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Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius Couple Holding Hands on Swing Set
Sagittarius Couple Holding Hands on Swing Set

Updated April 9, 2020
Originally posted September 13, 2011
By Corinne Lane     36 Comments

I love Truth, Freedom, and the Pursuit of Fun

The first secret to know about a Sagittarius in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Sagittarius person. Only someone with planet Venus in Sagittarius will be a “Sagittarius in love.” (Venus Sign Calculator)

Venus in Sagittarius will sow his wild oats far and wide before settling down. Sagittarius puts fun first, with the claim that he hasn’t found the right person to settle down with. The truth is that these folks are terrified of being reigned in. They explore new relationships, not for the purpose of finding a partner, but simply for the purpose of exploring. They are broadminded, tolerant, popular, and have many friends. They get along with every kind of person, religion, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Their curiosity rivals that of Gemini. But unlike Gemini, these lovers can finally become attached in love.

In love, Sagittarius is warm, idealistic, generous, free-loving, enthusiastic, and a clumsy fool. Once they fall for you (quite literally, fall), their idealistic natures shine brightly. When they get inspired, they can quote poetry and share a romantic evening as nicely as any water sign. But they’ll bore of it quickly, after one night. Their deep-rooted restless urge to move on can cause problems in love relationships. And their capacity for emotional bonding is very limited. These are rowdy lovers who’s idea of bonding is to hold hands with each other on a roller coaster. Or hold hands while sky-diving. Or race each other on motorcycles.

While that may sound like exciting fun to many people, the difference with Sagittarius is that for them, it is how they experience love. When they offer to take you on an adventure, it’s quite possible that they have fallen in love with you. They will not opt for a romantic dinner; that would bore them. If you’re hoping for a soul-level declaration of undying love, seek elsewhere. Sagittarius sees that as some sort of communism.

If your Sagittarius lover is on a strict budget and cannot take you out, you can tell he’s in love when he starts cracking jokes and telling funny stories. That is another form of bonding for Sagittarius. They talk, and talk, and talk.

They can also be insensitive. But Sagittarius can be as witty as any Gemini. Sagittarian wit usually comes out of their mouths unplanned, while they crack jokes on the spot. Their jokes are usually laced with sarcastic wisdom.

The Sagittarius lover’s passion and idealism in love can make them ignore your feelings. They can become so convinced that their love is so perfect and so grand, that they fail to see any problems in your relationship. For this reason, they do best with people who have Venus in the fire signs. Fire signs don’t have a problem with that line of thinking. Venus in the air signs may also work. However, Venus in earth or water signs will have big problems with a Sagittarius lover. Venus in Sagittarius will not bond on a water level, nor remain constant enough for earthy people. Earth and water Venuses might feel unloved by Sagittarius.

Once in a committed relationship, Sagittarius strives to be honest in love. They understand completely that commitment means they are tied down indefinitely. This causes them headaches, because their natures don’t enjoy being tied down. But if they find you worthy, they can remain tied down and faithful to you simply because of principle. In this way, they differ greatly from Gemini. But while they remain in the relationship, they will extend their leash as far out as it will stretch. They will insist upon having their own time to do their own thing. In this way, Sagittarius lovers promote a healthy kind of relationship. They don’t only insist upon their own freedom, but they encourage you to freely explore your own talents and do your own thing, as well. They believe everyone should be free to explore. Sagittarius explores not just the physical world, but also the world of thought. They love to explore new ideas and philosophies.  Your Sagittarius lover loves to learn, and will encourage you in any scholarly endeavors. Sagittarius is a very understanding lover.

Venus in Sagittarius has a special bond with lady luck. These lovers are so lucky, they’re the only ones who can survive the crazy stunts they pull off (sky-diving, bungee-jumping, base-jumping, speed-racing, etc.).

As you have probably discovered, Venus in Sagittarius has sex on the first date. They are ready for it anywhere, preferably outdoors. For this reason, they always carry a picnic blanket.

The lady with Venus in Sagittarius is attractive in a tomboyish way, combining a sexy “wild-girl” look, and a sporty “I don’t care how I look” look. Sagittarius is, after all, the tomboy sign. The more “girly” Sagittarian ladies have a “hippie” appearance, with long hair which they prefer to keep natural. She is almost always in shape and athletic. She is philosophical, smart, and understanding, but will blow up for two minutes when she gets upset. After two minutes, she’ll be understanding again. She is unpredictable, fun, and always cool.

