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Progressed Sun Aspects to Mars

Progressed Sun Aspects to Mars

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Mars, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Mars.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Mars

A very critical and unfavourable position, representing a condition in which the spirit and its counterfeit will be linked together, giving far greater animal heat than is usual. It therefore produces a more feverish state, the native becoming easily excited, much more readily angered than usual; self-assertive and somewhat aggressive; very energetic, active and enterprising, however, and very much inclined to acts of daring, and hence he will need to practise self-restraint lest he should become too adventurous or over-forceful.

He will now meet with martial persons of various kinds and their influence upon his life will be to accentuate the feelings, stirring them into greater activity, and making him more hopeful and expectant, perhaps, than is desirable. He should safeguard health and not allow the blood to become overheated, should make no more changes than are necessary, and be careful to avoid quarrelling with anyone, or it will bring serious trouble. He will incline to be very liberal, indeed extravagant, at this period.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Mars

This is rather a weak aspect, but slightly good and favourable for new enterprises, and dealings with those who are venturesome and of active habits. The native will not gain anything of a very marked nature from this aspect, but it is good for activities generally and for all actions requiring courage, force and energy. It will to some extent awaken any acquisitiveness that he may have latent within him, and if he at the same time comes under similar vibrations from other influences in the nativity he will benefit from this solar aspect weak though it is.

In any case he may extract some good from it, if he uses discretion in pushing himself and his affairs to the front, without allowing the forceful side of Mars to over-ride the dignity of the Sun; for this influence stimulates the positive and progressive attributes of the Sun, and balances the animal tendencies of Mars, making both more harmonised.

Progressed Sun Semi-square Mars

This is an unfavourable aspect, one to cause a great deal of petty annoyance and trouble likely to arise from hasty and impulsive conduct. The native should now avoid disputation of any kind, or any tendency to excess of feeling, living as calmly and as temperately as possible. He will find himself liable to monetary losses, to make mistakes in judgment with regard to personal matters, and also to form acquaintances who will be neither creditable nor beneficial.

He will be in danger of suffering from feverish complaints and his health will suffer through inflammatory tendencies while this aspect lasts. It is a somewhat weak solar influence, but at the same time it denotes a liability to sharp and somewhat acute attacks, which will have effect according to the lunar aspects, whether good or ill; for it stirs up the heat of the body, and renders the native mentally active, but of a rather turbulent state of mind.

Progressed Sun Sextile Mars

This is a very favourable aspect for enterprise, new ventures, and all matters requiring independence of action, and where courage and determination are necessary. It increases the vital heat and brings the native into contact with very positive or martial people, awakening in him also a desire for activity, adventure, and risk: he will be very energetic and industrious, ready to enter upon any new scheme or fresh undertaking, and apt to busy himself in all directions.

It will make the mind alert, and will incline the native to travel, to remove or make changes or to seek fresh outlets for his restless energies. It is a good aspect in many ways, causing him to make new friends, to become attached to others, and to agree with relatives and those who will become bound up with his life. In fact it shows a very active and progressive period, when the executive faculties are at their highest.

Progressed Sun Square Mars

A very evil and unfortunate aspect, fraught with disastrous tendencies. It will be necessary for the native to safeguard his health, to avoid all liability to accidents as far as possible, and to refrain from disputes with others. He will have serious domestic troubles, or estrangements and disappointments, and any undertaking or engagement entered into during this period will end disastrously and sorrowfully.

It is not a good time to remove or to make changes, to have connections with others, or to allow the feelings to enter into any affair in which the native may be engaged. He must now look to his honour, and do nothing likely to produce scandal or injure his reputation; for he will not pass through this period without misfortune. He should therefore act discreetly, avoiding impulse or rashness, and quarrelling with no one. This is a very critical period, necessitating the exercise of great care.

