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Progressed Moon Aspects to Saturn

Progressed Moon Aspects to Saturn

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Saturn, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Saturn.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Saturn

This is by no means a good position for the Moon, as it tends to retard the native’s progress and to limit his actions, bringing him sorrowful and depressing experiences. It is no time for him to embark upon new undertakings or to deal with elderly persons or those whose influence is likely to be hard and unsympathetic, for he will be very sensitive and rather inclined to brood and despond, looking upon the dark side of things.

It will be well for him to avoid taking chill or cold, as he is now very liable to suffer if the system is allowed to get out of order, owing to the state of the circulation, which will be debilitated; for this is not a good position for health, nor for domestic or social affairs either, and the best course will be to take things in as philosophical a spirit as possible under this dispiriting influence. It always marks a critical stage in the progressed horoscope, though its effects are never felt to the full until some time after; for it is but the beginning of changes that are to come, affecting both the health and the environment and the general surroundings: therefore, all affairs should be ordered with great care.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Saturn

A weak aspect, but one that is in many respects favourable, for it steadies and quietens the whole nature, giving opportunities for the exercise of thrift, economy and carefulness where monetary affairs are concerned, and this is likely to benefit the native financially. It is good for the native in all dealings with elderly persons, and those who have any definite responsibility with regard to his personal life, and it may bring him some slight personal responsibility himself, at all events a period in which he will exercise more thought and prudence in the management of his affairs.

But nothing important need be expected to happen under its influence, and this time should be used rather for reflection, curbing impulse and over-activity, and steadying the inner nature, rather than for any special efforts in the direction of external activities. It will act as a retentive and restricting influence in a very good sense, so far as the mind and feelings generally are concerned.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Saturn

Not a good aspect, as it tends to bring some worry and anxiety, especially with regard to finance and general affairs. The native will be somewhat depressed and inclined to despond and look upon the black side of things while this aspect operates, and it will moreover affect his health by running the vitality to a lower point than usual, so that if he takes cold or gets the blood chilled he will suffer, the circulation being depressed.

It should be seen to that the teeth are in good order, and the digestion is not impaired by worry or over-anxiety; for there is a liability for things to go wrong, and disappointments will occur while this aspect operates, although it is somewhat weak in its character. The native should avoid changes and keep himself free from responsibility or from any serious undertakings, as he is not likely to have much success while this influence is in operation; he should therefore take things quietly, not worrying or fretting, but trying to be as contented as possible, and preserving a philosophic attitude concerning his difficulties, which will prove in the end to be but of a trifling character.

Progressed Moon Sextile Saturn

A very favourable influence, denoting some gain through either merit or persistence. It will bring the native responsibility and perhaps advancement, his affairs having now more stability and security than formerly. His mind will tend to become more serious, thoughtful and sedate under this aspect, and a more persevering, frugal and sober spirit will underlie all his actions. he will find himself more earnest and sincere under this influence, while its general tone will be soothing and steadying, and he should therefore make the most of the sobering character of Saturn to put all his affairs in good order, allowing the calming and quieting influence it will have upon him to benefit him in matters relating to any business or duties in hand.

Under this lunar direction he will make new and faithful friendships, and will benefit through the help and advice of those who now become his friends; he will gain in honour and credit under it, and may rise to a higher position in life through its influence. If he seeks it, he will gain some notable esteem and recognition in the sphere in which he moves. A great deal will depend upon his own attitude at this time, and also the progress he has made in evolution, as to how much he will gain and benefit by this aspect: for only nature;s older children are capable of benefiting under Saturn’s influence.

Progressed Moon Square Saturn

This is a very evil lunar direction, and it marks a very critical time in the native’s affairs. He must now be guarded in all his dealings with others, and especially in his domestic affairs. It will give him some financial troubles and worries, and throughout the whole of the time that it operates there will be a tendency to despond and give way to depression, for he will fret and worry if he is in the least discontented or unhappy in his environment and general surroundings. It is not a good time for removing or making any changes, nor for taking any new ventures in hand.

It will affect the native’s health according to the state of his constitution, for the circulation and general vitality will not be so good as usual, and any chill or cold that he may take under this aspect will upset the health and cause suffering until the recuperative powers re-assert themselves. It is always a very critical aspect, and marks a period when the greatest care is necessary to keep all affairs from going wrong; it often brings sorrow and grief, deaths and other sad events according to the major influences operating at the same time. In any case it is always an evil period, retarding progress.

