixed signs are prominent in the chart, the individual may proudly say, ‘Once I’ve made up my mind I don’t change it.’ However, it the chart tends towards indecision, with a powerful emphasis on Libra or Pisces, this is a good placing, since it gives a combination of stability and Uranian originality. Either way, this placement makes for opposing tendencies. On the one hand, the fixed influence of Taurus makes one want to be conventional. This clashes with the natural Uranian urge to break free from all conventions. If balance is achieved, we often find an original and practical individual, which is when Uranus in Taurus is at its best. Read more about Uranus in Taurus.

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Uranus in Gemini

(1858/59 – 1865/66, 1941/42 – 1948/49, 2025/26 – 2032/33)

Uranus in Gemini is a lively placing, endowing originality, quick thinking and often brilliant ideas. Here is excellent potential. If Mercury and Jupiter are well placed in the chart, this adds a sharp attitude and quick responses. This is good for literary or academic work, a career in the media or communications. If poorly aspected, Gemini’s restlessness will be a problem. If Mars in involved in negative aspects to Uranus, distress, worry, and headaches may be a problem. Relaxation techniques such as yoga may help. Read more about Uranus in Gemini.

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Uranus in Cancer

(1865/66 – 1871/72, 1948/49 – 1955/56, 2032/33 – 2039/40)

The changeable moodiness of Cancer, combined with the unpredictability of Uranus, may at times cause problem. If you have Uranus in Cancer, friends may never know what to expect from you. Uranus is a cold, unemotional planet, always encouraging logical, clear-cut action, while Cancer is all intuition and very emotional. If Uranus is a personal planet, this can be a source of tension for the individual. Instead of trying to choose between opposing extremes, the individual would do well to let one complement the other. At its best, this placing enhances the imagination, making it very original. Read more about Uranus in Cancer.

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Uranus in Leo

(1871/72 – 1878, 1955/56 – 1961/62, 2039/40 – 2045/46)

With Uranus in Leo there is increased energy and boldness. Because of Leo’s fixed quality, stubbornness may be a problem. Self-confidence is boosted, and sometimes there is a liking for power. If properly managed, a talent for leadership arises. These individuals often have a creative flair. Read more about Uranus in Leo.

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Uranus in Virgo

(1878 – 1884/85, 1961/62 – 1968/69, 2045/46 – 2051/52)

Uranus in Virgo is a potential source of tension, especially if the individual is rather nervous or anxious, or if tension is evident in other areas of the chart. These energies can be put to good use as they will inject the mind with ability to analyze and research, and will also encourage a certain originality of approach to any problem or project that is under consideration. Since Virgo is an earth sign, it tends to be conventional – the familiar and well-tried is preferred, yet Uranus’ influence is quite the reverse, encouraging original thoughts and actions, and often unconventional behavior. Read more about Uranus in Virgo.

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Uranus in Libra

(1800/01 – 1807, 1884/85 – 1890/91, 1968/69 – 1974/75, 2051/52 – 2058/59)

Libra will add glamour, more power of attraction, and more of a romantic streak to Uranus. But if Uranus or Venus is a personal planet, problems may arise when the Uranian desire for independence fights with the Libran desire to relate to others. In this case, the individual may want a partnership but not a partner. This placing of Uranus makes for an excellent, caring, helpful, and sympathetic friend. These traits should be developed for use in intimate relationships as well. Read more about Uranus in Libra.

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Uranus in Scorpio

(1807 – 1813/14, 1890/91 – 1897/98, 1974/75 – 1981, 2058/59 – 2065)

Uranus in Scorpio gives extra power and intensity. You are brave and daring, but tend to avoid showing emotions, or even reject them. These individuals should find constructive outlets for their emotional tension. This placing indicates a potential, or a need, for power. This influence will be greatest if the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is in Scorpio, or if Uranus is near the midheaven. This need for power streams from a desire to help heal the world in some way. There is great potential here, but if this energy is misdirected, life may drag these individuals down. Read more about Uranus in Scorpio.

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Uranus in Sagittarius

(1813/14 – 1821, 1897/98 – 1904, 1981 – 1988)

Uranus in Sagittarius opens the mind and makes it more original. This placement makes for a lively individual with a good sense of humor, and very good brains. The Sagittarian influence adds an adventurous spirit to the Uranian humanitarian desire. This means that these individuals will be useful in fixing our world. Read more about Uranus in Sagittarius.

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Uranus in Capricorn

(1821 – 1828, 1904 – 1912, 1988 – 1995/96)

Uranus is somewhat boxed in by Capricorn. The benefit is the ability to put problems into a coherent and logical perspective. However, conflicts will arise when Uranus’s unpredictability and shock tactics try to express themselves. Capricorn is the most conventional sign, preferring to do things ‘the proper way.’ Here Uranus’s energy is concentrated and may be put to good use. Read more about Uranus in Capricorn.

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Uranus in Aquarius

(1828 – 1835/36, 1912 – 1919/20, 1995/96 – 2003)

Uranus rules Aquarius, so these people will have many of the general Aquarian traits. They may be friendly and humanitarian, but independent and emotionally detached. Uranus’s influence is greater than usual here because it’s in its own sign. As always, its influence increases even more if Uranus is a personal planet in the chart. Read more about Uranus in Aquarius.

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Uranus in Pisces

(1835/36 – 1843/44, 1919/20 – 1927/28, 2003 – 2010/11)

When Uranus is in Pisces, idealism, sympathy, sensitivity, and sacrifice for others is joined with humanitarianism and logical thinking. There is much creative potential here. As with any potential, it must be channeled correctly or else the individual must beware of escapist tendencies. These are helpful people. Read more about Uranus in Pisces.

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