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Progressed Moon Aspects to Jupiter

Progressed Moon Aspects to Jupiter

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Jupiter, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Jupiter.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Jupiter

This very benefic position will greatly improve all the native’s present conditions and affairs. It will benefit him socially and also financially, and it will bring him personal opportunities and advantages which he should make the most of; moreover all attachments and engagements will prosper and succeed while this influence operates, and he will increase and prosper in all directions, either through personal merit or by the help of others, or both.

It is a very good time in which to commence new undertakings, also to seek to increase income and enlarge the future prospects. Under this influence the native will enjoy life and experience pleasures which at other times he cannot fully appreciate. The more he exerts himself and pushes his own affairs, the more good will this vibration bring, therefore whatever desires or ambitions he may have are likely at this time to ripen and bring forth good fruit. It is not a position that lasts for any considerable time, and therefore he should “make hay while the sun shines.”

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Jupiter

This, although a slight and somewhat weak aspect, will nevertheless benefit the native, for it shows some probability of financial gain, and also success in all engagements and general undertakings; but it is particularly good for social matters, and it would be well for the native to give his best attention to advantages in this direction, for the help of friends and those who wish him well may not be secured.

If of an enterprising and progressive spirit he may add considerably to his material welfare while this influence is operating, but he should not expect much without the aid of his own personal efforts, which should be exercised in the direction that the aspect indicates. Let him do all he can either to add to his income or to promote his general social welfare, while, by taking as philosophical and temperate a view of all things as he possibly can, this aspect (if it does nothing else) will bring a peaceful frame of mind, and thus benefit both the health and the disposition.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Jupiter

This is a weak but at the same time unfavourable aspect, which denotes some social troubles or some temporary financial losses. It is not a good time to push monetary affairs or to enter into any new undertakings, to make fresh engagements, or to generally exert oneself for gain; for the results would not be sufficient recompense for the outlay of energy. It is not good for travel or for religious matters, but is a time when it is best to remain quiet and restful.

All speculation and investment of money should be postponed, and all social affairs left over until the Moon has passed away from this aspect. The blood should be kept as pure as possible by living temperately, for blood disorders may arise out this affliction to the Moon: chiefly, however, through surfeit or excess.

Progressed Moon Sextile Jupiter

This is a splendid aspect for good fortune and general prosperity. It will greatly improve the mind and disposition, and the native will be enabled to gain many benefits and advantages during its operation. He will gain socially and financially, and will prosper in all he undertakes at this time. It is a good time to commence any new undertaking, to visit others, to deal with kindred and relatives, and indeed to do anything in his power to advance his prospects, for this aspect improves the health and denotes a good period generally, when all things will tend to go well; and he should therefore make the most of it by bringing all engagements to a successful issue, and by establishing himself under its influence.

If the other principal directions are good then this will be a specially fortunate time, but if the other directions are evil, much less benefit should be expected from it: but in any case the native should push his affairs, and go with the stream of good that is flowing, for he will be able under this influence to deal with all the circumstances of his general environment in the most enlightened way.

Progressed Moon Square Jupiter

This is an evil aspect, though as the planet Jupiter is in itself benefic it does not produce such adverse effects as would otherwise be the case. It is not a good time for either financial or social affairs. The native will find a tendency for expenditure to exceed receipts, and all inclinations towards extravagance or undue generosity should be carefully guarded against. It is not a good period to extend friendship or to make new acquaintances, to commence fresh undertakings or push affairs.

It will cause the blood to be liable to disorder, and will affect health if there be any excesses or extremes, and the native should therefore be very temperate in his diet and general mode of living, avoiding extremes of all kinds while this aspect lasts. It is not good for domestic affairs, and care should be exercised in all dealings with kindred. Changes or removals should be avoided if possible and things taken quietly, not allowing the vibration to awake any undue enthusiasm such as may give rise to an over-expansion of the emotional nature.

