Weak, or Lack of, Fire Element Interpretations

Weak, or Lack of, Fire Element

Lack of Fire (or Weak Fire)

Lack of Fire in the birth chart: These people struggle to become self-expressive and assertive, but they alternate between withholding themselves and expressing themselves in an overly dramatic manner. They are either tangled up in a hectic schedule of impersonal activities or, in contrast, become overly preoccupied with their personal experience. They may look to others for inspiration and motivation because they are not often aware of or enthusiastic about new possibilities. They often feel passive and detached or uninvolved; they seek deeper personal and emotional involvement in live.

Compensations For Lack of Fire

Note the following compensations for a lack of fire element in the chart. But even with compensations, there still exists a deficiency. Compensations have the effect of increasing the desire to express the weak element, even while the individual lacks the natural ability to act accordingly. Compensations for weak (or lack of) fire include:

  • Mars in a fire sign (particularly Aries)
  • Mars in a focal position (conjunct an angle, at the end of a t-square or at the handle of a "bucket" configuration)
  • Mars in, or ruling, a fire house (particularly the 1st house)
  • Mars conjunct Sun
  • Mars conjunct Jupiter
  • Mars conjunct Moon
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • an emphasis on cardinal signs in the chart

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