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Part of Fortune in Leo

Part of Fortune in Leo

If you have Part of Fortune in Leo in your birth chart, your greatest satisfaction and fulfillment comes through surpassing yourself and being the center. So, it comes through your personal mastery, inspiring and guiding others, without abandoning the responsibilities that your power gives you.

You want to improve yourself and your society by means of some attainable goal that can serve as an example, and that makes you feel satisfied and deserving of a reward, as a symbol of what man is capable of when he uses his potential. You help human beings appreciate and be proud of themselves.

Because Aquarius is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune, you learn not to force those around you. You let everyone find their own method and own rhythm, understanding that each individual has his own path.

You do not wear out your energies. You learn to conserve them and direct them towards a creative power, overcoming everything that has made human beings feel weak and powerless.

What you achieve through your own effort will have to be honest, otherwise it will have little meaning for you.

Your strength will be greater when you do not personalize the advice you give to others, and stop caring if they accept or reject your ideas. Simply be happy to have had the opportunity to help another person. You almost always wait for the admiration of others. But, you must understand that the personal love you give will at times not receive its just reward. So, it will help you to express it impersonally to avoid that your search for an audience distracts you from your purpose and creative will.

You are very demanding with yourself. You feel satisfied when you achieve a specific goal, with principles that bring you honor, prestige and respect.

You are generous. You must learn to give without expecting anything in return, although you need some kind of response to know that you are doing things well and that you are on the right path.

Focused energy brings you your greatest successes, and the admiration you finally receive will bring you your greatest happiness. You are joyful, above all, knowing that you have had the opportunity to show that when people feel good about themselves and respect themselves, they are able to overcome the biggest obstacles.

Your greatest accomplishment will come from everything that you express and from the significant principles that you exhibit.

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