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Libra in Love

Libra couple in love

Updated August 28, 2018
Originally posted June 28, 2011
By Corinne Lane     20 Comments

“I Love Beauty”

The first secret to know about a Libra in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Libra person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Libra will be a “Libra in love.” (Find out your Venus sign with our Venus Sign Calculator.)

The Venus in Libra lover is a bit of a dichotomy. You know how there are two sides to a coin? Well, Venus in Libra is that coin. Venus in Libra absolutely needs to be in a committed relationship, but can be emotionally detached. They express affection lightly, not dramatically or emotionally. When a Venus in Libra loves you, they will treat you with fairness, consideration, and gentleness. This lover is graceful, beautiful, and diplomatic. But diplomatic simply means that they will tell you whatever you want to hear. They will lie to the ones they love if it means keeping the peace. This is what we call “charming,” a trait they share with airy Gemini. But unlike Gemini, Libra does not want to stir any waves. Venus in Libra loves beauty, which is really balance and harmony. The Libra lover wants their relationship to be balanced and harmonious. Besides the little white diplomatic lies they tell, Venus in Libra is a fair and considerate lover.

Venus in Libra will court you by taking you to admire beauty in some form, whether it’s theater, music, or any art. But most of all, they simply want to be together with you. Libra feels whole when together with its partner. Wherever you go together, they will exhibit graceful manners.

Sometimes, they can be so fair and balanced about the relationship that it can feel more like a business partnership. They’ll want to split everything down the middle. They will make sure you do your share of the housework, bill-paying, date-planning, errands, etc. Everything must be 50/50.

They don’t like anything unpleasant. They can avoid unpleasant emotional interchanges, thus limiting intimacy. See the dichotomy? Libra is “the relationship sign” but Venus in Libra needs peace, tranquility, and harmony more than intimacy. Libra is an air sign.

The Venus in Libra lady is definitely beautiful and dresses with style. She is likely to have some type of artistic ability. She conducts herself in public with style and grace. Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth had Venus in Libra, as does Beyonce Knowles.

The Venus in Libra man is turned on by beautiful women. Even if he’s in a committed relationship, a pretty face gets him every time. He’s romantically attracted to beauty in all its forms. He is a lover, but not necessarily a faithful one. It’s possible for a Venus in Libra man to maintain two long-term relationships, simultaneously. In the Libra lover’s defense, they find it extremely difficult to make up their mind. They avoid giving direct answers because they’re always weighing their options, seeing both sides of every issue (what makes them great politicians and diplomats). Bill Clinton and Charlie Sheen both have Venus in Libra.

How to Love Venus in Libra

To make your Venus lover feel loved, be light and friendly with them. Don’t be messy with your emotions. Don’t be upset with them when they can’t make up their mind. Understand that they see both sides of an issue, and help them decide by talking things out. They do like to talk things out. Let them know you’ll put your half into the relationship. They want a relationship based on equal sharing and cooperation. Be fair with them; never take unfair advantage of them because they will not stand for it.

Don’t be loud or harsh with them. For enjoyment and pleasure, take them to beautiful places, fine museums, and high class restaurants. Dress with style when you go out with them. They want to be surrounded by beauty. Give them roses and fine perfumes as gifts. At home, they need a calm and peaceful environment. They appreciate dim lighting, scented candles, and fancy silverware. They don’t like to deal with messes. If you clean their home, they may keep your around just for that. Of course, they will repay you somehow. If you’re willing to commit your equal share in this partnership, you’ll be rewarded with a fair lover who always looks good in pictures.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Libra. Read about the Air Sign Love Language since Libra is an air sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. Well i have a libra boyfriend we been off and on for 4 years now i love him and he tells me he loves me but im a cancer and i need him to show it i tell him all the time but its like he don’t hear me i don’t see or talk to him ever day and when i do call he won’t answer text he won’t answer then i won’t call for three days and he will call and say why u haven’t call my phone what u got a new man he do stuff like that i just

    • There’s more to it than just your sun signs. You should do your natural chart comparison, so you can find out both of your Venus and Moon. Because his sun can be Libra but that doesn’t mean his Venues is as well, if you do this, you’ll have a better understanding of him, how to love him and how to attract him.

  2. arneka on said:

    Im a libra woman who is in love with a libra man and he wont tell me how he feels about me and i told him how i feel so i told him im walkin away cause it hurts and makes me angry but i miss him so wat should i do

  3. I with a libra man for ,four months and he is loving. But he tell me he enjoyed me and he can do anything for me he is a great love but he say a little about his self I see him once a week but he want to see me more the once a week and I say no because I don’t want to fall deep in love and then get hurt

  4. moongirl35 on said:

    Libra woman taurus man love of my life sthey don’t come any better than Taurus. The epitome of manhood. Has all of the qualities a real woman desires. they usually look good, dress well. Very mannerable. what else would a woman want in a man?

