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Progressed Mercury Aspects to Neptune

Progressed Mercury Aspects to Neptune

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mercury aspects to natal Neptune, and also for progressed Mercury aspects to progressed Neptune.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mercury aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mercury Conjunction Neptune

The influence of this position will depend very largely on the innate susceptibility to Neptunian influences, and whether or no it is likely to be of a favourable character. Where little susceptibility exists, this influence is certain to prove almost negligeable, amounting to no more than a meeting with some singular or outre character or some weird experience—perhaps a strange and vivid dream. But in very refined or artistic characters, there will be at this period a flow of inspirational or creative ability of a mental character, and of a very high order.

This essential mental fecundity is almost certain to produce effects of some kind in all who come under this influence, but in the less evolved it is only likely to result in a disposition to scheme for the attainment of some desired object, either personal gain or the gratification of passion. However, in some form or other scheming (either in the good or in the bad sense of the word) is sure to be the outcome of this position of Mercury and Neptune.

Progressed Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune

This aspect has but a slight influence on the mind in most cases. To those who are highly mercurial, or who have Neptune prominent in the nativity, it is likely to bring moments of rare mental exaltation of a more or less ecstatic character, with poetical or musical inspirations at times. Unless the lunar aspects assist, however, these rapt conditions are hardly likely to take effect on the physical plane, and will consequently only be conveyed in the form of dreams, some of which at any rate are likely to be remembered. Where Mercury is behind Neptune in the Zodiac, there may be some inhibition of speech or the mental faculties for a short period in some cases.

Progressed Mercury Semi-square Neptune

This is a weak aspect, and will probably pass unnoticed in the majority of cases. It indicates a change of phase in the vibrations passing from these planets to the earth, and hence to those sensitive thereto it portends a harassing and distressing period, when things will go wrong in a most unaccountable way, and petty persecutions and restrictions will cause sorrow and annoyance. The mind will, as it were, oscillate between two courses, uncertain which to take.

Progressed Mercury Sextile Neptune

This is probably the best aspect between these two planets, and should the nativity indicate any such possibility, poetic, mystical, fanciful or humorous inventions will flow in upon the native’s consciousness, and he may reap a lasting benefit from the exercise of any literary or artistic skill at this time. To others it will bring pleasant journeys, friendships, religious or mystical experiences, invariably connected in some strange way with the sea.

Progressed Mercury Square Neptune

This is very unfortunate and in some ways a perilous aspect. The mind is obscured by vague and indeterminate fears, longings or aspirations; so much so, that in some cases the moral sense may become quite perverted and the native achieve an unenviable notoriety through some evil deed. (This of course depends upon the indications shown in the nativity.) Otherwise, fraud and deception of some kind or disease or hypochondria will be likely to cause the sorrow and meditation which may lead to the expansion of consciousness this aspect is destined to give rise to.

Progressed Mercury Trine Neptune

This is very similar in nature to the sextile (q.v.), but less definite in its operation. The mind is usually in a pleasant—and in some cases humorous—state, and all things signified by Mercury in the horoscope run well and smoothly. The trine aspect of Neptune is often the indicator of pronounced good fortune, but only, of course, in the absence of affliction at birth.

Progressed Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune

This is practically identical in nature with the semi-square (q.v.). It is, however, more likely than the latter to act upon the feelings rather than the mind, and some trouble of a more or less romantic nature, or other similar cause for secret grief, is probable.

Progressed Mercury Quincunx Neptune

This is somewhat similar in its nature to the semi-sextile, but is of a more critical and resolvent nature. A cloud will hang over the native’s consciousness, of which no one, probably, will be aware save himself, and which no friend or helper can avail to lighten.

Progressed Mercury Opposition Neptune

This is, if not worse than the square, at least as evil. The native will find himself deserted by those whom he has trusted in, deceived in his speculations, and disappointed in his hopes. The exact nature of events will depend on the houses ruled by Mercury in the nativity, but in a general sense clerks, servants, messengers or agents will be the source of trouble.

Progressed Mercury Parallel Neptune

This, in common with all parallels, is rather an inclining than a determinative influence, and tends to act chiefly on the subjective planes. Should the native be an imaginative writer, a poet or musician, his work at this period will be tinctured by that vein of semi-sensuous mysticism that characterises the works, among many others, of Pie, Maeterlinck, Wagner and Swinburne, or such humour as is found in the writings of Artemus Ward and Lewis Carroll—to mention two extremes. In less refined natures the position is likely to incline to “decadence,” if the natal aspects to Neptune predispose thereto.

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  1. I will have the progressed trine for a long time.
    I have this natally.
    Mercury trine Neptune.
    I do write poetry. Dance. Music

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