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Progressed Sun Aspects to Venus

Progressed Sun Aspects to Venus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Venus, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Venus (* see note).

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Venus

The Sun in conjunction with the planet Venus gives light and life to all that is signified by this most benefic planet. The native will now come into very close contact with those to whom he will be drawn by sympathy and affection, and his prospects will look brighter and happier than they have done for some time. He will enjoy the blissful feelings of gratified emotions, which will thus be expanded for greater indulgence in pleasure and the pursuit of happiness, all things tending to bring increased ability to live in the better and more hopeful and cheerful side of the nature.

The native will come into new and congenial society, will make new friends, and will gain in many ways through others and through his own attitude towards them. It is a very splendid solar influence, especially in regard to the cultivation of the feelings and higher emotions. This position often denotes Marriage.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Venus

This solar influence is, on the whole, favourable, although the aspect is one of the weakest, and not at all decisive in its character. It is a good time to improve the general financial conditions, and it is also favourable for social and domestic attachments. The native may now profitably invest or seek to gain financially; for the influence of Venus, although weak, is very responsive to all that makes for happiness and improving conditions. he will form good and profitable connections, and find it easy to get on with others, while the feelings will now tend to be refined and keenly sensitive to any call that may be made upon them by or through others. The fact of the Sun and Venus being in touch is in itself good, but a great deal depends upon the native’s own ability to avail himself of the benefits it offers.

Progressed Sun Semi-square, or Square, Venus*

An unpleasant, and, in many ways, unfavourable influence. It brings many drains upon the purse, a tendency to lose money, coupled with domestic afflictions, and sorrows and disappointments of many kinds. Matters in which the feelings and emotions are involved will suffer, and existing ties will be severed, or the native will lose friends and those to whom he is deeply attached under its influence.

It is not a good time for any domestic affairs, and all those who make up the family circle will in some way or other feel the influence of these solar aspects operating. Care is necessary in dealing with those who have a share in the affections, and also with regard to all monetary interests, lest losses of affection or of property, as the case may be, occur under its unfavourable vibration. The mind will not be over-cheerful, no will any matters related to pleasures, society or entertainments be successfully negotiated.

Progressed Sun Sextile Venus

The native should make the very most of this period in all directions, financially, socially, and also as regards the affections; for he will now be able to improve his financial and social condition according to the capacity within him to respond to the good influence that Venus always brings, for opportunities will come in his way, advancement, recognition and general uplifting being the usual result of this beneficial solar influence.

Attachments and relations with others will now produce unions and permanent connections, while all will go well with the native as regards the feelings and emotions, happiness resulting as the outcome of all present engagements and undertakings; it will, therefore, be advisable to make the most of this very good influence, which marks an important stage in evolution.

Progressed Sun Trine Venus*

A very fortunate influence, denoting financial gain and many benefits, all of which tend to improve social and domestic affairs, so that the native will now enter upon a happy and pleasurable period in which success and prosperity may be looked for. All investments, speculations and enterprises will be prosperous and beneficial and the more he seeks to exalt and improve his position the more success will attend his efforts.

His affections will have a good issue and all those to whom he becomes in any way attached will help him to realise his hopes and wishes, and happiness will follow all engagements and connections with others. Both socially and mentally his influence will increase and expand, until he has reached the highest point his capacities will allow; for this is an influence which expands the whole of the nature, more especially however the feelings and emotions.

Progressed Sun Parallel Venus

The Sun in parallel with the planet Venus is a very good position, indicating pleasure, success and prosperity. This very beneficent position is, however, largely dependent upon the corresponding of others in the directions operating, for it extends over rather a long period and has no definite or fixed moment when its influence acts directly, unless the Moon is at the same time forming a favourable aspect to Venus, when it will operate specifically at that time.

This may therefore be called an indecisive influence, in which good vibrations abound and are thus helpful in many ways. To take full advantage of this position, financial affairs should be looked after and steps taken to increase monetary benefits, or to extend the social sphere of influence, taking all advantage of the opportunity now afforded for cultivating the feelings and emotions, to make attachments more binding and thus bring about union, or to effect permanent amalgamations for mutual benefit.


* The square or trine aspect can, or course, only be formed between the prog. Sun and the rad. Venus, and very rarely even then.

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