Progressed Moon Trine Jupiter

Other things being equal, this will be one of the best periods of the life, and in accordance with the native’s ability to respond to this very favourable aspect, so will his success be assured. It is a splendid time for all financial and social affairs, and promises good fortune in nearly all directions. It is a good period to commence new undertakings and to begin anything for which a successful issue is especially desired. The native may invest money to advantage, or even speculate, and should do all he can to improve his financial conditions.

He will be able to gain benefit from attachments and will form new ties or unions under its influence. This aspect often marks an epoch in the life, when things take a distinct turn for the better, but as to the future, and great deal depends upon the innate ability to respond to the opportunities which it brings and to take the fullest advantage of them. There is one side to this aspect which should be known: it gives spiritual opportunities, and to those who have awakened, it means an uplifting of the aspirations, bringing a more devotional attitude, and a more sincere spirit, which tends to raise the consciousness towards higher things.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Jupiter

This is a rather weak aspect and not likely to affect the native seriously; but it inclines to extremes, and therefore all tendency to waste or extravagance should be guarded against, for it generally affects financial affairs, bringing a liability to losses and difficulties where money is concerned. He should now see that his health is not adversely affected by the state of the blood, for any tendency to go to extremes or give way to excess will affect the blood and re-act upon the health.

He should not borrow or lend money under this aspect, for losses are indicated. If the native lives temperately he will not feel any great inconvenience from this aspect, but if other directions are evil then this will be an unfortunate and harassing time generally. It is not a good time for social matters; hence visiting or dealing with others should be restricted as far as possible, so as to avoid either social friction or having the feelings unduly affected by others while this inharmonious aspect operates.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Jupiter

This is quite a weak and almost unimportant aspect, but some benefit may be derived from it if the most is made of the vibration produced thereby. It is good for financial and social affairs, also for intercourse with others and for entering upon fresh ventures. It may benefit the health, but it will be necessary to live temperately and to avoid any tendency to excess or to extremes of diet.

It will greatly improve the whole of the lunar directions, but to get all the possible good out this aspect it will be well for the native to push his affairs and to busy himself while it operates. The aspect is not very powerful, but it has all the elements of good in it which will lead on to other things, therefore if hope is cultivated, and the better side of the nature stimulated, the future will bring forth fruit from the seed now sown.

Progressed Moon Opposition Jupiter

This position is not a good one in many ways, but a great deal of good may be obtained from it, if the native will act discreetly and use it for this actual needs. It is not a good time for financial matter, but only so because there will be a tendency to go to extremes and to be rather extravagant. Therefore all waste should be stopped, and expenditure reduced as far as possible. It is not good for social affairs, as there is a liability to be too expansive and over-zealous, thus offending others, particularly with regard to religious matters: the native should act, therefore, as temperately as possible while the opposition is in force.

it is not a good time for health because there will be a surfeit in the system and the blood is liable to be disordered, less food being moreover required at this time. If all excess is avoided and he lives as temperately and moderately as possible, keeping the blood pure and not over-heated by stimulants or excitants, the native need have nothing to fear. He may gain through this aspect, but it will be gain at others’ loss, and not a legitimate gain. Travel should be avoided, and care taken not to bring about separations, which would prove disastrous. It is not a good time for legal affairs.

Progressed Moon Parallel Jupiter

This is a very benefic and fortunate position, which will benefit the native for several months while the parallel lasts. It is an excellent position for social welfare, also for any friendships or attachments that he may have formed; for it denotes a peaceful and prosperous time when all things tend to go well, and success comes from all quarters. He will now do well financially, and will have presents or gain under this benefic position.

It will be a good time to travel, and to undertake new enterprises generally, as it will increase opportunities both materially and socially. The health will benefit and the mind expand, inclining the native to be generous and liberal, also somewhat philosophical and disposed to turn towards the deeper side of life, thinking of the subjective or inner world, as well as the objective or outer. When other aspects are good this parallel will accentuate all the good that is promised by the nativity, and the native should make the most of this good period and miss none of the opportunities it will bring.

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