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Part of Fortune in Virgo

Part of Fortune in Virgo, plate 21 in Urania's Mirror, Sidney Hall
Virgo, plate 21 in Urania's Mirror, Sidney Hall [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you have Part of Fortune in Virgo in your birth chart, you feel happy finding a specific vocation. You want a calling with which you can be useful to society, and also give a sense of organized purity to your environment. You strive for cleanliness where you live and work, and in how you express your thoughts.

You are very sensitive to everything around you. You realize how much negative emotions affect you, whether they are your own or that of others.

Because Pisces is the sign opposite to your Part of Fortune in Virgo, you understand compassion. Although you understand the invisible and infinite forces, you must direct your life towards a conscious existence and personal control, living constantly in the Here and Now, which at the same time has a great transcendental sense. You must always keep busy and avoid being invaded by depressing and doubtful emotions, whether yours or others’.

Purity of mind and body are important for maintaining internal clarity. You should discipline yourself and direct the negative emotions and worries of Pisces towards peace and inner acceptance.

Your ultimate goal is to function absolutely towards a perfect development.

You worry a great deal over all the details of the present. Treating them efficiently helps you not to transfer problems from the past to the future. You need to feel that you are developing your potential in something dedicated to improving the environment and society.

Pisces opposite to your Part of Fortune in Virgo will give you an understanding of general human needs, as well as their effect on the present and the direction of energy flow.

You can become as efficient or as cold and calculating as a machine. For that reason, you sometimes look for emotions to prove that you are still capable of feeling.

But, you should not identify with the negative aspect of yourself, because you could get lost in a sea of illusions that would take you away from your conscious sense of the present and your practical nature. Your practical nature is what helps you keep your center and overcome depressions without identifying with the emotional problems of others, which would cause the loss of your ability to function in the Here and Now.

Your happiness is in what you are dealing with in each moment and in what you perceive with your senses.

Although you can see the infinite and intangible through Pisces, you must find richness in the tangible, in proper organization, care, and cleaning of the things of the world. Thus, impersonally, you infuse love into life and to the experience of the moment without limit. You will come to understand the limitations of the human being as a perfecting path towards beauty and purity.

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