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Weak, or Lack of, Water Element

Weak, or Lack of, Water Element Interpretations

(See first how to find your weakest element.)

Lack of Water (or Weak Water)

Lack of Water in the birth chart: These people have an emotional vacuum which they attempt to fill by turning to spiritual realms or universal truths. This is an attempt to find meaning in their lives. Their difficulty remaining in touch with and expressing their feelings may lead them to form relationships with overly emotional people or to become addicted to excitement and intensity. Because they may not be aware of or able to respond empathetically to other people's feelings, they try to prove that they are sensitive by acting out nurturing activities, such as cooking a meal, or by acting overly concerned.

Compensations for Lack of Water

Note the following compensations for a lack of water element in the chart. But even with compensations, there still exists a deficiency. Compensations have the effect of increasing the desire to express the weak element, even while the individual lacks the natural ability to act accordingly. Compensations for weak (or lack of) water include:

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