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Part of Fortune in Libra

Part of Fortune in Libra, Libra dice

If you have Part of Fortune in Libra in your birth chart, you prefer to be in agreement with others instead of expressing your own desires and what you feel, so as not to offend anyone. You do not want to disturb the harmony of the people around you, and you cooperate in any situation that life presents to you. You flow and harmonize with all its most intimate aspects.

You know that offending or going against others will make you lose friends and relationships.

You have a special sense of justice and acceptance of other people’s faults.

Aries is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Libra. Through Aries, you have the ability to not lose your own goals, and to project your desires into the future. But if you want to enjoy and be happy in the present moment, you should not identify too much with this, nor abuse it, so that you do not ruin good relations with others. You have a pioneering spirit and you are also quite bold and courageous.

You listen and learn many things about other people’s lives, so you are an easy person to talk to. You have a lot of tolerance.

However, you have to learn to consider the effects that any action entails before carrying it out.

Taking into account both sides of any situation, accepting everything even though it goes against your own wishes, will help you to find fulfillment and satisfy everyone involved in a situation.

You must belong to something to feel complete. This is why you know how to please others. It makes you happy to feel the happiness of others.

You learn to become that center through which all human thoughts, desires, and emotions flow. All energies penetrate through your open inner space, which is willing to accept all. This helps you to complete your individual self, without having to personally identify yourself with any kind of specific vibration, but with all of them at once.

Thus, belonging to everything will lead you to not need anything and not to have your own desires, so you can balance opposing people, opposing ideas and feelings. You can even understand and accept the selfishness of other people.

The creativity of others will bring you your greatest happiness. Your self-realization will become the balanced center of everything that surrounds you.

By letting yourself go with the flow, you know that you will make the necessary decisions without doubting if they are correct because you know the flow will put you in touch with the people who need you.

A faith in the harmony of the cosmos is essential as well as having courage to face the unknown. Know that the world itself will take care of you and help you find happiness at all times. Above all, it will help you to feel comfortable in the company of others, knowing that we all share similar things and experiences.

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