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Progressed Venus Aspects to Uranus

Progressed Venus Aspects to Uranus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Venus aspects to natal Uranus, and also for progressed Venus aspects to progressed Uranus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Venus aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Venus Conjunction Uranus

This is a peculiar and indeed remarkable position, which will tend to precipitate the feelings and so bring to a premature consummation or sudden termination any attachments formed under its influence. The native will form sudden ties, or will be peculiarly affected by others, whose magnetic influence will move him to actions that will have lasting effect upon his life. Sudden gains or sudden losses are likely under this influence, according to the nature of other mutual aspects operating, either good or ill.

Of this conjunction it may be said that “the unexpected always happens,” for under its influence nothing transpires just as one would expect; experience, however, shows that the affections and emotions are often stimulated to their highest pitch when Uranian vibration thus affects the impressibility that Venus gives. The native will be more than usually idealistic and imaginative, also very susceptible to the influence of others, and will seek to act as independently and originally as his nature will permit: it may at least be said that he will certainly not be apathetic or callous under this influence.

Progressed Venus Semi-sextile Uranus

This is a very weak aspect, but often has an effect of some importance as the result, since it tends to excite the feelings and emotions, rendering them unusually susceptible, and bringing an accession of sentiment into the nature, acting thus in various ways, more especially by prompting to impulsive acts where feeling is concerned.

During the operation of this aspect, it will be well for the native to be guarded in the formation of fresh friendships, making only such acquaintances as are social rather than exclusively personal: for he will be idealistic and imaginative, and through his idealistic tendencies prone to give way to the mental impressions of another, and will thus be affected according to the conditions and circumstances in which he will be placed. It may bring some increased financial prospects or monetary gain, for its influence is beneficial in many ways, none of which can be very definitely indicated. A good time to travel, also to investigate subjective ideas, as the intuition will be active.

Progressed Venus Semi-square Uranus

Not a very strong, but at the same time not a good aspect, likely to affect the feelings if sensitive, and to bring sudden estrangement and disappointments into the life. It will bring some unexpected losses, and all the native’s business affairs should be carefully watched; for it is a time in which his financial prospects are most liable to fluctuate.

He should not cultivate chance acquaintances nor make friendships with those of whose character he is not certain. It is by no means a good period, but it will not have serious effects unless the lunar aspects are very evil, in which case affairs are likely to go wrong suddenly, or in some manner that could not very well be avoided. All aspects between Venus and Uranus are peculiar in their nature, and generally tend to bring about romantic and strange attachments in which magnetic influence plays a prominent part.

Progressed Venus Sextile Uranus

This is in many respects a very favourable aspect, but in some cases the good that it brings may end unfavourably: it brings strange attachments, in which the feelings and emotions are much moved and affected. This will be a splendid time for social pleasures, entertaining friends, and mixing with others generally. The native will feel sociable and magnetically drawn towards others, more than usually inclined to act freely and independently; for the feelings will be moved rather by sentiment, and a tendency towards the idealistic, than by more commonplace interests.

He will find himself now strangely linked with others, and liable to unexpected rushes of feeling, which will cause him to act somewhat impulsively; and if he is not very discreet, or if he allows others to take advantage of his susceptible conditions, he will ultimately suffer. This is a good time for inventive ability to be displayed; it also shows the prospect of some financial gain and many unexpected advantages: in fact, should the lunar directions be good this will be a very favourable period generally, more especially if the native is capable of displaying any originality in his methods, and if he acts up to the highest standards of his moral nature.

Progressed Venus Square Uranus

This is an evil aspect, that will cause domestic troubles, sudden estrangements, or very unfavourable family conditions. This aspect often leads to notoriety, for it brings out any latent tendencies to singularity or eccentricity, more especially in regard to the expression of feeling. The native should therefore be careful to do nothing that will be likely to arouse scandal or cause others to be hurt or offended by his conduct; for his magnetic conditions will be such as to make him a little erratic and inclined to act peculiarly where feeling is concerned, and it may cause attachments or connections that will not be favourable to his prospects, events arising out of them that will tend to injuriously affect his honour or seriously thwart his hopes and wishes.