Progressed Moon Trine Saturn

This is a very favourable influence, for it brings a sobering and steadying influence into the life at this time, and the native will either gain promotion or undertake some added responsibility, or otherwise become more important in some way under this lunar direction; for it increases the natural stability and brings opportunities for him to settle into a more fixed and harmonious groove in the daily life. He will find himself much more thoughtful and serious than usual, and a strong inclination will be upon him to carry out duty without any hesitation, so that if he is ready for the new vibration he will become persevering, thrifty, careful, prudent and thoroughly trustworthy.

He will get on well with elderly persons, and will make new friends and acquaintances, especially among elders, and should gain help and good counsel from friends. His honour and credit will improve, and he will have some recognition in the sphere in which he moves or do something that will advance his interests, making sure and steady progress towards a better state of affairs. He should now do all he can to obtain a permanent post or to arrange his affairs on a substantial foundation.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Saturn

This is not a good aspect, for Saturn will act as a disturbing element and tend to bring disappointments and sorrows, especially if there are any other evil directions operating at the same time. The native should avoid worry as much as possible, for he will be liable to become over-anxious, being prone to ponder and brood over his troubles. He will be somewhat discontented and gloomy, desponding and giving way to depression, and thus affecting his health, the circulation being slower than usual, which will upset the general health if he happens to take cold or get a chill in any way.

It is a bad time for all engagements, and for dealing with other persons, especially elders or those who hold responsible posts. It is not a good time to commence anything fresh or to enter into any serious undertakings; in fact it is a time when affairs will tend to go wrong and when it will be the best course to cultivate all the hope and cheerfulness possible. This aspect sometimes causes deaths or sickness in the family circle.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Saturn

A weak aspect which will not affect the native very seriously, though the influence of Saturn is never good so far as the Moon is concerned. It tends to bring a more serious and sober tone of mind, and will cause the native to look upon life and his general surroundings in a far graver and more steady mood than usual. It is not a good time for the health, as the system is never in very good order while Saturn aspects the Moon: the circulation should be kept in good order and the system toned up as much as possible.

It is not a good time for financial affairs, or for taking up extra responsibility unless the native knows that he can carry it through without risk. It he is careful not to become too depressed or despondent he may do well with the steadying conditions it brings; but if he frets or pines it will only cause him to come under the worst side of the influence, so that it will retard his progress and delay his affairs and keep him back in many ways, personal and general.

Progressed Moon Opposition Saturn

This is an evil position for the Moon, as it tends to bring about delays and disappointments, and hinders the native’s progress in all directions. He will now be inclined to brood and despond and look upon the dark side of things. It is a critical period, and if the native is in any way run down his health will certainly suffer. Yet if he is wise he will not allow himself to become depressed or to give way to melancholia; for it is one of the most depressing lunar directions, and may affect the health, since the circulation will be poor, and the whole system liable to suffer in consequence of deficient vitality.

It is a very trying time indeed, and unfavourable for financial affairs, while all matters of responsibility and importance will also cause anxiety. The native should not trust too much to others, and have as few dealings as possible with very old persons. This position sometimes causes a death to occur in the family circle, and rarely passes without causing sorrow or grief. It is in fact an ill time for all who have not sufficiently advanced to overcome the lowering tendency it has, whether upon the mind, health or disposition. The native should very carefully watch all he says or does while this aspect is operating, but a fearful or timid attitude should be avoided and a firm, resolute and positive condition of the will maintained in spite of all discouragement.

Progressed Moon Parallel Saturn

This parallel aspect will operate for some months, and during the whole period in which it is in operation the native will have a more or less troublesome time; for it will cause him to experience much worry, due to disappointments and anxieties of various kinds, affairs tending to go wrong in every direction while this parallel operates. He may lose friends under its influence, have monetary or domestic troubles and experience a great number of petty annoyances which may incline him to give way to despondency.

It is a position which steadies, causing the machinery of life to slow up; for Saturn is the planet of “fate,” bringing all things to a climax, and therefore his aspects to the Moon mark a critical stage. During this period the native should study thrift and be careful in all things, doing nothing that he will be liable to afterwards regret and having as little as possible to do with those who have power to make him suffer. It is not a good time, and great care in all things will be necessary.

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  1. yaa exactly so. Its quincunx i just noticed, cancer and sagg. 2nd and 7th. and what do you think it is about. Family and religion. mixed with money status and morals. Also secrets. Alot of secrets. 5 degrees in. The 25 degrees pisces, the purging of the priesthood continues to next year spring which is on chiron for one. wounded. We seem to have an African witchdoctor theme going too which kind of compliments the purging of the priesthood. oh my goodness its complicated. That person has passsed but part of him remains. Then covid is apparently a mars conjunct in transit hygeia the hygienist and health of. Virgo.

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