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Natal Sun Conjunct Venus

Natal Sun Conjunct Venus

People with sun conjunct Venus in the natal chart have their self-esteem tied up with the need to be loved by others. They have a strong clash between pursuing their goals and enjoying their relationships.

They really care about how others perceive them, and they alter their behavior in order to please others. They should be careful not too compromise their own feelings and thoughts simply to gain approval from others.

They strive for peace and tranquility in their life. They don’t like problems or arguments. They may evade dealing with problems, indefinitely.

There is a touch of narcissism with sun conjunct Venus. These people really like themselves and can even be excessively proud. This applies more when the sun and Venus are in a sign in which the sun is stronger than Venus. The sun is stronger than Venus in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

People with sun conjunct Venus are proud of how they handle their relationships. They have a certain pride in how they treat others. They are sort of showy in love, making grand romantic gestures.

The shadow side of this is that they can be egotistical in relationships. What may matter most to them in relationships is how good the other person can make them feel. They may only want relationships with people who can provide the luxuries that they require. This is because sun conjunct Venus has a big need for comfort. Their ability to give love may be hampered by their need to receive love, attention, admiration, and recognition.

This, paired with their noticeably good looks is a dangerous mixture. They can get into relationships for very shallow reasons, including for appearance. They are easily swept off their feet by admirers and by demonstrations of love.

They may give in too easily to demanding partners because they have such a strong need to be loved. This is more true for those who have the conjunction in a sign in which Venus is stronger than the sun. Venus is stronger than the sun in Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Relationships can later turn sour when the need for depth arises. They may later find that the partner fails to satisfy on a deeper level since they got into the relationship for shallow reasons.

They may need to look beneath the surface in order to form more enduring partnerships. They need to watch out for their tendency to avoid discussing their problems. Their desire for a pleasant atmosphere means that they can hide problems under the rug, indefinitely. This is sort of terrible for the future of any relationship that wishes to mature.

If the sun and Venus are in a sign in which the Sun is stronger than Venus (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio), the person is not willing to make compromises for a relationship. They easily get into heated arguments in relationships.

Even with these issues, these people have no shortage of love or romance in their lives. These people are very likable. They come across as charming. They can be diplomatic when they choose. They are enjoyable to have around because they have generally cheerful attitudes and are enthusiastic listeners. They are optimistic and friendly. These positive qualities are more evident when the conjunction is in a sign in which Venus is stronger than the sun (Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, and Aquarius). Capricorn is usually a melancholy sign, but with sun conjunct Venus, there is a cheerfulness not found in regular Capricorns. Jim Carrey is a great example: he lives to make people laugh. Jim Carrey has sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn.

At the heart of the desire to “people-please” lies a true desire for harmony. As the person grows older and matures, they begin to take active steps to create harmony that is true for themselves as well as everyone around them. This means creating harmony that is felt both on the inside and in the environment. They mature into taking an active role as the creator of peaceful and harmonious surroundings, as well as harmonious relationships.

In a woman’s chart, ancient astrologers considered sun conjunct Venus to describe the husband as friendly, pleasant, and good-looking. This seems to be true about the two female celebrities that are discussed below.

Problems With Achieving Worldly Goals:

Their social life can get in the way of them accomplishing their goals. They may focus too much on what others think they should do.

The conjunction to Venus makes one overindulgent, and a bit careless or lazy. They tend to take the easy way out. They may focus on attaining worldly comforts instead of working hard to achieve their goals. Or, they can be so satisfied with themselves that they will stay in a rut rather than get out of it. In all of these cases, it is good for these people to have some square aspects in their birth charts. The square aspects would provide the necessary drive and ambition to pursue their goals. If the person with sun conjunct Venus has no square aspects, the life can be consumed with pursuing comfort rather than their worldly goals. This is more of an issue if the sun and Venus are in one of the signs in which Venus is stronger than the Sun (Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, and Aquarius).

Part of the problem is that they suffer from indecisiveness. They cannot simply make a firm decision to do something, and then do it. They will weigh out options, considering all sides. They like to take advice from others rather than deciding for themselves. Taking advice from others naturally makes the others feel good about themselves. This is part of the charm of sun conjunct Venus, and what makes them come across as very likable.

But this doesn’t do much for helping them achieve their goals. Relying on the advice from others will not get the person to achieve their own goals. They must look within if they want to discover the dreams that will grant true satisfaction and joy.

Sun Conjunct Venus is Not Always Bad

Despite all the issues of sun conjunct Venus, there are certain types of careers that benefit from this combination. These are careers that demand a team of advisors, or publicists. People with these careers will not mind having to take advice and alter their public appearance to please crowds.

