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Progressed Venus Aspects to Saturn

Progressed Venus Aspects to Saturn

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Venus aspects to natal Saturn, and also for progressed Venus aspects to progressed Saturn.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Venus aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Venus Conjunction Saturn

This is by no means a favourable conjunction, and tends to cause disappointment and loss of honour and credit. It is not good for financial affairs, nor for the affections. It sometimes indicates attachments to elderly persons or to those who are older than the native, and in its good effect causes faithfulness and very binding attachments. The thrifty and careful side of this aspect should be used for purposes of economy, or for securing a steady and permanent income by application to professional or business undertakings, but any tendency to over acquisitiveness or avarice should be vigorously contended against.

It is not a good position for expansion of the feelings, and is apt to limit the affections and thus cause the native to be a slave to his emotions. It causes grief and tends to chasten the feelings by suffering and to purify by sorrow; to the undeveloped it is a dangerous position, more especially when the Moon is also afflicted.

Progressed Venus Semi-sextile Saturn

This is a very weak aspect, but favourable enough in its nature to steady the influence of Venus and bring more faithfulness into the affections, so tending to bring attachments that are more binding and permanent. It brings some slight financial benefit, but much will depend upon the other influences operating. The native will gain in honour and reputation under its influence by taking upon himself any duty or responsibility where he can acquit himself favourably, an to the satisfaction of those who may in any way be concerned with his welfare. He should while this aspect lasts seek to form the friendship and acquaintance of those older than himself, for any attachments of this kind will be beneficial. If the lunar aspects are also good, this influence will be the more beneficial.

Progressed Venus Semi-square Saturn

This is not a good aspect, but is somewhat weak in its influence; it will bring some disappointment with regard to any attachment that may have been formed, and is adverse to the even or steady flow of the affections. It is not good for financial affairs, nor for dealings with persons older than the native; and he should now safeguard his honour and act as discreetly and prudently as he can, for the conditions in which he is likely to be placed are inimical to his material welfare.

Social undertakings will not go well, nor will any dealings with elders, or persons in authority, for those holding responsible posts will not be well disposed towards him, and if the lunar aspects are also unfavourable, it will be an unfortunate period altogether. Great care will be needed in all the native’s actions, especially actions undertaken in association with others, for he is more likely to suffer through than gain by friends and acquaintances, and should therefore guard against deception.

Progressed Venus Sextile Saturn

This is a favourable influence and it will benefit the native in some way financially, or help him to add to his income, probably through his own industry or by some efforts on his part to improve his general conditions. He will form some very favourable and permanent attachments which will end in a successful and fruitful union; he should gain in honour or reputation while this influence operates, and should raise himself into a more responsible and important position in life.

This aspect denotes a steady period, in which improvement is made and progress is of that honest type which is so beneficial to the growth of the individual character. When the lunar aspects are good, this will be a very good and prosperous period, in which the foundation may be laid of much future good.

Progressed Venus Square Saturn

This is an evil influence for all matters concerned with the affections, and tends to bring a period in which very intense emotions will be experienced, causing grief, sorrow, and disappointment. The native will not only suffer through his feelings but will also have some financial losses. It is an evil time for all attachments or unions, also for domestic and social affairs. This influence sometimes affects the morals, and tends to make one careless and less self-controlled than usual.

The native should do all he can to avoid deception and fraud, and should not trust others too much: for he is now liable to be imposed upon, and to suffer libel and dishonour or general ill-repute. If this affliction is supported by other influences it will be a very evil time, though if the lunar aspects are good it will not act so severely. But it is a trying time in any case, and care should be exercised in dealing with friends, superior, elderly persons, creditors, and those who have any power to affect the financial affairs. Forethought and discretion should be the native’s watchwords, but he should courageously determine not to give way to despondent or remorseful feelings.

Progressed Venus Trine Saturn

This is a very benefic aspect and tends to bring a very steady period for the feelings and emotions. The native will now have faithful attention from others and will incline to be chaste, thoughtful, sincere and thrifty, his moral character undergoing improvement while this influence operates. He will gain in some way financially, either through judicious and careful investment, or by the advice of friends or others whose interests are also in some way his own.

This is a good time for the strengthening of the general health, for the study of hygiene, and for the enjoyment of social pleasures and entertainments of all kinds. It tends to the formation of lasting attachments, binding people together, cementing friendships already established and rendering them enduring. The native will find himself faithful to all ties, and moreover feeling a deeper devotional spirit than usual. It will bring him credit and honour and help him to establish his monetary affairs upon a sound basis; thus, under this mutual influence it would be well to make a settled provision for the future. If the lunar aspects are also good it will be a very good period.

Progressed Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn

This is an unfavourable aspect, and under its influence unfavourable lunar aspects will either cause domestic affliction or some serious disappointment. It is an evil time to have dealings with elderly persons, to sign contracts, or to enter into any engagements where the feelings and emotions are concerned. The native should do all in his power to maintain control over his feelings under this aspect, should not allow himself to be influenced by others to his detriment, and should keep his own counsel and act as discreetly as possible: it is not a good time to pay visits to friends or to form new acquaintances. He is liable to suffer in various directions from dishonour, discredit, or scandal—whether deserved or not. He should live temperately during the period of this aspect, and study thrift and economy.

Progressed Venus Quincunx Saturn

A very weak aspect, but sometimes decidedly harmful when other directions or aspects are evil, especially lunar ones. It then denotes deaths in the family circle and losses in connection with domestic affairs: there is also some liability of taking poison or of being injuriously affected by drugs at this time, if care is not exercised. There are many troubles threatened by this aspect, and where attachments or friendships are affected by it there is always danger of disappointment and sorrow through the affections; therefore, deliberation is necessary in all matters connected with the emotional side of the nature.

As this mutual influence is weak it may have no appreciable effect, but it will be well for the native to be prepared for the unfavourable conditions it produces. When the lunar aspects are of such a nature as to bring this aspect into operation, especial care is necessary.

Progressed Venus Opposition Saturn

An evil position, likely to bring much trouble and anxiety while it operates. The native will have disappointments in all his attachments, and will suffer in consequence, his feelings and emotions being acutely tried whenever the lunar aspects correspond in being similarly unfavourable. This position denotes separations, and often bereavements and sorrowful partings; it also brings financial losses and monetary troubles.

It is an evil time to deal with elderly persons, or those who have any serious claim upon the native; it also threatens him with scandal and a liability to be secretly attacked or to have his good name assailed. He should therefore act as discreetly as he can, for this position causes persons to become his enemies—whether deservedly or no—and to seek to injure him. If care is maintained he may avoid much of the evil of Saturn’s affliction, for by a knowledge of its nature the causes that set the evil in motion may be minimised.

Progressed Venus Parallel Saturn

This is an affliction that will extend over several years, operating with a force more or less evil, according to the nature of the other influences that may be in action; for when they also are evil the effects will be severe. It denotes financial difficulties, trouble with regard to possessions, sorrows, love disappointments, and also, if care is not exercised, loss of honour. The favourable side of this influence is to bring attachments to older persons, also to form ties or engagements that are binding and of long duration.

This is the aspect that causes, when operating in the horoscopes of those who are single, long courtships with little or no prospect of marriage. In a general sense it gives economy and thrift, also a love of saving, but when carried to excess danger of hoarding wealth and becoming far too careful and parsimonious. It causes delays to progress, hindering the flow of affection that Venus gives, and it sometimes even completely chills affection, stopping the outflow of feeling altogether. The native should act discreetly while this influence operates.

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