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Progressed Mercury Aspects to Uranus

Progressed Mercury Aspects to Uranus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mercury aspects to natal Uranus, and also for progressed Mercury aspects to progressed Uranus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mercury aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mercury Conjunction Uranus

This will bring sudden and unexpected mental changes, and make the native acute, ingenious and original: there will be a tendency for him to become abrupt and nervously irritable. Quick changes in his attitude towards others are denoted and it is probable that his mind will undergo a complete alteration accompanied perhaps by an entire reversal of his previous opinions and beliefs.

He will meet with strangers whose influence will impress him deeply. He will probably take sudden journeys or travel and make changes while this conjunction operates, and will suffer estrangements from relatives or those to whom he has been closely attached. If he avoids giving way to impulse the vibrations of this influence will benefit him, for his magnetic conditions will be highly accentuated, and he will be able to influence and impress others by this inventive ingenuity.

Progressed Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus

This, though slightly favourable in it nature, is but a weak aspect, so that it may not have much effect upon the life except to expand and broaden the native’s mind and cause him to take a deeper interest in metaphysical subjects. He will probably gain unexpectedly some benefits from a monetary standpoint, or form some new and strange acquaintanceship which will be of a magnetic and attractive nature while it lasts, though liable to be as suddenly broken off as it was formed.

This aspect gives some tendency to romance, or to form attachments that are of an independent and free nature, and in which the mind is more exercised than the feelings. The native will have some strange mental experiences while this aspect lasts, if the lunar aspects coincide; but if not, the aspect is liable to pass without much effect, its operations being confined to the mental plane per se and not entering the normal consciousness.

Progressed Mercury Semi-square Uranus

This is a weak aspect, but at the same time one that is not at all favourable, as it causes the mind to be wayward and at times irritable, and also gives a liability to meet trouble through those in any way connected through friendship or acquaintance. Some unexpected financial loss is probable under its influence, also difficulty in connection with travel, writings, correspondence and literary affairs; but its chief effect is connected with the mind, which tends to be irritable and almost nervous in its expression. The native will probably speak unwisely of someone, and suffer disappointment or sorrow through his own attitude towards others. He should not travel any more than is necessary under this influence and should keep as quiet and calm as he possibly can.

Progressed Mercury Sextile Uranus

This is a very good aspect, making the mind original, thoughtful and ingenious. The native may now find himself very inventive and fertile in construction, with original plans, good ideas, and the ability to put them into practice. He will form some romantic mental attachments, and come in contact with those who will attract him mentally; while his own magnetic aura will be powerful, and able to affect others.

This influence will give the power to hypnotise and impress others, also to turn the mind to the study of metaphysical and occult studies. The mind will expand and progress, with a desire to reform and improve existing methods, also to take a broader and more comprehensive view of life and its expression. This good aspect will bring success in travel and will enable the native to get on favourably with kindred and relatives; it also favours the forming of attachments of a unique and uncommon character.

Progressed Mercury Square Uranus

This is an evil aspect; one which threatens sudden and unexpected changes, also strange and peculiar episodes in connection with any attachment or friendship that may have been formed: the mind will not be peaceful or harmonious, and a catankerous temper with a sarcastic turn of speech will be engendered. The native should exercise great care in speech, and should avoid signing papers or entering into any correspondence that is likely to bring discredit or dishonour.

He will become interested in reform, and will tend to hold strong views; but unless he can be temperate and avoid going to extremes there will be danger of his becoming too iconoclastic, and thus injuring the very cause he would espouse. He should act very cautiously in his dealings with others, and also with regard to those in the domestic sphere. The nervous energy will now be in a state of extreme tension. It is not a good time, in any sense of the word: women under this influence are liable to hysteria. A dangerous aspect, calling for the exercise of great self-control.

Progressed Mercury Trine Uranus

This is a very good and powerful aspect, benefiting the native’s mind and causing him to be deeply interested in all metaphysical and occult subjects. He will have sudden or unexpected benefits, and form some very unique and original attachment, which will assist him in many ways. He will gain in some quite unexpected way, by speculation or investments (more especially by business connected with transit, such as railways, etc.), if he puts his mind into the matter.

