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Part of Fortune in Pisces

Part of Fortune in Pisces coin

If you have Part of Fortune in Pisces in your birth chart, you are able to flow with an invisible reality that manifests itself as a tangible and physical reality. You are attuned to the cosmic forces. You experience the unity of all things. You can adapt to any vibration or need, transcending time and space and even thought.

You know that people plan and program things, losing the idea of the totality and spontaneous flow of the Universe. That is why you do not like to make promises, because you know that it is not in your power to fulfill them.

Virgo is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Pisces. To gain your fulfillment, you must not identify with the emotions of the conscious and defined world that you see through Virgo. Simply look for mental purity. Keep your thought in the present, attentive to the conscious world where you have to live, but leaving space for an unlimited imagination, for a complete freedom and inner peace.

You know the unknown and therefore have a magnetic quality and a lot of intuition. You understand the essence of reality and everything that belongs to the world of God and of humankind. You maintain faith in humankind and in the whole Universe, which helps you to move forward and accept hard tests and much suffering.

Through Virgo, the sign opposite your Part of Fortune, you will observe the perfection that exists. But, you must let life take its course and flow silently through experiences. You must avoid manipulating and programming your life, which would restrict your unlimited vision and your inner freedom.

You are familiar with the world of words and ideas. You know that their limitations are only an appearance. Your creative imagination is based on an understanding of love and truth, not fantasy or unrealistic illusion.

You will find your greatest fulfillment and happiness being in tune with the higher levels of consciousness. The ability to tune into these levels comes from purifying, ordering, and directing your thoughts.

Because of your compassionate desire to help create a more beautiful and spiritual world for humankind, anything you can imagine will become your reality and your happiness.

You have contact with your inner being and with possibilities not yet developed in human beings. This helps you to develop a less materialistic and much more spiritual perspective. Your fulfillment and happiness come from knowing that this can be developed by all human beings and that it will put them in touch with the divine essence of their own nature.

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