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Weak, or Lack of, Earth Element

Weak, or Lack of, Earth Element Interpretation

(See first how to find your weakest element.)

Lack of Earth (or Weak Earth)

Lack of Earth in the birth chart: These people often develop skills which have no practical application, flit from job to job, or overspend and borrow money freely. Alternatively, they may overemphasize the practical by becoming secretaries or accountants, or being overly concerned about budgeting, details, and order. Because they do not feel grounded, they frequently seek security by adhering to a highly structured system of thought or by following an organized but rigid routine. They may hold onto a job or relationship too long because of the stability and security it provides.

Compensations for Lack of Earth

Note the following compensations for a lack of earth element in the chart. But even with compensations, there still exists a deficiency. Compensations have the effect of increasing the desire to express the weak element, even while the individual lacks the natural ability to act accordingly. Compensations for weak (or lack of) earth include:

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