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Progressed Moon Aspects to Neptune

Progressed Moon Aspects to Neptune

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Neptune, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Neptune.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Neptune

The conjunction of the Moon with the planet Neptune is rather a peculiar lunar direction which may act upon the native in many different ways. It will probably bring him into contact with strange and peculiar persons, and cause him to suffer or gain through them according to the attitude of his mind at this time. He will have some rather remarkable and strange dreams which it would be well to tabulate for future consideration.

Many weird and psychic impressions will come to him, for in some manner this conjunction will act upon his consciousness and bring some peculiar experiences. It is impossible to say exactly how this will affect the native, but he will probably find himself under influences that will either awaken the sub-conscious mind or give very new and original mental conditions. This is a good aspect under which to try thought transference or to study psychometry, the brain being now very receptive.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Neptune

A very weak but at the same time a peculiar aspect. It will probably give the native some weird moments when he will receive impressions from other planes, or become peculiarly receptive to mental and psychic vibrations. This will be a good time to study telepathy or psychometry; but it is only those who are growing very responsive to new conditions who can take advantage of the aspect, weak as it is, so that if he feels no new impressions coming to him it will be a sign that the vibration is passing him by and that the time has not yet come for him to answer to its high rater of motion.

To some it will mean new thought, or some new friend whose influence will be more psychic than physical. It is however an unimportant aspect at best, and it is difficult to understand its full influence. It is beneficial for the investigation of spiritualistic matters.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Neptune

The semi-square aspect of the Moon to the planet Neptune is a weak aspect which may not affect the native in any marked manner, but it will be well for him to be on his guard with respect to forming new friends and acquaintances while it operates. He should be prepared for deception, fraud and illusions, for his mind will be easily influenced by those who seek to take advantage of him.

His dealings with the opposite sex should be only of the most select and approved order, and he should not undertake anything he does not fully understand, watching his interests in every direction, so that he may not be unwittingly imposed upon or deceived. His dreams will now be very strange and peculiar; in fact this influence will probably affect him chiefly when out of the body in sleep.

Progressed Moon Sextile Neptune

The sextile aspect of the Moon to the planet Neptune is a somewhat strange aspect, indicating a change of consciousness and a very receptive mental attitude while it lasts. It will bring the native into contact with unique and strange individuals who will in some manner be psychic or quite uncommon characters, and he will now have strange and remarkable dreams, probably symbolic—dreams which will convey some warning or message to him while in sleep out of the body.

This will be a very good time for him to study the Astral Plane, and he would do well to read up the subject of dreams, dream-consciousness, and the astral plane. Thought-transference or psychometry may be attempted with advantage, should the nativity indicate any aptitude, or any study that is either occult or mystical; but it is rather a psychic than a mental influence, and inclines chiefly to music and poetry.

Progressed Moon Square Neptune

The square aspect of the Moon to the planet Neptune is a very strange influence which warns the native to be very careful in all dealings with others. He will be liable to suffer from some deception under its influence, and should watch all his affairs carefully and minutely. It will bring some peculiar and possibly weird experiences, for this is usually the aspect under which ghosts or apparitions are seen though it does not follow, or course, that everyone under this direction, will see something of that kind.

The native will have remarkable dreams and will have strange experiences when out of the body in sleep. He will be very impressionable, and perhaps mediumistic, and should not give way to fancy or to any notions that go against common sense or outrage reason, for it will be important to distinguish between the false and the true, the real and the unreal. It is a strange influence, not favourable by any means.

Progressed Moon Trine Neptune

The trine of the Moon to the planet Neptune is a very peculiar aspect. It will probably bring the native some entirely new experience of a psychic nature, for his mind will now be peculiarly sensitive, and it is even possible to open up some of the higher senses under this influence. He should very carefully note all dreams and psychic impressions, and this would be a good time for him to read Leadbeater’s book on “Dreams” or the “Devachanic Plane,” for it might help to put him en rapport with the conditions needed to awaken this latent influence, an influence which is rather connected with higher states of consciousness than the purely physical.

If he will keep an open and unbiassed mind at this time he may come into touch with impressions that will help him to understand another part of his being, but he will have to live very purely to do so. To the ordinary person it will probably bring about nothing more out of the common than some particularly enjoyable excursion or picnic, in which the water element will play an important part. But even here there is a peculiar charm about all Neptunian experiences, and the excursion or what not is likely to be long remembered.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Neptune

This is an influence very uncertain in its operation, but it tends to produce a morbid or hypochondriacal frame of mind. In those whose nativities indicate a mentality constitutionally weak, and where there is a decided affliction from Neptune, there are even likely to be decided aberrations (though not of a violent character) under this influence. To the everyday person little is likely to result save a series of petty annoyances, unpleasant dealings with vulgar persons, etc.

The disintegrative character of the sesquiquadrate aspect blends with the peculiarly elusive nature of the planet to produce a singularly unsatisfactory period. A slack time in business and many petty worries or losses are probable. This is nevertheless an aspect that may be taken advantage of for the reading of mystical and devotional books.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Neptune

This is not a powerful aspect, but may make itself distinctly felt by those who are susceptible to Neptune’s influence, which may be ascertained from a study of the nativity. The hampering and restrictive influence of Neptune is peculiarly marked under this aspect, and some more or less unimportant and temporary affection of the brain or eyesight is likely to impair the native’s executiveness at this period.

The sensuous element in the nature is likely to be awakened, and indulgence of any kind—especially any experimentation with drugs—should be rigidly discountenanced. For those who are highly devotional, and for all who lead lives of exceptional purity, this aspect will bring a stage of psychic consciousness or religious ecstasy.

Progressed Moon Opposition Neptune

The opposition of the Moon to the planet Neptune is a very uncertain position. It may bring the native into touch with very undesirable persons, either when in the body or when out of it in sleep: his dreams therefore will probably be very remarkable and not altogether pleasant. He will be liable to come into contact with frauds and shams, also to suffer from weird and uncommon fancies, and should in particular keep himself free from the influence of those who do not live pure and chaste lives.

He will probably have some strange attachment or will separate from others and suffer through estrangements, and the breaking of ties. This influence may bring strange episodes, and not pleasant happenings; but it is impossible to enumerate all the events that have been known to happen under its influence, for it is always that which is uncommon and often absurd that comes to pass; things which it is almost impossible to decide. It is probable that in the majority of cases, “nothing at all” may happen, such is the elusive nature of Neptune! For it is only upon the more advanced of humanity that this planet’s influence makes any marked impression.

Progressed Moon Parallel Neptune

This is a weird and strange direction of which the true nature cannot be accurately known. It may have no effect whatever upon the life, but if it does it will be to bring the native into the most strange and peculiar experiences, and will make this period quite unique in his life history. He will have very remarkable dreams and some peculiar impressions, and will probably come into contact with persons who are quite out of the common, very likely such as have some peculiar affliction, wither physical or mental. He will his sympathies drawn out in many and varied ways.

The planet Neptune is connected with hospitals, asylums and places of confinement, and he may therefore have some direct or indirect connection with these institutions about this time, and it will be well for him to avoid any conditions that would tend to deprive him of his liberty at this period, for confinement in some form is probable, the influence of the planet being invariably hampering and restrictive as regards physical things. [See “Dreams,” Mod. Astro., Vol. III. (New Series).]

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