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Part of Fortune


The Part of Fortune is one of the Arabic Parts, also known as the Part of the Moon. It was also known as the "pars fortunae."

You can calculate your Part of Fortune sign with this calculator. See below for some important points to consider when interpreting your Part of Fortune.

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You can read a longer description of your Part of Fortune sign here.

Interpreting Your Part of Fortune

The Part of Fortune signifies the overall status of your life in terms of health, wealth, and reputation. A “good” Part of Fortune will mean a generally good life, strong body, decent finances, positive honors or recognition. A good Part of Fortune is good for business.

What is a “good” Part of Fortune? The best condition for the Part of Fortune would be for it to have no negative influences upon it. This is rather rare. So, for most of us, it’s best for the Part of Fortune to have as little as these negative influences as possible. Negative influences are listed below.

Negative influences on the Part of Fortune

  1. If the Sun or Moon is in detriment or fall, it’s considered a negative effect on the Part of Fortune.
  2. If the Part of Fortune’s dispositor is in detriment or fall, it’s also a negative effect.

    The dispositor is the planet which rules the sign of your Part of Fortune. To find the dispositor, calculate your Part of Fortune sign, then find that sign in this table. Once you find the dispositor, check if that planet is in detriment or fall.

  3. Look at all aspects to the Part of Fortune while considering the following points.
    • Is the aspecting planet a benefic or malefic? Aspects from benefic planets to the Part of Fortune are considered good. Aspects from malefic planets are considered bad.
    • What zodiac sign is the aspecting planet in? Can the planet express itself easily in this sign?

      For example, an aspect from Jupiter sounds good because Jupiter is a benefic, and it expands or grows things. However, if Jupiter is in Virgo, it’s ability to expand is hampered. Jupiter cannot easily express itself in Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo can be rather stingy with its blessings.

      Another example would be Venus in Scorpio. While Venus is a benefic planet, it’s attraction factor does not flow smoothly in the sign of Scorpio. So an aspect from Venus in Scorpio is not as “good” as an aspect from, say, Venus in Libra.

      Another example with the opposite effect would be Mars in Capricorn. Although Mars is a malefic planet, it behaves sort of decently in the sign of Capricorn. So, an aspect from Mars in Capricorn wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

      So, consider the sign of the aspecting planet.

    • How strong is the aspecting planet? This refers to the strength of the effect that this aspecting planet will have upon the Part of Fortune. To measure the planet’s strength, look at the house the aspecting planet is in.

      If the aspecting planet is in house one, four, seven, or ten, its aspect has a strong effect.

      If it’s in house two, five, eight, or eleven, the effect is less strong.

      If it’s in house three, six, nine, or twelve, the effect is so weak that it may be barely noticeable. So, if the Part of Fortune has as aspect from a malefic planet, it would be better for that aspecting planet to be in one of these houses since that would minimize any negative effect.

    • If either the Sun or Moon makes a negative aspect, such as a square or opposition, to the Part of Fortune, from any house, it greatly hurts the Part of Fortune.

Photo: Devanath on Pixabay

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  1. I m aquarius ascendant.. it’s showing wrong..

  2. Mirjana on said:

    How can I know in which house is my POF?

  3. So I did the math.. I’m a day birth (sun in 8th)
    My asc is Libra at 8 degrees, Gemini sun at 3, Scorpio moon at 28.
    188+238-63= 363…minus 30 brings me to 3 degrees in Pisces (since Pisces degree is 330)

    However, natally my POF is in Aries. No aspects positively or negatively.
    So, I’m confused! what sign is my POF in truly? So I can look up the meaning.

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      Your first math is correct. Your POF is at 363.

      363 is Aries 3, because the circle ends at 360, which is the same as Aries 0. So 363 is 3 degrees of Aries.

      Another way to look at it is, if the answer goes above 360, you must first subtract 360 because that is a complete circle. So, 363-360=3.

      I hope that makes sense.

      • Ahhh okay! Thank you for the explanation, I guess this is for people who’s chart doesnt extend to asteroids and whatnot!

        I used astrotheme extended setfings and it showed my POF in Aries 3 degrees! Haha, guess I picked my brain for no reason!

        Now onto the explanation! But like I said previously theres no aspects involving my POF, its just alone.. in house 7. How could I learn about the benefits (success) if its singled out?

  4. I’ve got Scorpio for my POF, it makes conjuction with Pluto also in Scorpio in the 6th house and my Sun is in Aquarius. Does this mean it is really bad?

    • John Eng Woo on said:

      There is no absolute good or bad in Astrology as there are no 100% good or bad planets or stars either…each Heavenly body has Yin and Yang sides to it…I suggest u also look up the SABIAN SYMBOL for THAT DEGREE where the POF is and you will get even more INSIGHT with a graphic image to it…I also look at the degrees before and after to get a true picture

      Good Star Luck…..AMEN… Namaste … HALLELUJAH…!!! lol !!

      From Your Friendly Neighborhood LAffing Booda 777…Keep LAffing…lol…!!!

  5. Where can I calculate any aspects to my part of fortune? I have not been able to do this with any of the online birth chart calculators.

  6. Autumn Kershner on said:

    Could someone read my birth chart in detail..

  7. Marissa Chargualaf on said:

    Ummm…so I imagine getting your car broken into and purse stolen on the same day of the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius (12/21/20), which ‘coincidentally’ is exactly conjunct my POF, is probably not the best sign? I also have my natal sun at 26 deg Libra and Pluto at 29 deg Libra–they are in my 6th house however, but I think it is fair to say an effect was felt :( Indications of possibilities seem a little difficult considering the planets involved…

  8. Pamela Grossi on said:

    I know my part of fortune is 24 degrees Aries but how do I find the house please ? [MODERATOR REMOVED BIRTH INFO] Thank you

  9. Kitty Allsopp on said:

    Right okay! I’ve done my POF calc

    This is is –

    My sun is in house of 10 so it’s day!

    So I need to use the Day Birth equation
    Ascendant + Moon – Sun = Part of Fortune

    Ascendant = 16° Sagittarius = 16 + 240 = 256°
    Moon = 16° Pisces = 16 + 330 = 346°
    Sun = 1° Scorpio = 1 + 210 = 211°

    Then I did

    256 + 346 = 602. 602 – 211 = 391
    391 – 360 = 31

    Which means I’m 31° Taurus.

    Is that correct? My chart says Part of Fortune in Taurus 2° ♉ 04′ 22″

    Help? Lol I’m so confused by this?

  10. Francis Xavier on said:

    My Sun is at 22 degrees of Scorpio and my ascendant is 19 degrees of Scorpio. Considering this as a night chart gives my PoF as 26 d of Capricorn. But is it possible that I have a daytime chart since I was born so close to sunrise. I’m listening to a talk on YouTube by Chris Brennan and he is discussing George Lucas’s chart as a day chart even though Lucas’s Asc is 17 d of Taurus and his Sun is 23 d of Taurus. Brennan calls Lucas’s chart a modified day chart. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

  11. Hi

    My pof is minus ➖ 158.
    Do i have to count back from aries ♈ ? Which gves Sagittarius ♐️ 2 degree?


  12. Is there but one calculation formula that is being used for all? And if so, which fornula is being used here to calc Lot of Fotune?

    • Astrology Library on said:

      We use 2 formulas.

      For day charts, we use the ascendant PLUS Moon, and MINUS Sun.

      For night charts, we use the ascendant MINUS Moon, and PLUS Sun.

      • Thank you.
        Do you determine night births to be after sunset to pre-sunrise. I was born 4:18 am, considered nt bc my sun is between my asc and my moon … correct?

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