Men with Venus in Sagittarius are sexually attracted to care-free, wild, uncomplicated types. They do not want a high-maintenance, prissy lover. They prefer athletic, thin bodies instead of busty, full figures. You can skip breast-augmentation if you’re dating this guy. However, you may want to look into liposuction. Sagittarius men don’t mind if your hair is not done; they actually prefer it a little wild. They like a partner who knows how to throw caution to the wind and have fun. Sagittarius men have high sexual stamina, and they are attracted to partners who can match this.

Some notable people with Venus in Sagittarius are Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, Kim Basinger, Jimi Hendrix, Jay Z, and Winston Churchill.

How to Love Venus in Sagittarius

For your Sagittarius lover to feel loved, believe it or not, they need to feel a philosophical harmony with you. Because of their high level of idealism, they have to know that you have similar ideas or goals in your head. This can range from sharing the same religion, to supporting the same causes, being on the same political party, studying the same subjects in college, or having the same career goals. There must be one of those connections for Sagittarius to feel loved in a close relationship. Notice that none of those mentioned “close emotional bonding,” or “understand their feelings,” or “buy them lots of gifts.”

Don’t smother your Sagittarius lover with your declarations of deep feelings, because they don’t consider that as important. If you want to win them over, it’s more important for you to be fun and carefree. It’s also important for you to not be so sensitive. These are rough folks who can speak the truth very bluntly. You must be prepared to brush off some of the insensitive things they may say. If you don’t brush it off, they will be confused because they never meant any harm. “The truth is the truth,” they always say.

They do value honesty, so you should be honest all the time. They value knowledge, so you should appear smart by saying smart things. It helps if you read a lot. However, you must be willing to drop your books and jump on the back of their motorcycle at the drop of a hat. If you cannot be ready for fun on a moment’s notice, they will not stick around for you. This can get exhausting, so you must eat healthy and stay in shape.

Laugh at their jokes, since joking is one of their main ways of expressing love. Laugh with them, at them, and joke back. Sagittarius is a clown at heart, and what’s a clown without someone to entertain? They, more than most people, really appreciate when you laugh at their jokes (they are also the kind of people who laugh at their own jokes).

Remember to give your Sagittarius lover plenty of freedom to roam and explore. This will not make them stray from the relationship; rather, it will make them feel more comfortable with you. Without the freedom to explore, they will feel like they’re dying and may run away looking for air.

For dates, take them outdoors. They can feel intimate on nature hikes, bike-rides, canoe rides, and stuff like that. Just as enjoyable for them are places that offer mental exploration, such as museums, libraries, or book stores. They can also really get into a good movie, and they’ll discuss it with you for hours afterward.

If you have the sexual stamina of a horse and can quote Socrates while jumping out of a plane, then you’re a perfect match for this most interesting lover of the zodiac.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Sagittarius. Read about the Fire Sign Love Language since Sagittarius is a fire sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. yes but what about a man i know with venus AND moon in sag yet squaring pluto?! Any one have the time and feels to e mail me re this?

  2. Brittney on said:

    Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! This describes me to a T. I almost want to print it out and attach it to the fridge so my poor (Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Virgo Venus/Mars) husband will finally understand what’s going on with me…in fact I may do just that. Thank you for this!

  3. wow, yes this describes me very well!

  4. This sounds exactly like with one exception. It just wasnt ringing true with me about not wanting to settle down at a early age. I have always wanted to be in a committed relationship. In fact I would day dream about that at a very young age. I wouldn’t waste my time will someone I didn’t feel had what I was looking. My point is, I really dislike being single. 12/9/69. 4:12 pm

  5. So true!! I start cracking jokes up when I am interested. But sometimes people get offended by it, they don’t understand this is my nature. I was just joking in a sarcastic way, I also dont mind when people call me dumb, I can take a joke unless it’s extremely offensive.

    I also love it when people go philosophy on me, especially if they share the same belief with me! I get so excited and can’t stop talking. I lose interest in those who are inflexible with their beliefs, even when I show them evidences they are wrong, including the existence of God.

    I also like someone who I can laugh around with and have fun. I somewhat like athetic guys more but I dont mind.

    I like freedom and space, but at the time I can be very loyal if I want to…that loyalty fades if I feel restricted and confined..I dont mind giving you space either.

