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Part of Fortune in Sagittarius

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius coin

If you have Part of Fortune in Sagittarius in your birth chart, you need freedom to explore and avoid stifling situations, so that you may experience a joy without limits.

Your fulfillment will take place in far away places, whether mentally or in other countries. Whatever you experience will become broader and more meaningful. In addition, you are lucky by nature wherever you go.

You like to try new things that expand awareness and knowledge of life as a whole.

Gemini is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Sagittarius. Through Gemini, you know the indecision of people and their superficiality in trying to please themselves and not committing to something meaningful.

You feel an enormous curiosity for all things and people. Although you are very comfortable in the midst of nature and a natural environment, since you understand the truth of the natural laws of human beings and the Universe.

You are aware that, sometimes, when trying to gain the acceptance of others, you are untrue with yourself. So, you must be frank and direct, since you realize the apparent dualities of any situation, being able to obtain the essential meaning of each moment and observe the unity of all situations.

You have to stay free to express yourself spontaneously and with full sincerity and honesty with yourself. This helps you take a decided and correct action. You can maintain an energy of enthusiasm and optimism even when facing very difficult conflicts. You encourage and inspire all the people with whom you work or have contact.

You have a powerful prophetic vision to project yourself into the future, and many times your willpower and clarity of vision make that future come true.

You feel well any place you go. In any place, you feel at home. You know how to flow with enthusiasm in all situations, without letting yourself be involved in something that could deny your own optimism.

You radiate happiness. Although, sometimes you do not realize it, and you make the mistake of trying to look for it in others.

You must avoid judging yourself too harshly. Do not compare yourself with others. Nor should you think that you can make others happy, because you would lose your own sense of inner joy. You should know that this can not be transferred from one person to another.

You will do better through constant spontaneity, simply by being and experiencing the total truth of each moment in your life and each situation. You will feel happy, bringing more sense and meaning to all the circumstances and people around you and raising their spiritual awareness. By not taking it personally, you are left free to change to another situation that is asking for your attention at that moment.

Undoubtedly, your joy is present in all your significant contacts. These contacts give more meaning and understanding to your life.

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