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Progressed Moon Aspects to Venus

Progressed Moon Aspects to Venus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Venus, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Venus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Venus

This is a very good position, denoting a favourable time for all pleasures, for attachments, engagements and social affairs generally. The feelings and emotions will now be pleasurably excited, and the native will respond to all display of affection readily and with full sympathy, for this will bring friendships, and those attachments which will link him to others and make lasting ties of a very beneficial nature: it is a good time to seek pleasure, and to make oneself as attractive and pleasing as possible.

This position very often brings a marriage, or its equivalent, a partnership or tie that is favourable and good. The native’s mind will now be peaceful and happy; he should therefore make the most of his good opportunities, using this harmonious vibration for the refining and purifying of the personality. It is a favourable position for all artistic matters.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Venus

Although a weak aspect this is good, and tends to improve the mind by making it more pleasure-loving and peaceful, also more inclined to society and the fellowship of others. It is a good time to form new acquaintances, to make friends, or to form attachments. It is not a sufficiently strong aspect to bring matters to a state of fruition, but it is good for the native to make himself active in regard to feeling, so that his affections may find a safe outlet.

This aspect is slightly good also for monetary affairs, and he should improve his financial prospects under its influence. He will find it good for visiting and making friends, and for extending his social circle, also for generally benefiting his domestic affairs. It is only slightly good, being a weak aspect, but much more may be made of it by taking it as an opportunity to be utilised.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Venus

This is not a good influence, though it is in many respects a weak one. It will cause the native some disappointment, or will arrest the flow of feeling and emotion. He will not be able to show or demonstrate all he feels, and will find some delay or hindrance to his affections. It is not a good time to form new attachments or to make friends and acquaintances, and he will do well also to watch expenditure, as he will be liable to some monetary losses. If careful, not allowing sensation or personal feeling to affect him, nothing serious will disturb his affections while this lunar aspect lasts; but it will be just as well, by not looking for more than ordinary sympathy, to avoid having the personal sensitiveness affected while this aspect is in force—rarely longer than one or two months at the outside.

Progressed Moon Sextile Venus

This is a very favourable and fortunate lunar aspect, and it will benefit the native in many ways. The mind will be more clear and lucid while it operates, and the feelings and emotions will be stirred, so that he will find an outlet for feeling through the affectional side of his nature, forming attachments or unions that will be very successful, and linking himself to others in a manner that will be highly beneficial and fruitful.

He should make the most of this aspect to bring to a satisfactory issue the links that exist between himself and others; for his feelings will be at their best, and the whole of the nature will filled with pleasant emotion under this aspect. It is a good period for financial success, and the monetary prospects should improve and bring success and gain. The native should do all he can to advance himself socially, mentally, and morally; for it is one of the best lunar aspects and should be used to improve the general conditions.

Progressed Moon Square Venus

This is not a favourable aspect, and is one likely to cause some trouble, especially with regard to the feelings and emotions; for the native is likely to suffer disappointment, or to have disagreements with others, which will cause him sorrow and anxiety. His attachments and engagements are likely to go wrong under this aspect, and domestic affairs to be upset and disarranged. This aspect also denotes some monetary difficulties, therefore it is advisable to use care in all financial matters.

It is not a good time for social undertakings, and the greatest care will be necessary to keep from fretting, and from unduly feeling the adverse vibrations now operating. If the native allows personal feeling to affect him, he will now be very sensitive and easily wounded. He cannot be too careful in all dealings with the opposite sex, and should not allow himself to form any attachments that are not in accord with his ideals.

Progressed Moon Trine Venus

This is a remarkably good lunar aspect, and if it coincides with other good directions operating it will mark an epoch in life. The native will now find his feelings and emotions having a very satisfactory outlet, for it will make his attachments and engagements fruitful, and tend to bring all matters concerning the affections to a satisfactory issue. It is a very good time for pleasure, for social success, and for general advancement and prosperity.

It is good also for finance and monetary prospects, and will bring gain, pleasure, and profit in many directions. The native will be wise to make the most of this very favourable lunar aspect, and to do all he can to bring about his desires. A great deal will depend upon his environment at this time: he will have the opportunity, and it will be for him to respond himself to the opportunity that this influence will bring. In any case it is a good aspect, and will bring good in accordance with the indications shown in the nativity.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Venus

Not a very important aspect, but when other influences are evil it denotes a death in the family circle, or some loss which is keenly felt. The native’s feelings and emotions will suffer in some way, especially if his affections have not been altogether well placed; financial matters, moreover, should be watched while this aspect lasts, for there is some liability to losses. Though not a powerful influence it will act adversely if the personal feelings are easily wounded, for there is a tendency to make more of events that related to attachments and engagements than would otherwise be the case.

It is not a good time for domestic affairs and for social concerns. The native should be careful in all dealings with the opposite sex; also with regard to his expenditure, which is likely to exceed his income, for this is rather a wasteful aspect: in fact, it is one that brings a great deal of anxiety if at the same time other influences are adverse.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Venus

This is a very weak aspect, and only likely to affect the native actively if the feelings and emotions have been called out, and he has any attachments or engagements into which some of the personal feelings have been poured. It will slightly benefit him financially or socially; and if he exerts himself personally during its operation it will benefit him according to his ability to influence others in his favour.

It is a good time to visit, and to form new friendships, since acquaintanceships now made will be likely to prove satisfactory; moreover domestic affairs will go well while this influence lasts. It is, however, one that will soon pass off, and it is even possible that nothing at all of importance may occur. A great deal will depend upon the native’s own attitude towards others at this time.

Progressed Moon Opposition Venus

This is very unfavourable and is likely to bring sorrow and disappointment. It may produce a death in the family circle, or in some other way bring grief, for it is an aspect that affects the feelings and emotions, and will tend to produce a rather trying time whilst it operates. The native cannot be too careful with regard to friends and acquaintances, or any attachments or engagements he may have in prospect.

It will be an evil time for his financial affairs, and he should guard against monetary losses. All associations with the opposite sex will now require great care, for there is a liability to get into trouble or disgrace through connections with others at this period. If the other directions are operating adversely this will be a very bad time, and great care will be necessary to avoid separations, disappointments, and sorrowful experiences generally.

Progressed Moon Parallel Venus

This is a very favourable position, and likely to benefit the native and bring him good fortune and success while it lasts; and as it is not confined to one month alone it is quite a general aspect for good. It will improve the mind, making it cheerful, bright and mirthful, inclined to pleasure, and to take things in a lighter vein than usual. The native will obtain some social advantage under its influence, and will have dealings with others that will tend to bring about attachments or engagements of a very favourable nature, his feelings and emotions being stirred to respond to any demonstration of affection or display of feeling on the part of others. He should make the most of this period, for it is a good time for all things; and if he uses it for advancing his own interests he will find all things going smoothly and easily with him.

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