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Progressed Sun Aspects to Uranus

Progressed Sun Aspects to Uranus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Uranus, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Uranus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Uranus

This marks an epoch in the life in which great changes of consciousness will take place and expansion of mind result therefrom. The native will either pass through a very romantic and adventurous period, or be estranged from friends and have intimate associations with others, associations of a far more mental character and of a more exalted type than such usually are. This influence denotes changes, but rather of a mental and subjective than of an objective nature. It is a period when sudden and unexpected events happen, when ties and attachments of a peculiar nature are formed or broken.

The native should exercise great care with regard to those who come into his life, as very strange engagements and peculiar episodes occur under this conjunction. This influence only eventuates when the mind is ready to respond to higher vibrations, and when reforms are coming into the life; it brings experiences that are to awaken the higher part of the nature, and therefore it is necessary to be prepared for changes, and events that will tend to alter the future very considerably. This aspect affects friendships and unions, more, perhaps, than any other influence.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Uranus

This weak aspect is favourable in a measure for changes, and for the advance of new thought, or the undertaking of any study connected with the occult or with psychic affairs of any kind. The native will meet with friends or acquaintances whose interest in these matters will concern him, or draw his mind into a condition that will enable him to investigate matter relating to higher thought: he will feel more expansive mentally, and much more interested in all metaphysical subjects than formerly.

It will probably not affect him directly in any remarkable way, but will make it easier for good aspects to the Moon, etc., to act: he may gain some money unexpectedly or gain benefits from others in a manner not previously thought of. It is good for the mind, more especially for all mental pursuits of an original nature, and if the native is that way inclined his inventiveness will be unusually active: some new undertakings may be entered on, productive of future benefit.

Progressed Sun Semi-square Uranus

This is a somewhat weak but adverse aspect, likely to bring sudden and unexpected changes. It shows an unsettled and somewhat anxious period, and it will be well for anyone under its influence if he can avoid trouble and difficulty while it lasts. the native will incline to be abrupt, and at times irritable, liable to offend others through his own mental attitude towards them. The native’s magnetic conditions will be harmonious, and it will be advisable for him to act discreetly and to do nothing impulsively while this aspect lasts—especially where others are concerned with him in any domestic or social relationship.

A great deal depends upon his own attitude at this time; for any exhibition of temper, excitability or nervous irritability will tend to make enemies and cause others to take a sudden dislike to him, and by reaction he will feel resentful of their attitude and inclined to act without careful thought or full control. While this influence lasts the whole period of its operation will be unfavourable.

Progressed Sun Sextile Uranus

This is likely to bring the native sudden benefits and unexpected gains. His magnetism will increase, so that he will affect others by the magnetic conditions which this solar influence will cause him to generate, and he will probably take some long journey under this influence and gain by travel or changes which will tend to be for his good in some direction which may not at first be apparent. This aspect will greatly benefit the native’s mind, and cause him to be inventive, ingenious, and full of original ideas.

His mind will expand, becoming interested in the higher thought, and in metaphysical subjects, and he may take some definite step towards embracing occultism or mystical studies. This is a very favourable aspect in many ways, but particularly as regards the mental conditions, and under this influence the native will form new friendships and fresh acquaintances, or join some society or body of persons interested in higher thought, aesthetic culture or original studies. It is a good time to study astrology.

Progressed Sun Square Uranus

This is probably the worst aspect known (except perhaps Mars square Uranus). Matters will now tend to go suddenly wrong, and unexpected events of an unfavourable nature will occur. The native will meet with sudden and severe disappointments and will have unexpected separations and sharp disagreements to contend with. His mind will become peculiarly irritable, and his health will suffer from strange ailments and peculiar nervous disorders.