Progressed Sun Trine Mars

This is a very favourable influence, and tends to make this period successful, although nothing very extraordinary can come from Mars alone. While this influence lasts, the native will be courageous, more enterprising, competent, and adventurous than usual. He will come into contact with persons who will stir him up both mentally and physically, and whose influence upon his life will be such as to make it active and bold, generous and free.

He will be likely to give way to feeling and to form attachments which will be ardent and eventful while they last, but, as it is not an influence that is permanent in its nature, when the magnetic vibrations it has induced pass off, he will realise that he has only been stirred into activity from outside, as it were, more from excitation of the Desires than the energy of the inner Will. An eventful period, which will be remembered for years to come.

Progressed Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars

This is an evil solar influence and tends to cause feverish conditions, liability to accidents, and many troubles which result from impulsiveness, from over-estimating, and from want of sufficient caution and premeditation. The native will have losses and disappointments, and will suffer through separations, disputes and estrangements. He cannot act too temperately, or use too much care to escape the evil effects of this aspect; for it rarely passes without disturbing the health, setting in motion causes that eventuate in illnesses of an inflammatory or feverish nature, and it often moreover affects relatives or those to whom he is attached.

He should not travel while this influence lasts, neither is it wise to invest money or to speculate, nor to have any dealings with others where enterprise or new ventures are concerned. He is liable to be endangered by fire or accidents, and therefore should use care in all his actions, avoiding above all things rashness or impetuosity.

Progressed Sun Quincunx Mars

This solar aspect is the quincunx or “inconjunct” (150° apart). It is not always an important aspect, but when the health is not good and the constitution weak it threatens much sickness and feverish tendencies, giving a liability to inflammatory diseases. The native must therefore safeguard his health, and act very discreetly while this solar influence is in force, not giving way to impulse or any rash tendencies; or he will thereby precipitate the evil of Mars and cause the aspect to act as a conjunction, which in this case would be a malefic influence.

If any of the family are ailing it is a critical time for them, and shows danger to those with whom the native is closely associated, or to whom he is in any way attached. In many cases this aspect has been found to be weak, but in others, especially where there has been a tendency to act impulsively, it has been most unfortunate; therefore, temperance and discretion are imperative while it operates; and extremes of all kinds should be avoided.

Progressed Sun Opposition Mars

The period during which this influence operates is always one of danger and grave risk, and it is a very evil aspect in many ways, for it gives great liability to accidents, feverish complaints, and inflammatory diseases; the native’s health is seriously threatened, and the utmost care will be necessary to prevent an illness of a severe nature. he will do wisely not to exhibit too much bravery, nor to rush headlong into danger, also to use the greatest discretion in everything he does, taking especial care to safeguard his health, and maintaining as far as possible a calm and steadfast will.

This opposition is not wholly bad, for it has a very deep and important meaning in a higher sense, as it signifies a crisis in human evolution in which the animal and the divine in man struggle for supremacy; and this war between the two sides of the nature, the higher and the lower, will follow the ‘line of least resistance’ in each case. Will and Desire will be opposed, one part of the spirit striving against the other; and if the native cannot consciously realise the struggle, then trouble and difficulty will fall upon him to awaken him to a realisation of his true nature. To most, if not to all, this will prove to be the most memorable period of the life..

Progressed Sun Parallel Mars

A malefic influence, in which there is every tendency to accidents, inflammatory conditions, and a generally feverish state. While this parallel of the solar orb and Mars operates (which is generally for an extended period overlapping other aspects) it will be necessary to act as discreetly and temperately as possible: a great deal will depend upon the inherent temperament and natural liability to act impulsively and rashly, for all the outgoing energies will now be accentuated. The native should on no account allow this feverish state to cause him to act without thought or premeditation, or it may lead to very difficult and trying conditions, through which he will seriously suffer; for he will feel a desire to be more than usually active, and will be very easily excited or provoked. Much will, however, depend upon the current Lunar Aspects, as to how this solar influence will operate.

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