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Progressed Mercury Aspects to Venus

Progressed Mercury Aspects to Venus


The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mercury aspects to natal Venus, and also for progressed Mercury aspects to progressed Venus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mercury aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mercury Conjunction Venus

This is very good for the mind, making it bright and cheerful and likely to bring benefit in many ways, especially from a social and mental standpoint. The native will benefit financially through this conjunction, more especially through the help of friends, or partners, or those who are associated with him in the domestic sphere: he will meet with mirthful friends, will incline to associate with others, and will come into contact with musical and artistic people.

Under this influence he may gain many social advantages, and the more he exerts himself socially and makes himself free and expressive, the more will he benefit and make this period successful. It is not a powerful influence, and depends a great deal upon lunar aspects in force to bring the good it promises; otherwise it may pass with only minor benefits.

Progressed Mercury Semi-sextile Venus

This is a very weak and comparatively unimportant aspect. It is usually regarded as good on the whole, but it brings little to pass in any material sense and is chiefly of service to those of the artistic or poetic temperament, to whom it will bring a considerable degree of inspiration and mental upliftment. To the highly devotional it will bring a period of spiritual enlightenment, accompanied, perhaps, with some grief as regards everyday concerns. To the average man it is more likely to be a source of petty annoyance than delight. The paragraph relating to the sextile aspect of Mercury and Venus may be read with advantage.

Progressed Mercury Semi-square Venus

This will tend to hinder the benefic influence of Venus from acting, and keep the mental vibrations of Mercury from working harmoniously. During this period it will be well for the native to have as few dealings as possible with those who are not favourably disposed to him, and it is especially advisable to be careful in all correspondence,e writings, or intercourse with others.

It is never a very powerful aspect and often passes without effect, but it is just as well to act discreetly at this time, especially if the lunar aspects are not good, for the worry and tendency to anxiety that any affliction to Mercury causes will act against progress and make this period rather trying, and affairs will not go particularly smoothly between the native and those to whom he may be attached, or to whom he may be in any way bound by sympathy and affection. It is not a good time to sign papers or documents of any kind, unless thoroughly experienced in such matters.

Progressed Mercury Sextile Venus

This will bring social advantages and enable the native to express himself successfully in any direction he may wish, and will give him the ability to use the opportunity it offers. A great deal, however, will depend upon the innate capacity to use either the artistic or mental abilities. He will probably gain financially, or in some manner in which friends, or those in the domestic circle, are concerned.

He should cultivate his mind under this aspect, and also do all in his power to improve the social conditions. It is a good time for travel, or for pleasant changes, and it should bring pleasure and happiness to the native, helping him to realise some of this hopes and wishes, bringing attachments or beneficial engagements which will expand the feelings and emotions, and enabling him to live in the higher part of his being. It is a good influence for peace and good will.

Progressed Mercury Square Venus

This aspect of course can only be formed between the progressed Mercury and the radical Venus; or vice versa. It is similar in its nature to the semi-square, but somewhat more drastic, indicating a forcible separation of the thinking principle (progressed Mercury square radical Venus) from habitual feelings and conventional thoughts, domestic customs and hide-bound observances of all kinds.

Similarly, the converse aspect (progressed Venus square radical Mercury) will indicate that the feelings in their new expansiveness are at war with fixed habits of thought, and artistic enlightenment is therefore likely to result at the cost of some sacrifice to any pedantic tendencies there may be in the native’s disposition.

Progressed Mercury Parallel Venus

This acts practically in a similar manner to the conjunction, but on the one hand it is longer in operation, extending over several years, and on the other it is more of the nature of an inclining than a compelling force—corresponding to environment rather than to character, to use a suitable simile.

Progressed Mercury Trine, or Sesquiquadrate, or Quincunx, or Opposition Venus

These progressed aspects cannot be formed during the normal span of earth life.

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  1. odd, my chart reveals progressed Mercury trining natal Venus!!

    • Yup, mine too. Sorry, your information is wrong. Mercury in Sagittarius trine N-Venus in Leo. Check your math. Makes me doubt your site.

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