This is not a good time to make any changes, although change or removal may be necessitated by circumstances, so that the native may be unable to prevent making unfavourable changes: his feelings will be affected, and those intimately related to him will cause him annoyance and worry, and perhaps disgrace. It is quite an evil period: matters of importance should be postponed, and all travel avoided if possible; estrangements and unfortunate discoveries are likely. If the current lunar aspects are evil then a critical period is at hand; otherwise, until other aspects coincide it will not act with full force. A time of great stress, which will challenge the native’s full powers.

Progressed Sun Trine Uranus

This will bring unexpected and sudden gains and advantages. The native will increase in magnetic power and broaden considerably in mind, taking very advanced views of life, becoming more than usually original, inventive and constructive. he will travel, or make important changes of a favourable nature, or will come into intimate contact with original persons and will take up the study of some metaphysical subject, astrology, or occultism in some form.

He may gain suddenly through investments or by speculation, especially through railways or other methods of rapid transit. It is a good time for such as are of a reforming and advanced turn of mind, anxious to improve surrounding conditions; and the native will gain through friends and acquaintances, and will probably also have some romantic or novel experience which will be quite out of the common.

Progressed Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus

This is an evil aspect, likely to cause sudden and unexpected troubles, affecting the health and tending to upset the nervous system. The native will feel irritable and inclined to become excitable, or very easily provoked, and will either offend others by his attitude towards them, or strongly and fanatically resent their attitude towards himself.

It is not a good time to travel or make any important changes, and the native should endeavour to keep always as calm and self-controlled as possible: he will now be liable to disappointments and separations between himself and his friends, and he should act as discreetly as possible, and be guarded in all dealings with strangers, or those with whom he is accidentally brought into contact, as he is liable to misrepresentation and slander or at least very harsh criticism. If the lunar aspects are evil in nature while this solar influence is in operation, it will be a very bad time; but if they are good then this solar aspect will not be so severe.

Progressed Sun Quincunx Uranus

The quincunx or “inconjunct” aspect between Uranus and the Sun is in general of a similar nature to the semi-sextile, but it is in the main more separative in its nature and somewhat more drastic in its operation (though this is chiefly confined to the mental plane, unless Uranus be badly aspected at birth). It is, moreover, far more likely to affect the health, if moderation and simplicity of life are not followed. This is a splendid aspect for the truly regenerate, bringing an expansion of consciousness that will not pass away. For the densely stolid and practical person it will have little advantage, and will effect merely a few minor worries or misunderstandings.

Progressed Sun Opposition Uranus

A very evil influence. All the native’s affairs will now tend to go wrong suddenly, and unexpected events of an astounding nature will happen during this period: he should avoid travel or making any changes or removals, if possible. He will meet with strenuous opposition, will suffer through separations and estrangements, and will also be liable to lose friends and to come into unforeseen conflict with strangers and to suffer thereby. His magnetic conditions will be inimical to others, and he will be liable to act suddenly, impulsively, and very rashly while the aspect operates.

He cannot be too careful in all dealings with others, nor weigh too carefully the consequences of his actions, for he will be very liable to make mistakes, or to be made to act against his will by the desires or the hypnotic influence of others. He should avoid disputes and keep clear of all legal affairs, do nothing to offend others or to bring himself into unmerited disgrace or ill-repute. This aspect marks a very critical stage in the career, and it will not pass without causing sorrow, anxiety and trouble, from which an expansion of the consciousness will result. An extremely significant and important influence, likely to throw the native off his balance, unless he summons all his strength to combat it.

Progressed Sun Parallel Uranus

This influence will extend over a period of several years, and will manifest a spasmodic influence at certain times, when there are other influences congenial to the Uranian vibration, operating. this influence will at peculiarly upon the native’s consciousness, causing him to take a deep interest in occult and metaphysical matters, and so to expand and broaden his views, rendering him original in thought and free from conventional limitations.

This influence will render the native either irritable or excitable at times, passing through magnetic changes that have a peculiar influence upon others. He will meet with persons holding what seem strange ideas, and they will affect him mentally, bringing him into a train of thought above the average commonplace level.

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