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Pisces Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Pisces Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Updated October 10, 2023
Originally posted July 17, 2018
By Corinne Lane     3 Comments

Here are interpretations for sun-rising combinations: Pisces Sun with each of the 12 rising signs.

(Find out your rising sign with our Rising Sign Calculator.)

Pisces Sun With Aries Rising

“Intuitive and independent”

Aries is a favorable ascendant for your Pisces sun sign. Favorable because you have more assurance to face situations. This ascendant is appropriate to carry out bold projects, especially financial ones.

The Aries will is a precious asset to combat the characteristic indolence of Pisces.

Your way of showing affection is more direct, and at the same time, you will have more diplomacy and sociability, which will be much appreciated by your partner. Also, you will not have the tendency toward depression so typical of Pisces.

Your intuition will remain unalterable. Aries will add to your personality enough independence to execute your projects with assertiveness.

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Pisces Sun With Taurus Rising

“Creative Realist”

A Taurus ascendant adds equilibrium to the Pisces sun sign. Your sense of reality, together with your imagination, gives you a talent for acting.

Because of your kind personality, you will be able to make many friendships.

You must fight laziness. You have so many positive traits waiting to be put into action; don’t waste them away by daydreaming.

Double-check any urge to be possessive or jealous when it comes to love. You have the tools to build a lasting relationship and form a family if you so desire; the key lies in maintaining stability as you pursue your dreams.

Your mission is to strive for equilibrium and manifest your aspirations.

Your sensitivity and a well-placed Venus can lead to a career in the arts, especially musical endeavors.

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Pisces Sun With Gemini Rising

“Smart and sociable”

While your ascendant in Gemini keeps you stressed, it can be very useful to alleviate your shyness.

You have wit and natural intelligence. You are able to develop a career that requires higher education. You can also achieve a good position in the fields of business, retail, or trade.

You’re drawn to frequent short trips, seeking new experiences and environments. You also have the potential to learn foreign languages, enhancing your ability to adapt in different settings.

However, your inclination towards carelessness and distraction could sidetrack you from utilizing your best qualities.

You have the ability to always get new, enterprising friends to support your humanitarian projects. However, your flexibility can cause you to fall into some shady schemes. Frankness must be the right path for your personal achievements.

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Pisces Sun With Cancer Rising

“A sensitive fish”

The noble combination of Pisces sun and Cancer rising oozes sensitivity. You will extend your protective spirit beyond your home and family.

The maternal quality is very marked, which can make it detrimental, especially in men, when it comes to finding a partner. Your emotionality will not allow you to endure the harshness of a relationship that is too rigid.

You have a good memory. This can be beneficial to you regarding any education. However, it can be negative when it is an obstacle preventing you from moving towards the future.

Perseverance will renew you and keep you quiet and peaceful.

Your sensitivity can help you develop your skills as an artist or in the fields of theater or literature. These are positive outlets for you to express your sensitivity without falling into hypersensitivity or susceptibility.

You would be a good teacher and an excellent parent, thanks to your love for children.

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Pisces Sun With Leo Rising

“Bright and determined”

You are so passionate that you would die for a just cause. Leo Rising helps you follow through and develop your humanitarian ideals. Your creative capacity is increased with this rising sign. You can face various challenges.

You have the gift of balanced control with Pisces, so as not to fall into domineering and boasting.

Your amorous nature is very marked and defines the outstanding feature of your passionate and fiery personality.

At work, your organization skills are very appreciated. Especially in the social sector, where you really shine. In this sense, your sensitivity quiets down to give way to your firm purposes.

You should avoid dominating others excessively through deceptive means.

You are the most determined of the Pisces. Your personality shines in front of others without you trying. Your gift of leadership is born from a mysterious magnetism.

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Pisces Sun With Virgo Rising

“Critical fish”

This combination is characterized by the spiritual dichotomy of Pisces and the mental plane of Virgo.

Pisces is a very sensitive sign. Therefore, when even a slight crisis arises, the weaknesses of the sign become manifest. Your mind wobbles easily between the real and the unreal, between the skeptical and the religious, or between attention and negligence.

For you, the best company is someone who gives you the peace you so long for.

You should try to be less critical and more flexible.

Sometimes, you see life as faded and colorless, thinking that poetry no longer exists. This is part of your insecurity. Others see you as shy.