    Yep, basically what I am. I have Sagittarius venus

    • I’m a Sagittarius too, and I feel and act exactly the same way you do. I’m completely honest and I’m not afraid sharing my beliefs. I feel sorry for all those inflexible and religious people who believe that god exists. I spontaneously make jokes on the spot and don’t care what other people think about me at that time. People either love me and accept for who I am, or hate me because they cannot tolerate my free spirit and independent thinking.

      • Careful Saj that you don’t get too convinced of your own stuff. Interestingly Jupiter is about religion When you stop thinking of God as a man on a throne in the sky, but instead. the powerful energy that has created all of the order even the seeming disorder in the universe you too will believe

        • Kerri Moorcroft on said:

          Indeed..took the words out of my mouth. It’s hard to be involved in astrology without believing in God or a higher power.. No throne in the sky but the universe and it’s energy

  6. Venus conjunct moon in Sag here. This is partly true but moon must alter it. My friends say I don’t commit because I’m not submissive enough but I don’t see it. I find myself always around Cancer men. Like intimacy just about anytime and yes, it should sometimes be an adventure. LOVE philosophy and spiritual stuff. And love best when I sense a soul connection. Just don’t understand why the soul can’t enjoy a good romp. Surely the universe won’t get upset about that. Maybe it’s the moon because I require expressions of love and an emotional connection. So imagine all that fire needing expression. Must be scary. LOL. To me sharing activities IS like foreplay. Mental interaction. Phyical activity. You’re right about my planning activities to show my love but I believe that at the end of the day we should end up in the same place. At home in bed together. And yes I do require a long leash but I don’t want you to let go of it. I am very loyal. If I leave it’s because I stop feeling wanted or loved. I much prefer being in a committed loving relationship and will sacrifice a lot to hold on to it. Seem to have an affinity for Cancers and Taureans too. Must be the conjunction cause I haven’t found one yet I could stay with. I guess the Venus sees the moon and the moon sees Venus. Interesting.

    • I completely agree with you on the basis of needing a soul/emotional connection to commit. Sex on the first date is easy but to engage in an everlasting, committed relationship I must connect on all 3 levels: Mentally, Emotionally, and then this ties in to Physical attraction and chemistry. Must have the trifecta. I do find myself most happy when I can go to bed at night with my partner and I do require a pretty long leash (open relationship) but do not want my partner to let go. This in turn makes me come back to him. The biggest nail on the head was the leaving part. If I feel un-needed or wanted I have one foot out of the door already. Lastly, in relationships I always tell my partner that if we are unhappy we need to acknowledge it… if we are unhappy beyond repair we must mutually agree to part ways. My husband doesn’t let me leave without a fight… and I can be quick to take flight. He keeps me grounded.

  7. I am having a hard time in my marriage. He is doing the opposite of everything it says “to do” on this site. I wish he would read it…but he doesn’t like reading. Figures. Thank you for helping realize I am not crazy for feeling like this.

  8. i am a sagi male.and whatever is writen over here is totally correct ….all d words and letter each n every statement is correct i am happy..i really happy…and sad too because even after having a smart and handsome look..theres no love.
    sagi is ignored most of d time.because there is lack of venus fire sign.

  9. oh my this totally get me what an accurate article

  10. Im a Cusp of Taurenian/Gemini and weirdly i have a great connection with Sag men. They are fun to have around. Blunt in their honesty, but i prefer honest people than liars. Somehow i meet them, we have fun doing sports, but nothing more than that. And actually a Sag man sounds like a man i could be with, just because of the freedom, fun way of being, and openess.

    • Agreed. Sag man are fun but don’t fall in love with one, you’ll get very hurt, they don’t want and cant do a long term relationship. They’ll pretend they can to suck you in and once you’re well and truly in they’ll spit you out, bored, they want to move on to the next unsuspecting victim.

  11. I hav my sagi male fren…nd its true…description matches..nd nt jst tat…he dragged me to b adventerous…free ..nd damn carefree…i lov him
    .he kno tat…;) ….. tauras sun

  12. Venus in Sagittarius here. Everything in this article is so me. Sometimes i really hate my venus in sagittarius especially i can really like to “explore new relationships, not for the purpose of finding a partner, but simply for the purpose of exploring.” I keep repeating this and found my self hurting my partner. I feel myself so irresponsible to the person that i explored and leaving him when i got him. I am so playful and like to have fun. I really dislike myself like this because my discipline and earthy capricorn sun is telling myself to stop exploring but my venus will start to explore again and again. I understand myself so well but i just cant control it. Afterall I know my husband is the only one i can stay with because of the freedom he gave me. He got venus in air sign.

