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Progressed Moon Aspects to Mars

Progressed Moon Aspects to Mars

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Mars, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Mars.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Mars

This is an evil position for the Moon, as it excites and stirs into greater activity any latent desired that the native may have, and causes him to act more from impulse and out-rushing energy than at any other time. To those who are passionate it awakens passion and anger, to those who are uncontrolled it gives opportunity to go to extremes, and it brings, moreover, a danger of accidents, fevers and inflammatory complaints. To all it denotes a time when rash and hasty conduct should be deliberately guarded against.

The native should be careful in his dealings with others, also with regard to attachments and friendships; he should also avoid travel as much as possible. Health will not be good under this lunar position, and in all things where personal affairs are concerned it is a period that may be marked in large letters DANGEROUS. If, however, the native has his animal nature under full control he need fear nothing from this position except a little excitement or increase of mental energy.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Mars

This is a (weak) good aspect between the Moon and Mars, if any aspect between these two can be called good; but it is only such in the sense that it increases energy and adds fire and tone to the personal character. It will probably bring a little more activity into the life and increase the feeling side of the nature, making the native more expressive or impulsive and inclined to venture where otherwise he would have hesitated. It may give him a little more prospect of financial benefit, but all rash or hasty conduct with regard to monetary affairs should be guarded against. He should not allow his passions to get too strong, or the mental energy to be over-stimulated, but should treat the aspect as a little more force added to the desire-nature which can be fitly used for those purposes he has at heart, but not for the personal gratification of any excess of feeling.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Mars

This is a weak but also an evil aspect, for it brings excitement and an accession of force which it will be difficult to use up as mental energy alone; hence an over-flow of this force is likely to make the native hasty and too apt to act from impulse, without stopping to think of consequences. He should endeavour not to quarrel if he can possibly avoid it, and act as carefully as he can in all dealings with others.

Any tendency towards rashness on his part will precipitate any evil that may be indicated as latent in the nativity. This aspect will make him assertive and very active, but he should beware of excesses, and act discreetly where passion is concerned: for extremes would be likely to lead him into difficulties, and trouble would follow any outburst of feeling which he might give vent to. It is only a weak aspect, and therefore may pass with but an increase of mental energy and an addition of impulse; it is nevertheless not a time to go against the tide.

Progressed Moon Sextile Mars

This will bring great activity and increase all mental effort, making the native very free and liberal, brave generally, and courageous. If he can avoid going to any extremes he will find that he now has a great influx of mental energy, bringing him the power to affect his surroundings and environment by his own personal efforts. It is a good aspect for travel and changes generally and if he wishes to add fire to his personal efforts this is the aspect to give all the ‘go’ and energy he could wish for; yet to may it will only mean adding fuel to the passional side of the nature, thus firing the passions to a higher pitch than is good, as it will stimulate them into much greater activity than usual.

If the native would advance by utilising this force to the best advantage, he should let it work through his ambitions, and rather through the mind than the senses, thus bringing good health and plenty of enterprise, and so proving of lasting benefit.

Progressed Moon Square Mars

This is an evil aspect and one likely to bring sorrow and trouble, but this will depend upon the native’s own attitude towards his environment and general surroundings; for if he does not rein in the excess of force which it brings it will cause him to act very impulsively and to give way to hasty and rash tendencies which will re-act upon him and cause him to suffer. He should take care of his health, for he is liable to inflammatory and feverish complaints under this aspect, and any excitement or tendency to go to extremes would render him liable to accidents or to suffer through violence in various ways.

He should not travel if he can avoid it, nor should he sign any papers or documents that have any risk attached to the signing, dealing only with those whom he can safely trust. He should be very careful in all dealings with those of the opposite sex, the influence of whom upon him at this time will be inimical and likely to injure him in some way. It will be an evil time unless the whole of the animal nature has been subdued, for it excite the lower nature and causes it it be difficult to control and manage; but only on account of the increased force which this vibration brings.

