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Progressed Venus Aspects to Jupiter

Progressed Venus Aspects to Jupiter

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Venus aspects to natal Jupiter, and also for progressed Venus aspects to progressed Jupiter.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Venus aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Venus Conjunction Jupiter

This is a somewhat mild influence between these two benefic planets, and can only be fully appreciated by those who are making for harmony and seeking a higher mode of expression for their life. It brings peace, happiness, and success to those who are well disposed and living on the principle of “Noblesse oblige,” for it is an influence that can be attracted only toward those who are able to respond to its very high vibration.

It brings some financial gain and much social success when the lunar or other influences are good, but when there is no lunar link between this and the other influences it is very liable to act in an indirect manner, bringing benefits through others, who are thus the channel for the distribution of this benefic vibration. The higher he can raise the feelings and emotions the more will the native feel this influence of Venus and Jupiter.

Progressed Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter

This is quite a general and in many respects an unimportant aspect, but as it is good in its nature, it may be made to benefit the native when the lunar aspects are good, by bringing him some social advantages, agreeable company, pleasant travelling and friendships that will be helpful and favourable in the future. This aspect will only act with any force when the lunar aspects or other influences are good, for then the two benefics will have a greater force than when acting alone. To increase the value of this vibration it will be well for the native to act as calmly and peacefully as he can, so that the good influences can be felt. It will benefit him in some way financially, but only in a general and indirect sense. He will, if religiously inclined, have an access of purer and better thoughts, and he will feel more than usually sympathetic and tolerant under its influence.

Progressed Venus Semi-square Jupiter

This is a weak mutual aspect and not likely to effect very much, but at the same time as it is adverse it will act as a hindering or delaying influence, especially if other aspects are also adverse. It will not be a good time for social affairs, or monetary prospects, expenditure tending to exceed receipts; and there is also a liability to lose money through friends and their affairs. The native will not find travel or journeys so pleasant as anticipated, and he will find it inadvisable to form attachments that are in any way not in keeping with his ideal of friendship.

It is generally speaking a minor influence and not likely to be productive of anything very definite or decisive, but the native should be warned against extravagance, excess, or dabbling in legal matters, there being a tendency to waste money under this aspect. If, however, the lunar aspects are good, then very little harm is to be expected.

Progressed Venus Sextile Jupiter

A very favourable and fortunate aspect; one which will greatly benefit the mind, making it very intuitive and more than usually inclined to the philosophical, tending in fact to bring out the inner part of the nature. The native will have very pleasant dealings with kindred or relatives, and with those who will benefit him socially and also financially. He will be drawn towards pleasure, all things tending to go evenly and smoothly with him while this harmonious influence is operating.

It will act very beneficially in conjunction with other aspects, and when the lunar aspects are good its influence will be most powerful. This is a splendid aspect for travel, also for making binding and lasting attachments, and it often leads to unions that are highly satisfactory, and out of which many benefits are obtained, not only from a financial standpoint but also socially, tending to increase of honour.

Progressed Venus Square Jupiter

This is not a good influence, although being an aspect between two benefics its power for ill is slight; it will, however, cause some financial losses, also losses through travel and through dealing with religious persons, while those who have influence in the social world will not be well disposed to the native at this time; he should therefore take care not to come into conflict with superiors, nor with those who are in any way connected with the law.

This is not a good aspect for domestic affairs, nor for any attachments that may be formed at this time, as it is likely to cause disappointment or some temporary loss and difficulty; probably someone to whom the native is attached will go abroad, or will have some important engagements which will necessitate a separation while this influence is in operation. It is not on the whole a good influence for pleasure; there is, in fact, usually a mixture of pleasure and sorrow combined under this square aspect; but with care it will not affect the native seriously unless the lunar aspects are also evil.

Progressed Venus Trine Jupiter

This will bring general gain, and many financial benefits, for all things tend to go well while this aspect operates. The native will experience many social advantages through this influence, will make lasting attachments, and will attach himself to others by a bond that will be not only permanent, but very helpful and profitable: he will gain by travel under this aspect and much pleasure will come into his life (especially if he is under good lunar aspects at this period).

His affections and sympathies will expand, and he will feel generously and kindly disposed to all with whom he comes in contact. He should make the most of this period, for the more he expands and allows himself to enjoy life, the more will he benefit by its very good influence. This aspect sometimes brings others into the life who do all they can to help and assist to make it happy and prosperous. It is a good time for spiritual and higher thought meditations, for it tends to expand the sympathies and the religious sentiments.

Progressed Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter

A weak aspect. It will cause financial losses and some social difficulties, the native’s general affairs not going so well under its influence. he should not lend money or be surety for anyone, should also guard against extravagance or waste, studying thrift and economy as much as he can while this influence lasts. It is not good for engagements, promises, or matters in which feeling and emotion are concerned, and the native will suffer disappointment, be liable to some deception, or find himself under obligations he cannot realise.

If the lunar aspects are adverse at this time it will not be a good period, but if good, then this aspect may pass without any serious effect, simply causing some slight monetary or social troubles. It is not a good time to travel or visit friends and acquaintances, however.

Progressed Venus Quincunx Jupiter

This influence is somewhat indefinite in its effect, which operates chiefly on the emotions, in which a conflict is likely to take place between personal and religious devotion, to the consequent purification or degradation, as the case may be, of the inner nature. A reflection of this inner struggle may show itself in the material world, in which case it will probably take the form of financial losses, in which most likely inherited or family property will be swallowed up in speculation.

In any case, the effect upon the feelings may be considerable, but as both these planets are concerned with the higher part of the nature, ultimate benefit to the soul will be the result of the suffering undergone. Much will depend upon the houses ruled and the signs occupied; in some cases this aspect will effect little beyond temporary family or domestic disagreements.

Progressed Venus Opposition Jupiter

This is very liable to bring a separation between the native and some one to whom he is much attached: it is very unfavourable for social affairs, for travel, and for monetary affairs also. He should avoid all waste, see that expenditure does not exceed receipts, and be sure not to lend money to anyone or become surety for another, as he is liable to be involved in heavy losses or in pecuniary embarrassments.

Money or love affairs are sure to go wrong under this influence if the other aspects operating are of an unfavourable nature (more especially the lunar aspects). This is a period in which legal troubles are threatened, and much opposition may result, therefore great care in necessary to avoid grave risks, especially where money is concerned. It is unfavourable for religious matters, and for dealing with ecclesiastics or with those who are proud and aristocratic.

Progressed Venus Parallel Jupiter

This is a very favourable and fortunate position, though rather indefinite in its time of action, the influence being spread over a time that has only vague limits. Its influence is really only operative when other influences are favourable, more especially when the lunar aspects are in harmony with it. It denotes a good period generally, in which social affairs and monetary prospects improve, and circumstances gradually shape themselves towards a good ending; so that many events may occur that come under this influence which cannot be directly traced to it, since it may be the seed, so to speak, of events that are not manifest until later.

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