  13. Wow this is so ME! I’m a Sun-Cap, Moon-Taurus, Aries rising with Mercury and Venus in Sag… and the Sag planets have twice the power because they’re in their natural 9th house. My Sun/Moon combo keeps me grounded and at peace with myself, but it took me a while to fully understand my love and social nature. It wasn’t on the same page with all that earth. I’m not the most emotional person in the world (no personal planets in water signs) and I had zero interest in settling down or permanent commitments. All romantic relationships were like adventures where the feature elements were healthy companionship and sex. I dealt openly and honestly with others because I’ve always had a “code”, but anytime someone tried to lock me into a permanent situation wings sprouted from my heels and I found cause to flee.
    Over the years I found my best companions were people with Venus in fire or air signs, particularly Aquarius. We were able to maintain a bond with ample space, and without making the other feel trapped or under emotional pressure.
    I’m middle-aged and still single but I think I am ready for that permanent partner… if I can find the right match. I know what to look for now. This series of articles help too ;)

  14. shaniqua on said:

    Thats crazy im a sag and im dont like dangerous stuff bu i like my freedom and make people laugh

  15. If you haven’t fallen for a sag man, its not too late, run, run while you can. Initially you are under his spell because his humour and penchant for fun I so infectious but getting to know him things unravel. He prides himself on his honesty but says unnecessary things to hurt you sp dont be sensitive, dont have feelings, to him you should just accept it. You constantly have to entertain him as he gets bored easily and its all about him so don’t be boring or have a bad day or a problem. This man will say anything to get you into bed but he doesn’t mean it, he may have forgotten to be “honest” in the beginning when dating you by not telling you “hey I’m going to make you fall in love with me but its just a game as you’ll only ever be a casual fling”, hell leave that part out of his honesty mantra because he’s not stupid he’s intelligent and he wants an intelligent woman too but don’t be more intelligent than him, he can’t handle that. Concentrate on how you look because looks (especially his own) are very important to him. If you’ve gone and had your hair styled and he doesn’t like it believe me hell let you know and you’ll feel unattractive but hey appreciate his honesty. Dont put on weight either, you dont want to embarrass him in front of hos many admiring friends, by the by, you’ll find that most of his big crowd of friends are female, sag man like a fan club to boost their delicate ego. Once they have you in love with them and the chase is over you’re just boring, he’s already flirting and planning his next conquest. This man child doesn’t want to grow up so he’ll value his “freedom” because he doesn’t do coooommmiiii….commitment- such a frightening word to a poor sag man who wants to share how sexy he I with the female population of the world. They’ll complain about being lonely but font want you until you’ve finally had enough and leave them, then he’ll want you back but don’t fall for it, its just a game, your feelings and emotions mean nothing to him. He has lots of mirrors around so he can see every angle of himself and admire and preen and groom, god, so much grooming, its a wonder there’s time for anything else in his life. This sag man was 44 but acted like a 16 year old insecure boy. I wish he was reading this, I think I tell him “hey your honesty is cruel and if you cant take it font dish it out, by the way playing with your hair gel in the mirror for an hour is fruitless, cant you see the bald patch at the back of your head? By the way I faked the orgasms because you get so obsessed that you’re a miracle in bed, you’re not”. Adios, I’ve found me a Pisces man, thank god.

    • Scorpio on said:

