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Part of Fortune in Capricorn

Part of Fortune in Capricorn coin

If you have Part of Fortune in Capricorn in your birth chart, you will achieve your greatest fulfillment and satisfaction when you mature, see the results of your work, and observe that your life takes a defined structure.

You have many hopes and ambitions, but you do not feel happy until you take the necessary actions to carry them out. The final goal is always present in your mind. You are looking for something that can subsist above your own existence and that contributes to the progress and enrichment of society.

You can take on responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed.

You do not like things to be easy. Everything superficial distracts you from your great purpose, which is outlined and planned only by yourself.

Cancer is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Capricorn. Cancer provides you with tremendous emotional energy and great sensitivity. But you must stay impersonal, not overly personalizing your emotions, and so use this energy to give enthusiasm and intensity to the beginning of all your projects. Cancer gives love and care when things start and Capricorn gives the push to complete them.

You appreciate the love of all the people with whom you work and with whom you share common goals.

However, you should not get carried away by sentimentality. You must dominate your emotions and direct them so that your feelings do not harm all the things you want to accomplish.

You have to eliminate all childhood insecurities, the restrictions of the past, and your own doubts, in order to develop a perspective that makes you understand that your mission in life is most important.

Part of Fortune in Capricorn takes time to bring its benefits. They will be delayed until you have developed a maturity that helps you overcome the obstacles that you have to face. This will require great skill and hard work. Through Cancer, the sign opposite your Part of Fortune, you understand that negative emotions only exhaust you, preventing you from reaching the sense of progress you need. You know that they also make you overly sensitive to other people and emotionally vulnerable. Therefore, you must avoid negative emotions and those that confuse and weaken your own sense of self-respect.

Once you feel respect for yourself, you will change your behavior completely because without any effort, you will be a model of dignity and integrity.

Your fulfillment comes from realizing how you are a capable individual. You learn to be your own guide under any situations, no matter how difficult. You learn to operate at levels not achievable by most people. In a real sense, it is as if you become your own father, who knows his role wherever he goes and can maintain his serenity.

You plan everything. Even deviations or distractions to your goal seem to have been planned. You feel happiest when you are sure of your destiny at all times and not letting yourself be carried away by uncertainties.

You get fulfillment by directing your effort along a specific course that you have outlined yourself. Your achievement does not come by luck, but because you really deserve it.

What you achieve will be the symbol of your own inner development and well-being, as well as your happiness.

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