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Leo in Love

Leo in love

“I Love Drama”

The first secret to know about a Leo in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Leo person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Leo will be a “Leo in love.”

Venus in Leo is a warm, dramatic, enthusiastic lover. They have great vitality, expressing their love playfully and generously. They are loyal. They will court you in a grand way, ignoring the world around you as they make you the center of their attention. Enjoy it, and then be sure to reciprocate it! They are simply treating you the way they want to be treated. If you don’t give them the attention they believe they deserve, you will pay the price. The Venus in Leo lady is a high-maintenance drama queen. She’s not afraid of making loud scenes in public places because you smiled at the waitress. Likewise, the Venus in Leo man had better be your king, or you will hear him roar. They are drama queens, but they are sincere and honest with their love. They don’t play power games. They want to be adored, damn it! They have a fundamental need to be the center of attention, and to dominate your emotional life. Believe it or not, they have a big heart.

Whereas Aries is selfish, Leo is self-centered. There is a difference. The Leo lover is proud, arrogant, and the center of their own attention. They are proud of themselves, and they honestly believe that everyone else should be proud of them, too. But they are not selfish. They are actually very generous with their resources, always showering their loved ones with gifts. But be sure, they give gifts the way a king or queen gives gifts to loyal subjects. They expect you to worship them. They can be blind to your needs, not even recognizing if they’ve been harsh with you because their attention is focused on themselves.

Madonna, Pamela Anderson, President George W. Bush, the Dalai Lama, and Tom Cruise have Venus in Leo, as did Michael Jackson and Mother Teresa.

Leo is the fixed fire sign, and Venus in Leo can be a painfully stubborn lover. They will stick around for a long time in a relationship. They will hold on to you for a long time after you break up with them, sometimes refusing to let go.

The Venus in Leo man is turned on by proud women decked out in jewelry, polished nails, and lots of accessories. He doesn’t mind if a woman has plastic surgery or other cosmetic enhancements. Whatever makes her look like a million bucks is okay. The Venus in Leo lady prefers to wear a tiara instead of a veil at her wedding.

How to Love Venus in Leo

Making your Venus in Leo lover feel loved is easy: worship them. Make them the center of your attention at all times. Don’t you dare look at another person when they’re near you. The Venus in Leo lover must come first in your life, before family, before everything. If you give anything less than that, the Leo lover will not feel loved. Neither smooth-talking words, nor sweet hugs will do the trick if they don’t feel that they are the center of your attention. So put your Leo lover on a pedestal and don’t take your eyes off them. They also enjoy receiving gifts; after all, they’ve already showered you with gifts. Try to make a habit of buying something for them everywhere you go, even if a small souvenir. If you go to a bookstore, buy them a bookmark; if you go the grocery store, buy them a card. They really take that to heart. They’re not picky with gifts, they just like to receive anything. They know it’s the thought that counts, and they want to know that you’ve been thinking about them everywhere. Praise your Venus in Leo lover when you talk to other people. They have a deep need for recognition, and they will understand such public praise as love. Praise and admiration mean more to them than any romantic date. You will be rewarded with a generous, warm, and honest drama queen.



Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Written by Corrine Lane

Posted in Love and Relationships.

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10 thoughts on “Leo in Love

  1. Yes, i can highly agree! The venus leo lover i had… Lets just say. He IS the King! And unfortunate for both of us…, i happen to be the Queen, with my venus being in Scorpio.. Our worlds nor lives have never been the same!lol

    He is a lover! Sensual and passoinate at its utmost..ive never felt so caressed by another
    since and we are talking 6yrs later, after being apart!

    So to make this story short, the post is correct! This leo venus lover had made it known. He loves me. He suffers from constant loonging me, he wants me and im the BEST lover HEs ever had. Ever! Hes been with his girl since we split. smh! Yea, stubborn. He/we, will love and makelove for our life times

  2. I have venus in love and I love to be adored and treasured. I love when my men brag about me and i need to be rerspected and admired. I hate anyone who spreads bad roomers about me. I love deep intense relationships and I need to feel that I am missed by my man, I want him to need me like air and focus love and attention to me, If i did my hair, nails or wearing somthing new, pls comment and tell me how good i look and that i look good all the time, I need loads of attention and i want to think i am the only one. If you told me yesterday, tell me today and tommorrow.tell me u will die if u dont have my body, tell me i am the best person u have ever had. pour out your heart and sole i want u to flood me with energy and emotion. My man is venus in scorpio and i must say he is the only one who has met all my demanding needs and tell him let loose your scorpio on me i dont mind. As well he is very loyal and will always protect me. I am all these qualities I am say, good article!