      That last comment made me laugh because it’s so true! I’m dating a Sagittarius male and I’m a Scorpio women. We haven’t been dating for long but at first it was so much fun!. He was so adventurous, and kind. Which I totally loved! I would be the one who would plan all of our outings and He seems to like them.. Sex was really great as well… We can go at it at any time …We started to spend so much time together, he would even ask me not to leave his house the next morning when I had to go to work several times. He eventually told me I wasn’t the only girl he was dating. Being a Scorpio it did bother me a bit, but I got over it because I liked him and we didn’t have any titles to one another yet. He eventually asked me to be his GF and immediately after I felt he stopped caring . He got got what he wanted and His true colors started to show .. He’s very blunt about things which I appreciate because he’s just being honest but there have been several times when he’s just rude. I don’t think he even realizes what he just said. He is all about looks but (my looks not his.)Telling me “not to let myself go” , “you were so much thinner here, what happened?” not realizing he’s being insensitive. I made the mistake of telling him how I felt about a situation.. Still placing the blame on myself to lighten things up. Big mistake .. He turned things around to be about him and how I should taken care of myself and we’re all adults so we know what we’re doing. The point is don’t date a Sagittarius if you have feelings. They don’t care . Don’t let your guard down because they do take your kindness for weakness… The one time I need him to be honest about his feelings , so we can just end the relationship.. He decides to not be blunt about how he really feels … It’s a complicated relationship… I may have to act like a Sagittarius and be blunter about this probably not working and nip this one in the bud… As much as I read about Scorpios and Sagittarius not being compatible besides for sex and me not wanting to believe it… I’m going to say it’s all sad but true don’t do it Scorpios ! run! Good luck though ..

      • Joyful on said:

        Unless you really want to end the relationship, just talk to him. I came to this site because of moon/moon compatibility – I’m Sag moon. My now-ex was Scorpio moon. The only time he ever tried to talk to me about our relationship was during a very inappropriate time when we should not (in my opinion) have been having that conversation. Sag needs to “know”; Scorp expects “YOU to knoowwww.” Sag needs honesty. When they don’t get it they think you don’t care and find it hard to trust you. No relationship can survive without trust. I tried to think about when I first began to distrust my Scorp moon. It really was early in the relationship. When I would ask how he felt about something, he would tell me what his mother said, his friends thought, a story he read, but I wanted to know what HE thought. If you asked who he was with, he would say with his friends. What friends? If you have a lot on your mind, say, babe, got a lot on my mind right now; need some down time NOT don’t you UNDERSTAND how I feeeeel. Of course your Sag understands; he’s trying to cheer you up and he’s awkward at it. Recently had a conversation with someone who said I was insensitive. Really? How sensitive is that remark? How is it you can say what you want without hurting me and everything I say hurts you so bad? You don’t think I have feelings too? Different conversation – “I like that you are so carefree and not needy. I feel things deep in my heart.” My response – “WTF. Are you saying I don’t have a heart? I have a heart, I just don’t wear it on my sleeve.” His response – “Never looked at it like that. You seem like you don’t care.” “No, I care. I just don’t do drama.” So, your Sag does have feelings; he/she just covers them up more than others and tries to keep it moving. Believe me, he feels the pain of losing you and will let you know he does. He’s just not likely to cry about it at the dinner.

        • How did I end up here?,wow this is something!.im an Aries women or girl whatever..I think I do understand sag folks,it’s just that can you guys please be a little sensitive.I don’t ask for more just a long thought before you say something,or maybe just be sure to tell me that you love me for at least once a month,also try to be more listening,maybe just nod your head if you don’t like the drama and stuff,thank you so much that’d be great

    • Meggan on said:


  16. Joyful on said:

    dEEvEEdEE…I didn’t mean an open relationship. By long leash, I mean being able to go out alone without a GPS stuck up my butt and not having to talk to you on the phone all day because I have a job. I never cheat.

  17. LoveLoveLove on said:

    I identify with this so much as a Sagittarius in Love. This is the subject of my reflective writing for the day :)

  18. Not all Sagittarius are Christian. I’m a sag and NOT Christian. I don’t have or want to share a love of God with my partner

  19. I’m a sag and I’m deeply in love with a Scorpio woman we’ve had our problems but still see each other I’ve asked her to let me go if I’m not what she wants if I’m not who she wanted…she took two weeks and a half to respond…she asked how I was doing and when she could see me…I think that if the love is there it doesn’t matter what sign you are or your loved one is…understanding and love will conquer all!!!!

  20. GoldenIris on said:

    The Venus in Sagittarius man is one of the most psychotic/unfaithful placements for a man. They love Loose women! They may marry someone with class and education for keeping up with appearances, but they love prostitutes, drug addicts, porn stars you name it! Especially if they are a Sag or Scorpio. Beware! Only a woman who is as Laissez faire as they are about sex & commitment will love this man

    • wow that’s pretty harsh. I’m a women Sag/ Scorpio and I love men and relationships. not all of us are like the man you speak of. disrespect comes in all forms. be happy smile a little more life is great .

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