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Natal Sun-Mars Aspects

Natal Sun-Mars Aspects

These are interpretations for sun aspects to Mars in the birth chart. Among all the aspects formed by the Sun, Sun-Mars aspects are the most rare because they happen with very little frequency.

These aspects indicate the relationship between the Self and the virility in all its diverse shades from the aggressive impulse to the nightmare of impotence. Due to societal norms, the gender of the person plays a great factor in establishing to what extent, and on what level, certain Sun-Mars aspects are expressed.

After reading this page, also see the interpretation for Sun in the Houses and Mars in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in.

Any Sun-Mars Aspect

In ancient times, any Sun-Mars aspect in a woman’s birth chart was said to describe her husband as severe, difficult, and void of affection.

Sun Conjunction Mars

If you have Sun conjunction Mars in the birth chart, in certain, it can constitute an overload of will directed towards action and personal affirmation, accompanied by a typical Martian dissatisfaction, which impels the Self to be fulfilled through aggression.

From this arises the possibility of a destiny marked by abrupt changes, by upheavals, with a tendency alternate between success and failure.

If the Sun-Mars conjunction is accompanied by good rational values (Mercury, Saturn’s good aspects) or linked to sensitivity (Moon, Neptune), it can form the base of a willful personality, balanced and regulated by a strong decisiveness.

The Sun-Mars conjunction is in turn particularly vulnerable to the negative aspects of Uranus and Saturn. Also, even a trine from Uranus or Pluto runs the risk of excessively instigating this conjunction.

For women, this conjunction can give the character a virile tone. It gives a tendency to independence and to impulsive or aggressive personal affirmation. It also influences the emotional behavior, which sometimes assumes masculine, dominating forms, especially if Venus occupies “martial” signs (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn) or show-offish and liberal signs such as Leo, Gemini and Aquarius.

The Sun-Mars conjunction happens every two years, and lasts approximately twenty days.

Sun Sextile Mars

Sun sextile Mars in the birth chart is a favorable aspect. It is not too exciting, but it has a balancing and active influence in the development of the Self.

See also the interpretation for Sun Trine Mars since it will apply here to a light degree.

Sun Square Mars

Sun square Mars in the birth chart can sometimes have double-sided effects. This aspect should be considered within the general picture of the birth chart.

The calm development of the ego and the virile impulse clash and slow down each other. This often makes for an emotional immaturity that in certain cases remains blocked by uncertainty

This can lead to a kind of passivity, and in other cases, instead, it drives the constant search for personal affirmation, with childish or incoherent manifestations.

If the Sun square Mars square is accompanied by good aspects, this square will have a limited influence over the behavior.

Sun square Mars can also indicate accidents, disturbances of traumatic origin, unpleasant surprises or disappointments related to the meaning of the occupied houses.

In ancient times, the Sun square (or opposition) to Mars was an indicator that the native’s father would receive some injury to the face, or die, suddenly.

Sun Trine Mars

Sun trine Mars in the birth chart is a favorable aspect. It tends to maintain intact the balance between the audacity and the mature will of the Self, without either one submitting to the other.

It often gives a happy social life, especially if the Sun-Mars trine is connected to Venus or Jupiter.

Sun trine Mars can be an excellent foundation for a career where the spirit of initiative, decisiveness, and clear risk assessment are necessary.

In many cases, this trine mitigates the harshness of Saturn and also certain negative aspects of Uranus. This is true even when Sun and Mars are not linked to Saturn or Uranus.

Sun trine Mars can tend to make women more masculine.

Sun Opposition Mars

With Sun opposition Mars in the birth chart, the aggressive instinct is opposed to the integrity of the ego, with often frustrating effects.

There is tendency to compensate for this by acting neurotically. There can be a personal dissatisfaction and an inability to adapt. There is an attitude of passive resignation, or sometimes, an impulsive attitude. The need for personal affirmation leads to wrong decisions.

If the birth chart is ruled by other positive values, this Sun-Mars opposition may be of secondary importance.

For women, Sun opposition Mars can exert a negative or competitive influence on relationships with men, or on “masculine” activities.

Sun opposition Mars may also have the negative effects of the Sun-Mars square. Including this: in ancient times, the Sun opposition (or square) to Mars was an indicator that the native’s father would receive some injury to the face, or die, suddenly.

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