    • This is about as deep as a sheet of paper.

      Sounds like you’re shopping for a house decoration not a romantic partner.

      Just go to the store, lady.

  5. Jelaya on said:

    I’ve been with my libra for 7 months he’s amazing and he’s a charmer and very romantic & goodlooking and very affectionate I love him but he can also be detached and has his controlling ways and can seem very cold and blameful and unknown of his wrongs and not really apologetic and not that upfront. but other wise he’s very caring very sensitive to me and submissive very attractive and social able and very soulful and spiritual.

  6. charmers (liars)… heartbroken everytime. so tru, tell u exactly what u wanna hear, even if it aint real

  7. My girlfriend is a Libra and she confesses her feelings a lot. Is she bluffing? I’m a Leo with a rising Libra and her rising sign is a Sagittarius.

  8. I have married two and Im dating one now. They can be amazing people in tons of ways, but honesty isn’t one of them. If you don’t mind never getting beyond told what you want to hear, thru can make a good mate. But, if you want something based in honesty, you won’t find it in a libra. Recently heard someone say they would rather have love trust than love. I understand, because it’s difficult to love someone when you
    can’t trust them. Sooner than later it will push you over the edge. Still, I have only ever loved
    Libras. Why do I keep making the same choice that never works out?

    • You are so very right about the honesty problem.
      I’m a Scorpio with a Sagittarius Venus ,
      Scorpio in my chart 5 times over Sag in my chart 4 times. So I’m OBSEEEEEESSED with truth.
      I have so little tolerance or patience for liars it’s INSANE. And i can see right through everyone’s BS.
      I fell in love with a fellow Scorpio sun with a Scorpio Mercury and his sun is even on the Sag cusp, but he has a Libra Venus which seems to be enough to make him a liar and a half. I’ve even been witness to him telling me something that upsets me then changing the same story so that it’s a complete lie in hopes I forgot the truth and won’t be upset anymore.
      What a joke.
      Why waste your LIFE with LIES?
      What a terrible way to live.

      And Sag and Libra are supposedly compatible. I find that laughable.
      The only way id commit to anyone with Libra in their chart is if they had a TOOOON of committed and honest signs weighing the Libra down very heavily. Pinning it to the ground so that it cannot move.

      Also, I should note that even with all the Sag in my chart and even a Sag Venus, I am VERY faithful. I have tunnel vision and only see the guy I want.

      Libra Venus, well, I caught him looking at just about everyone.
      He also was still in contact with his ex through our relationship and accused ME of having an emotional affair for venting to a friend.


      Unless you’re cool with an open relationship, tell Libra Venuses to go F themselves.
      They’ll TELL you they’re committed to you, but they never will be.
      That’s as bad as it gets.
      Either be honest about being noncommittal, or actually commit.
      It’s very simple.

      Needless to say I won’t end up with a Libra Venus again. Or anyone with too strong a Libra influence.

    • Also Marle, I wouldn’t be too hard on you for being attracted to Libra placements.
      It’s obviously something in your chart that’s connecting to the Libra in theirs.
      It’s only natural.
      However, learn the ins and outs of your own chart to find out exactly what in your chart is connecting to exactly what in their charts, and consider the positive traits you’re obviously looking for but the negative traits you’re finding.
      Then, be very conscious about looking for the traits you love and looking for red flags.
      Someone out there DOES have what you’re looking for without the heavy negatives that are gonna leave you suffering.
      That person just has to have a complete birth chart that syncs well with your own.
      It’s a learning experience for ALL of us.

  9. Sorry about typos. It’s the wine

  10. And Stella up there , she knows, Stella got it goin on.


  12. Arleen on said:

    I’m a libra married a Gemini was perfect crime scene lol. We have no idea how to communicate after all we started young age . We are really bad together now and love seems so fake now .

  13. Anonymous on said:

    I am a Libra woman in love with a Gemini man. My sun is a Libra, my moon is a Gemini, and my rising is Leo, and my Venus is also in Libra. But my Venus is so much different than what this says? We have such a close relationship and are very affectionate. Is that considered a bad thing? Like, I don’t know….

  14. joanna leigh edwards on said:

    Im a libra sun libra mercury and libra venus and libra neptune I am female and honest.

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