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Part of Fortune in Aries

Part of Fortune in Aries - Interpretation

If you have Part of Fortune in Aries in your birth chart, you find your greatest satisfaction when you’re taking action or involved in activity. You need energy to be active, so be sure to feed your energy. Staying active gives you a strong will to overcome any obstacle, including self-doubt.

You are aware that this will can make you independent and keep you on your own path. It also enables you to follow your own goals without worrying about rejecting the opinions of others.

Because the sign Libra is opposite your Part of Fortune in Aries, you are receptive, you understand the passivity and indecision of others. You consider diplomacy as a form of insincerity. You must use this knowledge to balance your powerful vigor without nullifying that of others. The opposing sign of Libra gives a sense of order and mental harmony that allows you to see your direction very clearly, know your skills, and use them efficiently.

Your self-fulfillment and happiness comes through what you achieve with your own efforts, and through feeling good about yourself and your actions or ideas.

Do not be afraid of your desires. You are not being selfish, or simply trying to gratify your senses. Although you do not feel subject to desires, you need them to set your goals. Your desires guide you towards the goals you should be pursuing. Without goals you could lose your way, especially if you let yourself be carried away by indecision. This indecision comes from Libra, the sign opposite your Aries Part of Fortune.

When you work with your mind and will together, you can direct your energies towards a single goal. While you are in this direction, your life will be easier. You will feel more complete and fulfilled.

The energy that guides you will put you in touch with the motivating force that draws your individual expression. You’ll find your goal, and it will be the one that will give you your greatest accomplishment, satisfaction and joy.

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