You must recognize your values because you have a quick understanding of problems. You are a sensitive and intelligent fish with enough capacity to overcome difficulties.

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Pisces Sun With Libra Rising

“The judge”

Pisces with Libra rising is a combination of a charming temperament, an attachment to the artistic, and a dedication to creativity.

Diplomacy and kindness are the keys to getting along with others. Your virtue is kindness, and you may not have learned to say “no” yet.

You are in love with love. You are looking for a relationship that is more aesthetic and thoughtful rather than carnal.

Others can be confused by you because they cannot figure out your real objectives. It is very likely that you will attract people of stronger character, because in them you will find compensation for your insecurity.

A sense of justice is what most motivates you to mitigate human misery. You will help with anything that is within your reach to banish hatred and violence through peaceful means.

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Pisces Sun With Scorpio Rising

“A school of magicians”

Who says you are intriguing and mysterious? Those who claim this do not realize that you are an exceptional being.

With Scorpio rising, you feel that your mission in life is to fulfill an investigative objective. Your discretion and your will make it possible for you to perform very well in positions of importance and responsibility.

Your magnetism and eroticism unfold in relationships, but passion and possessiveness can give rise to unhealthy jealousy.

In order not to be tormented, you must avoid your tendency toward fatalism.

Failures do not bother you because you have the capacity to withstand adversity.

You can get everything you want. Your supernatural intuition gives you the talent to make the right moves.

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Pisces Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Free traveler fish”

Pisces and Sagittarius are two signs that are in tune with each other because they both have Jupiter as their planet.

Your artistic nature is revealed with intensity and enthusiasm.

The emotional aspect plays a very important role in the development of your life. That is why you give tenderness, knowing that you will reap love.

Your charm and sociability open doors, but they also provoke envy from others.

You live life to the fullest, hoping to find someone who shares your worldly tastes.

Because of your adventurous spirit, you prefer to spend money on trips before giving yourself other luxuries.

Your instinct for freedom gives you an open mind. Your mental openness will increase through study and thought. You are a tolerant being, capable of understanding everyone.

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Pisces Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Scientific thought”

With Capricorn rising, you are the most objective of the Pisces. You seek to realize your aspirations. You are an intelligent being, and you have a highly developed mental order. You will achieve what you propose, especially with sustained effort.

You tend to delay things by passing up opportunities. However, your intuition will not let you sit by.

Your excessively reserved nature works against you in romantic relationships. You prefer to occupy the position of protector before that of lover.

Your sense of community values will land you in positions of responsibility. You are an advocate of family and national values.

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Pisces Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Endangered species”

With Aquarius rising, you are the strangest of the Pisces, and this is an understatement. Your outlandishness is not well understood by those around you.

You have great talent, and you can crown yourself as a genius or as a madman. This is the personality of both a scientist and an artist.

You do have a practical sense and you strive to earn financial stability.

Your idealism reaches unthinking, almost fanatical ends, always dedicated to defending the values of Humanity.

You have a very developed sense of independence. But you will always be bound by affection to those you love. You will make friends everywhere, always looking for a collective destiny.

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Pisces Sun With Pisces Rising

“The flying fish”

Pisces with Pisces rising, you are the Piscean archetype. You reflect well both the challenges and strengths of this sign. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Pisces page.

Your best companions will be those who can balance your overwhelming sensitivity. You will learn from those who can teach you method and organization. This is important so that your mind shines with the maximum of its possibilities.

Your intuition must be supported by constant effort. You must discard the imaginary part of your objectives. Lack of practicality, fueled by laziness and indolence, can stop you from visualizing your objectives with clarity.

The highlight of your personality is the ability to see beyond things. You can become a medium or parapsychologist if you aim for that.

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  1. Refilwe Sorinyane on said:

    That’s pretty accurate pisces sun sign with aquarius rising

  2. Concur also pretty accurate. Pisces Sun Aqua rising here…usually they like to pigeon-hole us into this β€˜dreamer’ bs but not at all. Pisces are the kindest, mist creative sign, coupled w the crazy Aqua, you def will have genius level creativity. Did I say Kindness? Cheer up as we usher in the glorious New Age if Aquarius! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒŽπŸ‘πŸΌ

    • Often highly misunderstood, is the Pisces sun with Aquarius rising. Not to mention Capricorn in moon and Venus. Stone cold on the outside, hot as furnace on the inside.

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