For example, Venus-sun conjunction will not be a problem for performing artists, musicians, entertainers, actors, and others in the entertainment/television industry.

This is an especially wonderful aspect for politicians because they benefit from having many advisors. The sun conjunct Venus problem of always taking advice is actually helpful for politicians. This aspect is also great for news reporters and anyone in the public eye.

Cult Leaders

One common factor that all people with sun conjunct Venus have is their ability to gain a cult-like following. This can be literal, as was the case with Charles Manson. Or, it can manifest itself in the form a large fan base, as is the case with many celebrities that have this conjunction. They easily gain a large following of people. People just adore someone with sun conjunct Venus. Others want to throw rose petals in front of the paths of these people.

Famous People With Sun Conjunct Venus

Some former US Presidents with sun conjunct Venus are John F. Kennedy (just under 9 degree orb), Franklin D. Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, James K. Polk, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Here are some famous people with this conjunction. Leonardo DiCaprio (Scorpio) has the conjunction just over 1 degree apart so the combustion (negative issues) is very strong as evidenced by his long string of beautiful ex-lovers. In Scorpio, his sun is stronger than Venus, meaning that he prioritizes his career rather than relationships.

Actress Demi Moore (Scorpio) was married to Ashton Kutcher who is a former model. Ancient astrologers would have been correct about her husband’s looks. Even combust, this Venus in Scorpio has killer magnetic attraction. Demi Moore has always been known for her drop-dead-gorgeous beauty. Her beauty was a central theme in movies like Indecent Proposal (1993), Disclosure (1994), and Striptease (1996). Even the movie G.I. Jane (1997) was a celebration of her female body.

Rock legend Jimi Hendrix had a life of extreme ups and downs in regards to relationships and finances (both of these are ruled by Venus). His relationships and finances were shaky and unstable. This fiery Sagittarius reminds us that Venus conjunct the sun is combust.

Jim Carrey (Capricorn) has been very successful at bringing cheer to others as a comedian. With the conjunction in Capricorn, his Venus is stronger than his sun which means that he makes compromises and sacrifices for love. This may not be apparent to the public, and his love life has had its share of ups and downs. However, Jim Carrey served as pallbearer for his deceased ex-lover, and that is clearly the act of someone who makes compromises for others.

In a completely different category, there is Charles Manson (Scorpio). He’s in a different category because he is a sociopath and a criminal. However the sun conjunct Venus is still evident: he started a cult of followers in the 1960s and still has people following him even while he’s in prison.

Venus Cazimi is a Special Case

If the sun-Venus conjunction has an orb of less than 17 minutes (minutes, not degrees), then it is called “cazimi.” This means that Venus is so close to the sun that it’s considered to be “in the heart of the sun.” This condition, cazimi, mitigates the negative issues described above. Venus cazimi will have a more harmonious experience in love, relationships, finances, and career. People with Venus cazimi know how to strike the correct balance between their career and love life. They have a strong ability to attract what they desire. They will have all of the charming qualities described above. They will be socially graceful, diplomatic, and cheerful. At the same time, they’ll have a healthy dose of an ambitious attitude.

Two famous people with Venus cazimi are Oprah Winfrey (Aquarius) and Martin Scorsese (Scorpio).

Oprah’s cazimi has an orb of 8 minutes. In Aquarius, Venus is stronger than the sun, and so relationships are a higher priority than career for Oprah. Someone might say that Oprah prioritizes her career over her love life. That would be an incorrect assumption. One does not keep the same lover for over 30 years without lovingly tending to that relationship.

Martin Scorsese has his Venus cazimi in Scorpio, so his sun is stronger. He may hold his career in priority over his relationships. His relationships may have forced him to sacrifice his career in ways that he wasn’t too happy with. Although, the cazimi effect should give him the ability to create a perfect harmony between his career and love life as he evolves and matures.

Alternate Interpretation

Sun conjunction Venus is a positive aspect regarding personal fortune. It is beneficial for softening and counteracting negative aspects that may appear in the birth chart. It has a more positive stabilizing effect than the Sun-Mercury conjunction because it introduces serenity and affection to your life.

Sun conjunction Venus is a source of moral balance and often of kindness. In certain cases, it runs the risk of prompting excessive optimism or excessive faith.

It can lead to extravagant, carefree living living if it has connections to Jupiter or the fifth house, which can increase hedonistic values. Uranus tends to energize this conjunction in an erotic sense.

A Sun-Venus conjunction happens, on average, every eleven months. It lasts from ten to seventy days, according to the passage of Venus.


I hope you enjoyed this discussion about two of the most important things ever: life (sun) and love (Venus). Also see the interpretation for Sun in the Houses and Venus in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in.

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