He will suffer some financial loss and also be affected by the action of others in some harmful manner. No removals or changes should be made while this influence operates. A decidedly critical period.

Progressed Venus Trine Uranus

A very favourable aspect and one likely to bring success, not only financially but also emotionally and socially. The native will have some sudden gain under this aspect, and should he speculate or invest money it will benefit him unexpectedly or bring him sudden profit. He will also find himself magnetically attracted to others, and forming fresh engagements and attachments which will influence his life in some very marked way: this is a good aspect for travel and making important changes.

Friends will help and benefit him, and if he is in any way inclined to be imaginative or idealistic he will now have abundant opportunity to experience friendship of a romantic character, for he will be easily affected by mental attractions. This is a good aspect for all occult matters, and for studies of the metaphysical and higher thought type: it gives the ability to study astrology and kindred subjects. It is a good period in every way and should be made the most of.

Progressed Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus

This is not a favourable aspect and warns the native to avoid all travel, changes and removals, for it threatens him with sudden and unexpected troubles. It is not a good time to enter into any engagements or to have attachments of a romantic character: imaginative mental conditions, in which either fancy or fascination plays an important part will be the result of this magnetic influence, which is in no way a good aspect for friendships of any kind.

This is not a good time for legal affairs, nor for dealing either with solicitors or those who are engaged in any work where law is concerned. Financial affairs should be watched, for monetary losses are likely, and if the lunar aspects are now of an adverse nature it will not be a good time. The native should act as discreetly as he can, and should be guarded in all his dealings with others; especially those who have any influence over his feelings, as he will now be very impressionable.

Progressed Venus Quincunx Uranus

An aspect that is very weak and may have little or no effect upon the life; if it does in any way affect the native it will be owing to the fact that other influences of a similar nature are operating, especially those shown by the Moon; for when the Moon aspects either Venus or Uranus it will set this aspect in motion. Its influence will be felt in the general health, as it will cause a tendency to nervous disorders; and some indications of those nervous troubles will be a tendency to become easily affected by others magnetically, to be over-impressionable, whimsical, and sentimental. The native will meet with those whose influence upon him will be more attractive than is ordinarily experienced. He should not lend money or allow himself to be over-indebted to others, for this is a period in which care will be needed not to fall too much under the influence of others.

Progressed Venus Opposition Uranus

This is an affliction which is far from good in its influence. It will bring separations and estrangements from those loved and cause sorrow and pain while it operates. The native’s feelings and emotions will be at a high tension and liable to be easily affected, and he should therefore be careful in all attachments to guard himself from sensation or becoming too susceptible to the influence of others; for the magnetic conditions will be such that his sensibility to the personal attractions of others or their plausibility of manner will put him very much at their mercy; it is an evil time for legal affairs and for all monetary matters, especially as regards speculation and investment.

The native cannot be too careful in all Venus affairs while this influence operates: he will either make some sudden and unwise change, or display a general inclination to do things abruptly and suddenly: the unexpected is sure to happen under this peculiar mental aspect and he cannot be too careful in all his relationships with others. It is a very critical period, especially for women. A dangerous time.

Progressed Venus Parallel Uranus

This peculiar influence will last for some considerable time; for all parallels act over more than one year, often extending over a period of many years, since it is a gradual and not a sharply-defined or decisive aspect. Under its influence the native will undergo strange and somewhat remarkable experiences in connection with the feelings, forming attachments or connections that will not be in any sense of the word orthodox, but somewhat bohemian and free, tinged with romance, and having all the elements of independence and originality.

It is a period therefore during which care should be exercised, as his motives and actions are very liable to be mistaken, and have wrong constructions placed upon them; this will be due to the magnetic vibrations playing upon the native, which will make him act from unpremeditated and spontaneous promptings of a somewhat impulsive character, rather than from deliberately reasoned motives.

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  1. Wanda Joy Harding on said:

    It seems to me that… this progressed aspect is about taking an objective look at your values and how you relate…. re -evaluating your relationships… and making serious changes if you have been stuck… in a negative relationship. This is my situation… but, I have not been able to pull off the separation/divorce yet…I tried in 2015… but, the partner got sick … better now, but… I couldn’t do it…. it does need to be done, though… Some times, the changes /revolution, have to be done for growth.

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