  3. I have Venus in Leo too and I am a guy. And yes, this is exactly the way I love. I am the type of guy to cross the oceans for a woman and I have done it. Also, yes, I love to giving gifts here and there and be treated like a king and being told that I mean the world, and that I am the best, and that I am the most attractive man around, the kindest, the everything, lol. And yes, I have been treated that way by a few ladies who told me they would do anything for me and that I was THE man. That feels really good. That is funny :-).

  4. Portia on said:

    I’ve got a Venus in Leo,honestly it’s hard for me to let go..i can’t except to be avoided even if its for a minute.Silly me for being involved with a selfish,arrogant Aries man…its just drama after drama.

  5. This is scary accurate. It’s very intriguing! In my most recent relationship my ex had always told me that I expected to be treated like a princess. I couldn’t even deny it, and in fact was pretty straight forward with it. However, I believe that it is common for most people to misunderstand Leo in Venus. Just as this article suggests, although Leo in Venus demands a lot, they also give a lot. This is entirely true for me. I often say that I demand so much only bc I know how much I’ll put on the front line once I’ve fallen in love with you. So not only do I expect to be treated as a princess, I will go to the world’s end to make sure that my lover is treated like a prince. Many of these qualities, I believe, are even more enhanced with my sun in Cancer. I will protect you, defend you, and never let go of you once we’ve fallen in love. I also believe that I am the best lover you will ever have. I become very temperamental when I don’t get what I want and don’t feel appreciated. But, I will remain forever loyal to you and will ensure that our love life never goes without excitement.

  6. Kristin on said:

    I am a Capricorn Sun so I am always attracting Scorpio Suns, moons or Venus. But my Venus is Sag so I find Scoprio’s sooooo boring. So stuck in the past and their “depth” is merely self-projection. They are trying to pierce a place I am not longer at while I am staring into the horizon and chasing it. LOL! Those never work and Scorpio’s end up pining. IMO because they want what they cannot have. It feeds into this illusion of mystery.
    But Leo’s….omg. I just cannot get enough of Leo energy! The passion. The love. ARGHHHH!!!!! I just want to bask. lol. I am also a Cancer Moon so their neediness is a perfect receptacle for my giving/affectionate tendencies.

  7. this is so true even if my venus isnt in leo…i am leo, but venus in virgo…it’s hard for me to let go of a dead relationship…faults of a fixed sign unfortunately…and we spoil/pamper the other with all our resources…we know no bounds! but we just get so bored easily though, once the challenge of obtaining is done, hard for me to keep it going…i need someone to keep me on my toes and vice versa but still have that loyalty, fidelity attached.

  8. I have to admit I have venus in leo and am skeptical about all of this for the long run. I can imagine a young, possibly immature, less life experienced individual who may not have had tough times to act like this. Your life experiences shape you up, change you, give you a different outlook. Even Being educated can change you as a whole. Bottom line is time changes us all. I would not label a person to be this one way in love the rest of their lives. Unconvinced. maybe falling in love/at the beginning they may be this way, but not forever. Whilst all influences have some interpretation the house Venus is in is the area the planets energy is most expressed so I would take this basic sign placement with a pinch of salt to define a person in love. think about it moon deals with feelings, emotions and subconscious so is key. If Neptune is strong in the chart the love could all be a misty fogy unclear cloud of deceit or even illusion. If Saturn is harshly aspecting Venus or rules natal tough lessons are to be learned and will certainly put the drama queen in place. I would probably consider basic sign placements as the infant influences, like trying to get to know yourself and find yourself. Taking more into consideration is the evolved persona. Above all the Chinese horoscope is more accurate.

    • *in fact if Venus isn’t particularly emphasized/strong/aspected in the natal chart or dominant some people wouldn’t feel the need to focus on this planet much at all

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