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Natal Sun-Uranus Aspects

Natal Sun-Uranus Aspects, change written in clouds in the sky

Aspects between Sun and Uranus reflect the relationship between the Self and the decision force, between the Self and the practical (or even purely technical) vision of life.

They express the max or minimum capacity of active adaptation to circumstances, and of taking advantage of them. They are an index of your possible dynamism, of the speed of your reflexes, and of your participation in the present. After reading this page, also see the interpretation for Sun in the Houses and Uranus in the Houses to see what specific part of your life this aspect will take place in.

Sun Conjunction Uranus

Sun conjunction Uranus in the birth chart represents a slight overload of dynamic and vital forces, which manifests itself more clearly in the first house, and especially in the fifth house.

The Self tends to concentrate on immediate action with an exuberance of the will that often achieves goals thanks to a skillful fusion of tenacity and knowledge of the appropriate moment.

Sun conjunction Uranus is good for success in a career that requires resolution, guesswork, and quick decision-making.

This conjunction can be excellent if it is supported by positive rational values (good aspects to Mercury or Saturn). On the other hand, aspects to Mars, even positive ones, can stimulate it excessively into dynamic-aggression.

Sun Sextile Uranus

Sun sextile Uranus in the birth chart is a good aspect that has the same influence as Sun-Uranus trine in a slightly toned down form. The sextile is perhaps more beneficial for balance than the trine.

Sun Square Uranus

Sun square Uranus in the birth chart is an obstacle between the Self and the will to decide.

It can signify uncertainty or scattering of active forces. It can limit your fast reflexes or the ability to react suddenly. Or, on the contrary, there can be an impulse to act, obstruction mixed with inconstancy, mood swings, and sudden changes.

The Self finds it difficult to participate in the present because it feels exiled.

From the purely material point of view, Sun square Uranus can indicate accidents or traumatic illnesses related to the signs occupied by the Sun and Uranus. Or, sudden injuries related to the Sun, such as heart attacks.

Sun Trine Uranus

Sun trine Uranus in the birth chart is a good aspect, especially regarding practical results. The Self tends to manifest its decisiveness harmoniously.

There is proactive dynamism, as actions are taken with foresight. There is perceptive evaluation of circumstances. There is tenacity linked to a flexibility of judgment that allows one to examine ones own positions at the right moment. A good perception of opportunies (which in certain cases can turn into opportunism).

Sun Opposition Uranus

Sun opposition Uranus in the birth chart is a head-on collision between the ego and the force of decision that often results in perplexity. That is, it limits itself to weakening the will, to softening it with manifestations that are apparently less evident than those of the square, because indecision leads to inertia. It leads to a sort of surrender which ends up accepting even your own frustrations.

This aspect can thus become one of the components of a masochistic and passive temperament.

In other cases, the Self can seek compensations in change, in inconstancy, in the temptation to apply different solutions to existence itself.

On the material level, the Sun-Uranus opposition indicates the possibility of abrupt transformations, of definitive mutations in your existence.

The Sun opposition Uranus aspect is very sensitive to negative transits.

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