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Progressed Venus Aspects to Mars

Progressed Venus Aspects to Mars

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Venus aspects to natal Mars, and also for progressed Venus aspects to progressed Mars.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Venus aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Venus Conjunction Mars

This is a very impulsive and expressive position, and always produces either “love at first sight,” or some very hasty decisions which affect the feelings and emotions. If the native can quell the desire for sensation—and keep from rash conduct—this influence will benefit him, as it will make him liberal and free, and bring success through his quick response to mirth and cheerfulness and his readiness to participate in any pleasure or gaiety that may come in his way.

The inner meaning of this aspect is the conjunction of the Soul and the Senses, bringing a fuller and a more sensuous expression of either than would otherwise be the case; so that much will depend upon which is the stronger force in the nativity, soul or senses. If both are evenly balanced then a full and liberal time is before the native; if the soul is the stronger, then the senses will be raised to a higher level, and love will absorb them, but if the senses have the greater hold then there is a liability of the soul being made captive to sensuous or sensual feelings. The native will himself know best his own position in this matter, and so will be able to judge how the conjunction will act.

Progressed Venus Semi-sextile Mars

A weak good aspect of very little account in the ordinary sense, but vital to those who respond to every vibration. It will benefit the native by causing his nature to be more expressive, and may also help him financially by the social advantages which it brings. It sometimes denotes unions or attachments that are well founded, the feelings responding to those who may at this time be attractive and who are passing through a similar vibration.

It is good for the desire-nature, which is now helped to accomplish many of its hopes and wishes, for it makes all matters connected with the desires to run smoothly, adding as it does some of the passional element, which in the more cultured of mankind is expressed as motive power, strengthening the whole nature as regards the feelings and emotions and rendering all more inclined to be demonstrative and to give expression to their feelings, also to seek the society of others, more especially that of the opposite sex.

Progressed Venus Semi-square Mars

This is an unfavourable aspect, although somewhat weak in its nature. it will cause some struggle to take place between the Soul and the Senses, and may possibly be the first faint quiver between the two, denoting that a struggle is about to begin—a struggle which may not have its ending for many lives to come according to the native’s attitude while this influence operates.

If he gives way to his passions and to sensation he will increase the force of his desire nature, but if he uplifts his emotions he will realise that in his soul there is love free from sensation and that passion may be transmuted into a higher force which has more to do with individual love than personal affection or sensation. He will now experience certain temptations, and the feelings will be keenly alive. He will have danger of financial losses, also of separations and disappointments, all of which will bring the right kind of “realisation” in the end.

Progressed Venus Sextile Mars

This is a favourable aspect so far as harmony between the Soul and the Senses is concerned; but a great deal with depend upon the native himself as to whether Mars or Venus becomes the stronger influence. If the former, he will now enter upon a liberal and rather free experience of sensation, wherein personal feeling and desire will play a prominent part; but if the Venus influence be the stronger, then his mind will become more artistic and the force of this aspect will give him great mental energy, and will raise his feelings into a higher expression in which the soul will express a purer and a fuller love, enabling him to form good attachments which will lead to a successful and fruitful union.

He will now find the influence of another affecting his life and he will be linked in a friendship that will be binding in nature and very pleasant in its course. If the lunar aspects are similar in nature it denotes a very good period in which to distinguish between soul and sense.

Progressed Venus Square Mars

This is in many respects an evil aspect; for it denotes a conflict between the Soul and the Senses, in which either may gain according to the native’s own attitude toward the circumstances in which he will be placed. If he falls under the influence of the afflicting planet Mars, he will act indiscreetly, and on impulse without forethought; this will cause him to go to extremes of feeling, and the passional side of his nature will then be uppermost.

He will be severely tempted just now and many events will occur to upset domestic affairs and to bring disappointment and maybe pain to the feelings. It is not a good time either financially or socially, and the greatest care will be required to avoid either disgrace and dishonour or some affliction which will cause him to regret and to repent of some of his actions. He cannot act too discreetly during this period, especially where the feelings and emotions are concerned.

Progressed Venus Trine Mars

This is a benefic and successful aspect, although, in common with all aspects between Mars and Venus, it shows some danger of the passions overcoming the higher feelings. But it is nevertheless harmonious and peaceful in character and will bring fruitful attachments and satisfaction to the feelings and the emotional side of the nature. The native will make permanent ties or unions that will be successful and fortunate.

This aspect strengthens the love-nature and gives opportunities for the realisation of hopes and wishes; it brings financial gain, presents, social advantages and the society of those who will minister to his happiness and pleasure. It will bring joy into the native’s life, according to his power to respond to its benefic vibration; but if he goes to extremes of feeling and allows sensation to overcome love, then he will suffer through any excess of emotion and thereby miss the opportunities that are placed in his way for the expansion of the higher feelings and emotions which belong to the vibrations of Venus. But if he chooses he may make this one of the most happy and successful times of his life.

Progressed Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars

This is not a favourable or fortunate aspect, and denotes a period in which the feelings are liable to suffer. However, it is not a powerful aspect and therefore much of the evil it indicates may be overcome, especially if the native exercises his will to restrain the passional or sensational element which will be aroused in him by it. He should be very careful in all his dealings with others, and act as discreetly and as prudently as possible and do all in his power to prevent his feelings being misplaced.

he should be prepared for disappointments and for troubles affecting his personal feelings. He will either have some financial losses or some social disadvantages under this influence; and if the lunar aspects are evil at this time it will be a rather trying period. Since much, however, will depend upon the feelings and the attractions exercised over him by others, he should see to it that he mixes only with those who are pure-minded.

Progressed Venus Quincunx Mars

This, although slight in its influence (being one of the minor aspects) is favourable, as it tends to quicken the emotional side of the nature and stimulate the feelings to greater activity than usual. If care is exercised in all dealings with the opposite sex this aspect is on the whole favourable, but if other—and especially the lunar—aspects are unfavourable then it will tend to involve the native in difficulties, in which a certain amount of impulse and lack of premeditation bring troubles arising from excess of feeling. As a stimulating and quickening influence the aspect is a good one, but care is needed to keep the emotional nature under control during the period in which it is operating.

Progressed Venus Opposition Mars

This denotes that the native has come to a period in which a struggle is to take place between the Soul and the Senses, and much will depend upon his own internal attitude as to which will conquer in the conflict. He will meet with much opposition, and will suffer disappointments in his attachments and love-affairs. He will be torn between Will and Desire, and will find himself severely tried and tempted; and a very great deal will depend upon his actions while this influence lasts as to his future destiny.

This aspect also denotes some financial losses, and social troubles and disadvantages. It is a very evil time to make engagements, to bind one’s self to others, or to allow the feelings and emotions to be drawn out in any way toward sensation or passion. The native should act very discreetly and be careful in whom he puts his trust, especially when the lunar aspects are unfavourable. On the whole this is a dangerous period.

Progressed Venus Parallel Mars

This parallel, in common with all parallel aspects, will last over a considerable period, and is not specially confined to one year for operation. It will expand the feelings from a personal and passional standpoint, and will cause the native to come into contact with, and to form attachments to, the opposite sex, suffering and experiencing pain or pleasure according to the attitude of the mind during the operation of this expressive and expansive vibration.

It is not an evil aspect, and may be made good and beneficial if the native acts discreetly while it operates; but if he is rash and imprudent he will find himself liable to suffer from excesses and from too much excitement, or through being too eager and intemperate in his desires. Much will depend upon the lunar aspects, whether adverse of benefic—if the latter, all will go well, but if the former, then care must be exercised in all actions, taking thought always before yielding to impulses.

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