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Part of Fortune in Cancer

Part of Fortune in Cancer

If you have Part of Fortune in Cancer in your birth chart, you achieve your greatest happiness by nourishing others and yourself, as well as giving sustenance and emotion to your life and to that of others for future growth. This is the expression of the Divine Mother that gives everything she can give, without selfishness.

You like to feel affection and intimacy. You deeply appreciate life and nature, through which you feel the essence of love, unity, and cooperation of all things and people of the Universe.

You know that emotions give energetic nourishment to life and a sense of intimacy with all the things that surround us. You understand how much we need to feel that we belong to a world that loves us and accepts us as we are.

You act with a childish simplicity. You like to flow in the gentle and tender energy of Cancer, which is in harmony with its surrounding environment and with the principle of creation.

Because Capricorn is the sign opposite your Part of Fortune, you understand how to bring things to maturity. You know how to complete what is partially formed. This knowledge is the reason for your ambition, and using it in this way is the correct use of this energy.

With the Part of Fortune in Cancer, you are not looking for an end that justifies the means. Rather, you want your actions to be tuned in to the beginnings of ideas, and to take part in the creation itself.

The cheerfulness and vitality of Cancer is balanced by the wisdom and maturity of Capricorn, which you must use to structure and direct your energy towards something significant.

You do not get influenced by the results or the outcome that you get from what you do. Rather, you like to participate regardless of the practicality.

Your joy and happiness comes from a birth, whether of an idea, a child, or anything in which you take a personal role in its creation. It is this intimate association with the beginnings that makes you enjoy life and achieve self-realization.

By being a privileged participant in the birth process that takes place in all of Nature, and in the mind, you will develop a tender concern for all things.

Your great joy and satisfaction is a response to seeing everything that has come out of your being flourish and grow, knowing that you are the true foundation of its life.

You enjoy life and all the love that you are capable of experiencing when you feel intimate contact with everything that surrounds you and gives you happiness.

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