This aspect is especially beneficial to those who enter into any study of astrology or kindred subjects, and also for literary work and for dealing directly with others where magnetic conditions are able to influence them. The native will be very original in his thought and fond of reform, becoming interested in all movements connected with humanitarian principles and advanced thought. He should make the most of this very good influence and expand the mind to its fullest limit; for when the lunar aspects are good there will be much success under this aspect.

Progressed Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus

This is by no means a favourable aspect, for by it the mind is afflicted, and there is danger of taking a distorted view of life and going to extremes, particularly with regard to matters of reform, so that exceptional conditions are generally the result of this aspect, which, acting upon the nervous system, tend to affect both health and mind. The native should be very careful in his dealings with strangers, and be prepared for disappointments and estrangements from friends and those to whom he is in any way attached, especially kindred and relatives. He should avoid travel or the making of any important changes, and should also be cautious with regard to his speech and correspondence, dealing very carefully with all papers he may be called upon to sign. This is an unfavourable aspect in many ways, and if the lunar aspects are adverse, he will find it a very trying period.

Progressed Mercury Quincunx Uranus

Although a weak aspect, this will cause the native some trouble and annoyance if he allows his mind to get into any imaginative or fanciful mood. It will make him inclined to go to extremes, and to take distorted views of things. This aspect may not act in any appreciable manner until a train of adverse lunar aspects is operating, when this mutual influence will affect the nervous system and react upon the mind.

The native should endeavour to act discreetly and be careful in all his dealings with strangers, friends and acquaintances; he should not sign papers or enter into more correspondence than is necessary, and he should also watch his magnetic conditions closely. Travelling should be avoided while this aspect operates. In some cases the influence would be very good, but only where the mind is already very broad and expansive in outlook, when it would allow more expansion, and bring into play magnetic conditions that would incline the mind to the study of metaphysical and occult lines of thought. This aspect is essentially regenerative in nature.

Progressed Mercury Opposition Uranus

This is a very evil aspect, tending to make those who are not well balanced mentally inclined to take unreasonable or very extreme views. The native will find himself liable to serious and persistent opposition, and will have opponents whose effect upon him will be decidedly hurtful. He cannot be too careful at this period in whom he places his trust; also in all his dealings with strangers or acquaintances, for some disappointment will come to him, and he may become the subject of charges or accusations which it will be difficult for him to refute.

There is a decided tendency towards eccentricity, and with this influence operating, he will, if he gives way to the mental exhilaration it brings, develop bohemian tendencies, or will incline to be strange an peculiar in manner, with some abruptness of speech and action, as a sequel to the mental attitude it brings. In the lives of all to whom it occurs it is an extraordinary influence, bringing sudden and quite unexpected events into the life; but to advanced characters it breaks up all conventionalities and loosens bonds that have grown irksome, giving rise to separations that seem to be fated or inevitable. Many romantic and very strange episodes follow this aspect.

Progressed Mercury Parallel Uranus

This is an important position for these two mental rulers, as it extends over a rather long period and during this time its influence will be of potent effect. It will expand the native’s mind and broaden his intellect, causing him to become interested in the deeper side of things and inclined to study metaphysical subjects, to investigate astrology, for instance, and those subjects which are more related to the higher mind and subjective world than the purely objective. He will meet with strangers whose influence upon him will be peculiarly felt.

He will become more original and inventive, and whenever the lunar aspects are favourable he will travel or make important changes, and otherwise break up the old or existing conditions. He will now either join some eclectic society, or make some very strange and romantic attachments. It is a good time to study science and medicine, engineering, etc., also to deal with all matters of an occult character.

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1 comment

  1. Prog mercury square to uranus?.. yes i’m in the middle of that 2 year period. i have them in opposition at birth 8/1/1951. Its very challenging and impulsive mentally and difficult to maintain harmony with those close. Of course one positive is I won’t experience this again unless I live another 70 odd years. The transits of Uranus against my natal mercury I have to deal with every 21 yrs or so and they have proven to be challenging times also. I’ve been a professional musician and astrologer in my time and those activities have been very helpful in coming to terms with my own problems . Studied Alan Leo and Max Heindel a lot. I’m thankful that Mercury is not going retrograde while in that square aspect. I do feel for folks who have that to deal with as it can be a very lengthy time. … Kind regards

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