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Neptune in the Signs – Interpretations

Neptune in Signs and Houses - Interpretations
Portrait of Andrea Doria as Neptune by Angelo Bronzino c.1530

Neptune takes 146 years to travel around the 12 zodiac signs, spending approximately 14 years in each sign. Thus, Neptune’s sign influence (also Uranus’s and Pluto’s) is seen as ‘generational,’ affecting the lifestyles of everyone born during the 14-year period it spends in a sign. The sign placement of Neptune will only be significant and noticeable if Neptune (or it’s sign ruler) is a personal planet, or if it’s making a strong aspect to a personal planet or point in the chart. But, by house-placement, Neptune’s interpretation becomes more personal. See Neptune in the Houses.

Below are the interpretations of Neptune in the zodiac signs. To read what Neptune represents in astrology, go to Lesson 5: The Planets.

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Neptune in Cancer

If Neptune is in Cancer, sensitivity, emotions, and intuition is heightened, as is an inclination to worry.

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Neptune in Leo

If Neptune is in Leo, a flair for creative work and photography may be present. A glamorous and dramatic air.

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Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo tends to lower the self-confidence resulting a feeling of inner discontent. However, if Virgo is prominent in the chart, Neptune in Virgo will stimulate the imagination that is sometimes lacking with earthy Virgo.

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Neptune in Libra

Individuals with Libra rising are most vulnerable to Neptune’s placing in Libra. Confusion or delusion may be present. If the rest of the chart indicates a laziness or lack of self-confidence, Neptune in Libra will increase that influence. If Neptune is not a personal planet, and if Libra is not prominent then it should not be a problem. In that case, Neptune in Libra will endow the individual with sympathy and kindness.

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Neptune in Scorpio

With Neptune in Scorpio, there is increased emotional intensity, but in a strong and powerful way. If Neptune is well-aspected and personalized, talents and ambition will be inspired.

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Neptune in Sagittarius

With Neptune in Sagittarius, there is humanitarian awareness. If Sagittarius is prominent in the chart, here may be a generational leader.

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Neptune in Capricorn

With Neptune in Capricorn, there may be a flair for the creative use of natural material. This placing makes for a determined but cautious individual who will not likely be vulnerable to the escapist tendencies of Neptune. Not likely to take the easy way out of difficult situations.

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Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius is humanitarianism at its best, since Aquarius adds some backbone to the sensitive qualities of Neptune.

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