Progressed Moon Trine Mars

This is a good aspect, but only to those who have their animal nature fully under control; for it increases the passional and impulsive side of the nature and tends to develop a great deal of force, which will work either through the mind of the senses, according to the stage of evolution that has been reached. If used as mental energy it will help the native to push his affairs, and the more enterprising and the more ambitious he is, the more will he succeed and make his undertakings prosperous and successful.

It is a good time to travel, and to extend operations generally, it is also a good period for planning and arranging all personal matters. It will make the native free, open-handed and liberal minded, and cause him to be courageous, brave, and high-spirited. He may safely go with the tide of energy that is flowing through him, but he must avoid undue excitement and giving way to over-enthusiasm and zeal. If he uses the force wisely, he may be a power for good, but if unwisely it will make him feverishly impulsive, restless, and unduly ardent; for the martial energy which this aspect denotes is a force which needs wise direction in order to make it beneficial.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars

This is not a good aspect, and if the other directions are evil it denotes a period in which some impulsive conduct will lead to results that will cause sorrow. The native should avoid any conflict or dispute with others, or he will regret his attitude; for it may lead to quarrels and acts whose consequences will bring remorse. He should keep his blood pure also, as he is now somewhat liable to feverish or inflammatory complaints. he should not travel, or make any important changes or removals, unless obliged to do so. This is a weak aspect, it is true, but no aspect between the Moon and Mars is good, and therefore he should keep a guard over his tongue and temper, and not allow himself to become irritable or easily excited, and all will then go well.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Mars

This is a decidedly weak aspect, and can only harm those who have not yet fully controlled the animal part of their nature, yet it brings some force to the personal character which if used mentally will be beneficial, but if used through the senses will cause the native to give way to passion, and tend to make him rash and hasty; he will also be liable to over-heated blood, giving rise to feverish or inflammatory complaints.

He should be discreet in all his dealings with others, especially the opposite sex, and form no new attachments under this influence, but deal with all friends and acquaintances cautiously and with deliberation. It is not a good time to travel or make changes, nor to remove or commence any fresh undertakings. It will be well to let things go on as smoothly as possible and avoid all excitement or any tendency to over-activity. This aspect is useful to those who are attempting physical regeneration.

Progressed Moon Opposition Mars

This position is very evil, denoting a rather critical time, in which health is threatened, making the native liable to feverish and inflammatory conditions and also apt to act more from impulse than from careful thought. Hence he must avoid all rash and hasty tendencies, and eschew disputes and quarrels; for the least excitement is liable to arouse all the fire of Mars and act upon the passional side of the nature, rousing it to its fullest expression. He cannot be too discreet with regard to the opposite sex, and all actions should be carefully thought out beforehand, as the result of any rash conduct will be likely to cause much sorrow and trouble in the future.

Travel, and the making of any changes, should be avoided, and the native will be well advised to keep as quiet as he possibly can, living temperately and with all the senses well under control. He will now meet with obstacles and opposition and find many difficulties before him. He should not sign papers unless he is sure of the result, and should do all he can to keep the force flowing through him well under control, for he is now liable to discredit and scandal as the result of any intemperate act, and also to accidents arising from haste or precipitancy.

Progressed Moon Parallel Mars

This is a very evil position while it lasts, and it is likely to last for a longer period than other aspects. During its operation the native should be very guarded in his actions, avoiding all impulse and tendencies to rashness. This is a time in which all disputes and quarrels must be carefully guarded against, and all dealings with others should be marked by discretion and tolerance. It is also a time when there is a liability to accidents and feverish complaints.

The mind should be kept calm and the actions temperate, for any of the major (mutual or solar) aspects that may be evil at this time will be liberated by this lunar position. The native will be liable to infectious diseases, to incur debts that will be difficult to pay, and to go to extremes in many ways. All excesses and out-rushings of energy should be checked or tempered, for this extends over a much longer period than other influences, and it always becomes acute when brought into action by the native’s rash attitude towards circumstances and general surroundings. Let his watchword now be CAUTION.

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